House number numerology: Meaning of house number 1

[] House number 1 in numerology means power, independence and leadership. It is ideal for people who like to take control of their life

According to numerology, each number has its own importance and influence on people. It could be related to your financial health, career opportunities, as well as family life. Apart from birth numbers, people are also affected by their house numbers, as per numerology. News lists more details about the impact of house numbers that total to 1 (i.e., 1, 10, 100 and so on..)

You are reading: House number numerology: Meaning of house number 1

House number numerology: Meaning of house number 1

Numerology number 1: Who should prefer it?

According to numerologists, number 1 is ruled by the Sun and attracts people belonging to the Leo sun sign. People who like to stay highly independent and are attracted to the idea of perfection, should prefer such houses. Additionally, individuals in leadership positions, can opt for such houses that total to 1. These houses are best suited for those who are aspirational and want to follow their dream job, as the energy will make the house owner more self-reliant. It is also a great home for people looking for a fresh start.

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Numerology number 1: Who should avoid it?

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Such houses are not suitable for couples who are planning to start a family or people who have modest means and live on a tight budget. Usually, such houses need a lot of maintenance and care. Therefore, a substantial amount goes into the upkeep of such properties.

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House number 1: Impact on your life

Individuals staying in house number 1 can often feel lonely and aggressive. To balance the energy created by such houses, home owners can place an even number at the back door. Since even numbers are divisible by two, it promotes sharing and companionship. This will also help you in finding a partner and friends that will keep your temper in control. To avoid feelings of seclusion and loneliness, make efforts to invite family and friends over to socialise and nurture relationships.

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Home décor for house number 1

Since the house number promotes the feeling of independence and openness, it is important that windows of such houses are big and should not have any obstacles or hindrance, such as ornaments, ledges or crystals. Keep the colour scheme in shades of white, orange and gold.

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When designing the house number 1, ensure that it has ample natural light for positive vibrations. Or else, illuminate it with adequate interesting light fixtures. Number 1 houses look best with a minimalistic theme. Hence, let there be enough open space in the house and do not clutter it with heavy furniture. Keep a few plants to add greenery at home, as it helps in creating a soothing ambiance.

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Precautions for home owners with house number 1

  • Home owners with house number 1 are prone to poor eyesight, heart and blood circulation problems. Owners should get their blood-pressure checked regularly.
  • While fire safety is important for all houses, the energy of house number 1 is very aggressive. Hence, it is believed to be more prone to fires. Therefore, fire alarms should be installed in such homes.
  • Those living in house number 1 should be careful about not being too stubborn, egoistic, or selfish. It is important to take care of one’s emotional and spiritual well-being too. Home owners may need to invest in life coaching or counseling, to fill the personality gaps in their life and lead a harmonious and happy life.
  • Individuals staying in such houses are more prone to power struggles. Also, depending upon the owner, such houses also bring out your survival instinct and you will often be tested on leadership skills. So, you have to prepare for it in advance.

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