Grand hall door design ideas that make your home feel like a palace

[] Mentioned are some of the modern double door design that you can take inspiration from while opting for a wood double door.

Your home’s entrance is what people notice first. As they say, a first impression is the best impression. Modern homes tend to favour muted door designs that go unnoticed. If you’re one yearning for the extravagant door designs of old, then you’ve come to the right place.

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We believe that if you’re building a lavish residence, you have every right to go for a lavish front door design. We’ve curated a list of modern double door designs that’ll make your guests fall in love at first sight.

7 Hall door design ideas for an extravagant entrance

Plain wood double door design

If you want to bring back the days of the old, what’s better than getting back a timeless piece of vernacular architecture. The plain wood double door design reminds us of when life was simple. It doesn’t scream contemporary architecture but lends a classic look to your house’s entrance. You can take inspiration from this double door design in a wood image.

grand hall door1

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Sliding wood double door design

If you want a grand entrance for a contemporary home design, sliding double doors will be the perfect fit for you. Sliding doors are sleek and complement your home’s modern design language wonderfully.

grand hall doo2

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 Source: Pinterest

Glass and wood modern double door design

A modern entrance for a current residence, the glass and woodwork in tandem create a grand entryway that looks luxurious without patronising. The glass panel is a rectangular strip that lets light come inside the house and maintains privacy.

grand hall3

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Contemporary wood double door design

Modern Indian architecture gives preferential treatment to sleek design with clear lines. This door follows those principles. Like the door pictured below, a contemporary wood double door design is a feast to the eyes.

grand hall door4

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Hall door design with large glass panels

Wooden doors that incorporate sizable glass panels are an excellent fit for a grand villa. Not only do they make for a unique design, but they also let in light and give us a view of what’s going on outside the home. If you’re worried about privacy, opt for one-way glasses.

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grand hall door 5

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Black modern double door design

This door design is a beauty. Black is an elegant colour that goes well with contemporary design. The colour of this modern double door design combined with the style lends a sleek quality and adds drama to the doorway.

grand hall door6

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Aged wood double door design

Are you a fan of vintage finishes? This antique wood double door design brings a rustic atmosphere and creates a historic ambiance across the house. There are various antique door designs, each with a particular character of its own.

grand hall door7

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