Home décor tips for Cancer sun sign

[] Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your sun sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Cancer zodiac sign (June 21-July 22)

A true Cancerian is all about feelings. For a Cancerian, a property or house is good, not when logic says so but only if it feels good. Ideally, you would prefer to live near a water body. Being the parent par excellence of the zodiac, you give your all, to make your home, wherever it is located, a nurturing zone for your loved ones. Here are some home décor insights that align with your sun sign’s traits.

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Overall home décor for Cancer home owners

Ruled by the moon and being a family-oriented sign, you will feel at home in a space that is designed using sentimental décor pieces, collage of personal photographs, silverware and fixtures that emanate warmth and comfort. Old fashioned furnishings appeal to your senses but you also like to have all the modern comforts in the house. You always want your house to be clean, orderly and comfortable and so, desire home décor that facilitates keeping it that way.

Colour code for Cancer home owners

Empowering hues: Being a moon sign, you naturally align with the cool colours – silvery tones, white or pearl. Ruled by the element of water, the vibrations of varying shades of blue are likely to impact your mood positively. Hence, use these shades in your house.

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Hues of harmony: Your oversensitivity can, at times, generate negative energy at home. Inner peace is vital, to bring out the positive traits in you. Shades of indigo can give you the energy that you need, to keep your sensitivity at a healthy level. Accessorise your home or your favorite corner with hues of indigo and use this color liberally in torans, rangolis, candles, curtains, carpets and table cloths.

Colours impacting earning power: Energies of gold and orange influence your earning power. Dress your workstation at home or personal space in these colours, to absorb the emanating energy.

[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Furniture for Cancer home owners

You make great hosts. You love to have family and friends over, to organise parties and entertain guests at home. Consequently, the choice of furniture in the dining area, is crucial to your home décor plan. A large dining table at home, would be ideal for you. Furniture in the kitchen that facilitates ease of movement and ample storage space that aesthetically blends into the home décor, are mandatory, as you are likely to spend significant time here.

Fabrics for Cancer home owners

Fabrics that exude an aura of cosiness and comfort are compatible with your sun sign. Fluid or flowing designs and patterns with an old world charm, create an ambience that you love. Avoid shapes and prints with sharp angles on home fabrics, as these may tend to make you feel uncomfortable.

Fragrance for Cancer home owners

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You are fond of food. You like to eat and you like to feed. You feel content and inspired by unusual blends of aromatic sweet herbal scents, as well as fruity fragrances. Aroma of jasmine and sandalwood harmonise with your caring nature. You can use the aroma of herbs emanating from a pan of boiling water, to perk up your mood instantly.

Nature in the house

You are a born care-giver and bringing up a plant at home, is positively aligned to your senses. Indoor plants, terrariums, balcony gardens, growing herbs and flowers on the window sill, will bring in positive energy into your home and life and enhance your home décor.

Keep the house clutter-free

You can easily get rid of dust and grime, when you put your heart and mind to it. However, the biggest challenge for you, is clearing clutter. Where others see worthless junk, you see a storehouse of beautiful memories. While de-cluttering, have someone around, who can give you a practical perspective on the task.


It is believed that in a previous lifetime, your priority was business, not family and home. You knew your business associates, clients and co-workers far better than your own family members. Hence, in this lifetime, you are balancing your karma. You cherish your home and family life and give them priority, over everything else. In this life, the best place on earth for you is your home, even if it is not near a water body.

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