Easy Tips for an Indoor Garden

[] Having a ‘green home’ is not limited to just creating a sprawling terrace garden. Indoor plants can also be used as natural ‪‎home décor‬!

Make the most of the natural light and foliage around your house. Don’t cut down the trees and vines that grow into your windows. Make them a part of your home!

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Creeper vines around large doors and windows and the easiest way to add some all-natural drama to your home.


Don’t have a garden space where you can relax and read? Bring the garden indoors.

vertical gardens

Add a fountain or water feature to a terrace garden, and you’ve instantly created your own zen space.

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Place small, fragrant candles or some incense sticks amongst your plants, and patio furniture if you have the space. Else, just some pretty cushions will work too!


Get a herb garden started in your kitchen. Place them on your window sill in small pots, or get a little creative and make a vertical garden like this one.


If you have bare walls and colourful décor pieces, you can use plants to create some refreshing contrast.


If you’re not a fan of very busy looking rooms, using several indoor plants against plain walls makes for a colourful, but calming space.


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Being a tropical country, we have a very wide variety of indoor plants we can grow that survive with minimal care and a lot of sunlight. Make the most of it!


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