Ideas for balcony decoration

[] Mentioned in this article are balcony decoration ideas that you can incorporate in your house to up the balcony look.

Private outdoor space does not have to mean sprawling acres of land. You can make the most out of your small balcony in your city apartment with the effective use of décor. Balcony decoration is not just limited to adding furniture. You can make many minor modifications that will make your balcony a natural extension to your living room. Incorporate the following hacks to make the most of the design potential of your balcony decoration.

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Top 8 hacks for balcony decoration

Balcony decoration #1: Furniture

You can add a set of lawn chairs, or a bench or even metal furniture to your balcony decoration. It will give a private seating area to entertain friends and enjoy your morning coffee. If the space is limited, you can use furniture that can be folded and stored away.

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Balcony decoration #2:Garden 

A luscious garden is a great balcony decoration that can add succulents and potted plants to create a vertical garden. Adding herbs to this vertical garden will make your balcony smell good. Keeping your plants on your balcony will give them ample amounts of sunlight.

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Balcony decoration #3: Floor pillows and cushions

If you do not have the budget to buy furniture for your balcony or there isn’t enough space, you can add pillows and cushions. This is a great balcony decoration idea for renters. Colourful floor cushions and pillows will also add a pop of colour to your balcony decoration.

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Balcony decoration #4: Outdoor rug

A rug is a great way to bring together all the décor elements in the balcony. It is not just a balcony decoration idea, but it can also cover up ugly cracks or stains on the floor. You can match other elements in the balcony to the colours in the rug for a more coherent look.

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Balcony decoration #5: Lighting

Like the other rooms in your home, you need to have adequate lighting on your balcony. However, lighting can also be a piece of balcony decoration. There are uniquely shaped outdoor pendant lights and cones you can use. LED string lights are also a significant element of balcony decoration to give a magical feel to the balcony.

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Balcony decoration #6: Egg-shaped chair

If you do not want to go for conventional pieces of furniture, you can go for an egg-shaped corner chair. This chair is compact and takes up very little space on the balcony. You can add a colourful cushion to this chair to make the seating more comfortable. Flowers and lanterns pair well with the egg-shaped chair.

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Balcony decoration #7: Floor tiles

A colourful set of printed tiles can instantly elevate the look of your balcony. If you rent the apartment, you can get vinyl tiles stuck on the floor. It is also a great way to cover bare or unattractive looking balcony floors. It offers the space a fresh look.

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Balcony decoration #8: Bright paint colours

Like new tiles, a fresh coat of paint instantly livens up the space. You can give your balcony a new look with just paint. Using bright colours will provide that pop of colour. It will also make your balcony stand out.

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