Home security systems: Easy to use, easy on the pocket

[] Do you think that home security systems and apps are expensive and complicated to use? Think again. We take you through home security systems that are easy on the pocket and easy to use

Motion sensors that dial your number; lockers that send an SMS to your phone and door locks that wake up your neighbours in the dead of the night – components of new-age home security systems, these devices marry technology with innovation, to make your home as safe as safe can be.

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The market for home security

“The demand for security systems in India, has grown significantly in the last few years. Currently, the market is witnessing a compound annual growth rate of around 18%,” shares Mehernosh Pithawalla, head – marketing, sales and innovation, Godrej Security Solutions.

Product options

  • Inexpensive motion detectors (cost: Rs 800-1,000) that track every movement in an empty house and send real-time alerts to phone numbers of your choice.
  • Biometric locks (approximately Rs 20,000), which scan your fingerprint and/or your face, to allow access to your home.

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  • Advanced burglar and fire alarms (Rs 15,000) that are remotely controlled and can be activated or deactivated, through a phone call or SMS.
  • You can also opt for traditional wireless burglar alarms that cost just Rs 250, on your doors and windows.
  • Even more basic? You could try a simple door stop alarm that prevents your door from opening and emits a loud alarm when anyone tries to enter your house. Priced at Rs 225, this one is for those who worry about leaving elderly people or young kids alone at home.
  • An anti-theft padlock (Rs 500) can also be used on the door or gate, which raises an alarm if someone tries to tamper with it.
  • “Video door phones that are connected to the internet are now available, so that you can speak to your visitor, even when you are not at home,” says Pithawalla. Prices start at Rs 5,000 and can go right up to Rs 40,000, depending on the brand and the features they offer.
  • For valuables, try Goldilocks (Rs 5,200) – a compact locker, which includes a tamper alarm and can be linked with a laptop, so that you can set a laptop password to access the safe.

Apps to the rescue

There are plenty of services, too, and often, they cost nothing at all. “All you need, is an old smartphone or tablet with a working camera,” explains Radhesh Jhangiani, who built his own security system at his residence in Bangalore, “I downloaded the Salient Eye app on my phone. It functions as a burglar alarm and sends SMS and email alerts, as soon as it detects any activity at home. You can even get photographs, to know what exactly is going on.”

Along similar lines, is the AtHome Camera, through which you can watch a live feed via Wi-Fi or mobile networks, get alerts through the motion detector, pick a time when you would like to start/stop recording and even control the camera angle remotely.

Safety door versus burglar alarm?

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“While advances in technology enable us to have more control, vis-à-vis home security, traditional methods are still here to stay. Typically, they deny intrusion, whereas, the technologically advanced systems either deter/detect or offer post-event analysis of the intrusion,” explains Pithawalla.

Before you buy

Pithawalla offers a quick checklist:

  • Identify the location where the system will be installed.
  • Check for prerequisites, like electricity supply, GSM network connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.
  • Choose a professional company to do the installation.


Most home security systems are a bit complex and installing them, will require the aid of your local electrician. You can also check with the electronics store or the brand you’re buying from, on whether they offer installation services. In some cases, this may even be free.

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