Modular kitchen: How to get a perfect low-cost modular kitchen?

[] Check out this guide, to know how to get that perfect modular kitchen on a budget

Making any kind of compromise in the design of a kitchen, could severely affect work efficiency. A poorly conceived kitchen design can cause long-standing damage to your health and fitness. This is why modular kitchens are becoming integral to modern homes.

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Modular kitchen: What is it exactly?

The name is quite self-explanatory. A modular kitchen has many modules, i.e., units. Each unit has a particular function. Each unit is fixed in your kitchen, keeping in view several factors – from ergonomics to work efficiency. In short, a modular kitchen has small sections put together to form a completely functional kitchen. The whole purpose of a modular kitchen is to ensure that people operating in the kitchen can act at their maximum efficiency levels, without any physical discomfort.

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Modular kitchen: The golden triangle theory

Modular kitchens are primarily based and developed on, what is famously known as, the kitchen triangle theory. Also known as the golden triangle or working triangle, this concept gained prominence in the early 20th century, as apartment-based living became a norm. According to this theory, the three main work areas in your kitchen – the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator – should form a triangle. This formation should be made in such a way that each side of the triangle should be between four ft and nine ft. The sum distance of the triangle should not be less than 13 or more than 26 ft. Sticking to the height limits is essential to ensure that your back is not affected, because of constantly working in the kitchen.

For a layman, this means that no obstruction should come your way while you move from one position to another to perform the three most important tasks in your kitchen – cooking, cleaning and retrieving items from your refrigerator.

Modular kitchen benefits

  • Great organiser
  • Time saver
  • Space maximiser
  • Efficiency enhancer

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Modular kitchen disadvantages

  • Expensive
  • High maintenance
  • Works well only when the finest quality of the material is used
  • Lack of skilled workers
  • Prone to fails

Modular kitchen price

Modular kitchen price is one of the key deterrents for most middle-class households in India, who still operate traditional kitchens. The price of a modular kitchen varies widely, where the starting point could be around Rs 2 lakhs and can shoot up to Rs 50 lakhs or more, depending on the space, design, material quality, and supplier.

Modular kitchen on a budget

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Nevertheless, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to have the facilities offered by a modular kitchen. You can simply incorporate some of the provisions of a modular kitchen into your existing kitchen. If you are desirous of having a modular kitchen on a budget, you may have to compromise on material quality and brand names. Turning your traditional kitchen into a modular kitchen can cost you anywhere between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakhs.

Latest modular kitchen designs 2022

Find out the latest modular kitchen designs in this pictorial guide:

Latest modular kitchen design: 1

Latest modular kitchen design

Latest modular kitchen design: 2

Modular kitchen

Latest modular kitchen design: 3

modular kitchen designs

Latest modular kitchen design: 4

modular kitchen images

Latest modular kitchen design: 5

low cost modular kitchen price

Latest modular kitchen design: 6

low cost modular kitchen

Latest modular kitchen design: 7

kitchen modular design

Latest modular kitchen design: 8

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low cost modular kitchen price

Latest modular kitchen design: 9

modular kitchen designs

Latest modular kitchen design: 10

Latest modular kitchen design

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Modular kitchen: Things to keep in mind before installation

Space: The efficiency of your modular kitchen would depend on its size. Modular kitchens may lose their usefulness in a tiny kitchen.

Preparation: A lot of preparatory work has to be done concerning electric switches and plumbing, before a modular kitchen can be installed.

Time: It takes several days to install a modular kitchen. The process may go on for a month, if intensive changes are required to make your kitchen module-friendly.

Know-how: Your carpenter or supplier is going to ask you several questions about the choice of material, colours and shape and size of various fixtures. Do your homework and have ready answers.


Do modular kitchens come with a warranty?

Most modular kitchen exporters and manufacturers offer a standard warranty for their products. They typically replace units with manufacturing defects.

How much can it cost to get a modular kitchen installed?

It may cost several lakhs to get a modular kitchen installed. Rates will vary, depending on the supplier, material quality, and space in your kitchen.

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