Enhance your home walls with décor quotes and illustrations

[] Instead of merely painting the walls of a house with different colours or using textures, home owners can add a unique element to their home’s décor, with decals, quotes or illustrations on the wall. We explain how to go about it

Walls form the largest surface area available in any house. Hence, the décor of the walls, can make or break the look of one’s home. From plain white walls for the living room and simple colours such as light pink and light blue for the children’s rooms, wall décor has evolved. Textured walls were a preferred choice almost a decade ago. Now, home owners have a plethora of ways, to decorate the walls. Home owners can express their individual self and make a unique statement, with wall designs comprising of quotes, calligraphy, illustrations and graffiti.

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Quotes and illustrations can motivate and inspire and also create a cheerful ambiance. “Decals are a popular and a pocket-friendly way to spruce-up the walls of one’s home and office. One can have simple quotes or pretty designs hand-painted. The benefit of having someone hand-paint a decal, is the possibility to have it customised according to one’s preference. You can also add a twist to your favourite quote or design, by requesting a decal artist to do so,” suggests Gita Ramanan, co-founder and CEO of Design Cafe.

Wall art quotes and illustrations available for home décor

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According to Arun Roongta, managing director HGH (Home Textiles, Home Decor, Gifts and Houseware) India, today’s generation no longer hesitates in expressing its emotions. Consequently, modern homes with young occupants, often have inspirational quotes and expressions on home, love, family, etc., on the walls, he says. “The walls are used to express feelings, emotions, philosophies and to give a message of bonding, togetherness, belongingness, love, etc., which depicts the way of thinking of the person or family residing in the house,” Roongta adds.

Similarly, mantras and shlokas can reflect the religious and cultural thinking of the household. “A variety of modern techniques can be used to make these inscriptions more interesting and appealing. Options like wallpapers, wall panels, tiles, wall graffiti, posters, etc., carrying a variety of messages, are easily available in the market. 3D effects for wall décor, mural paintings and wall carvings can make the walls more attractive,” adds Roongta.

[] Mirror, mirror on the wall, for an elegant décor

Using wall art to uplift the mood in a house

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Quotations evoke certain feelings and can influence one’s mood. Mumbai-based Riddhi Shah hired a wall artist, to transform the walls in her house. The name plate on the main door of her house, reads ‘Shah’s happy world’. “Quotes on the wall can transform a house into a home and are a source of delight and happiness. The living room of my house has a family tree painted on the wall and on the branches of this tree are photos of our family members. The temple wall has a Gayatri mantra calligraphy in Hindi and in our bedroom wall we have the quote ‘Together is a wonderful place’ which is illuminated from behind. The children’s room has a decal that reads ‘Wish it, dream it, do it’, along with a portrait of football player Messi,” Shah explains.

Walls are a blank canvas and mural artists from around the world, have shown that art can change the face of a place. “Banksy (an England-based artist) is an artist whose street art and epigrams, are executed in a distinctive stencilling technique. His artwork has become famous worldwide. Similarly, graffiti or art on walls at home, can give the space a facelift. Bright, colourful and quirky art are ideal for schools, children’s play areas, children’s bedrooms and creative work spaces. On the other hand, motivational quotes and welcoming messages are ideal for the foyer or the entrance of a home, to ensure that those entering and leaving your home, do so on a positive note,” concludes Ramanan.

Tips, for using quotes and illustrations as wall décor

  • While designing a wall with illustrations and quotes, one needs to create the right contrast with a neutral colour palette, so that the wall can be bright enough to add the décor elements.
  • When choosing a spot on the wall for quotes or graffiti, ensure that it is in an open space and the lettering is not very small, so that the quote is visible.
  • When choosing a decal for a room, keep the room’s colours in mind. Remember that it is easier to change the decal to match the furniture, rather than changing the furniture to match the decal.
  • If you are opting for illustrations, save a small portion of the paint used, in case you need to do any touch-up work.
  • Do not clutter the walls with too many lengthy quotes and graffiti.

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