Perk up the passage at home

[] A passage in any home, need not be a dull space that is wasted. We look at how home owners can spruce up this space, with just a little creativity and imagination

Most houses have a corridor, which home owners can decorate using innovative ideas, to add a unique touch to the home. The walls of the passage, for example, can be used to create a memoir wall of one’s travels. “From collages made of boarding passes, colourful small maps and tickets, to postcards collected during your travels, you can use the wall to create a memory lane of sorts. You can also display inexpensive drawings and posters from street artists. One can also use the passage as a photo area, to hang pictures of the family – including joyous and serious photos that make you smile when you look at them,” suggests Lekha Gupta, senior architect, LAB (Language Architecture Body).

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Ways to brighten up the corridors

Passages are often dark, which makes the space appear small and unattractive. This can be easily solved, with some bright, coloured lamps and lanterns. “One can choose various indoor plants, to perk up the passage. Decorating with nature is fun and not at all expensive. You can place the plants in eclectic vases and pots, to add a theme to the area. An array of ornamental mirrors can be hung up, to pep up the area. One can go in for a bookshelf, to optimise the space. Wooden shelves that resemble trees and branches are a popular contemporary trend,” says Natasha Jain, co-founder of Bent Chair.

Optimising the space available in the passage

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Most corridors are a maximum of four ft wide, out of which, one needs at least three ft as walking space, Gupta points out. “This leaves only one ft of free space and any furniture that has depth, will make the space cramped. Anyone living in cities, knows that every sq ft counts. Hence, while it may be tempting to put a shoe rack in that space, one should ensure that it does not obstruct movement. Alternatively, opt for a small rack or a lamp, or simple linear furniture. Or, opt for storage above the head level,” adds Gupta.

[] Décor tips for compact homes

How to use the passage as a play area

In homes that have children, you can opt for a pin board on the passage wall. This pin board can display various crafts like paintings, handmade cards and hand prints, all made by the children. The small passage linking rooms, can also be used as a play area. You can paint the walls with ‘magnetic’ paints and stick magnets on the walls. You can also paint a chess board, or a simple snake and ladder game on such a wall, to let the kids play.

Using the passage, to add a personal touch to the home

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“A message board, is another interesting way to utilise the space. In the age of tablets and smartphones, we rarely pick up a pen and paper,” says Gupta. From ‘to do’ messages or a simple ‘I love you’ scribbled on the board, to colourful posts, you can put up messages to read, whenever you are in the mood, adds Gupta.

Mahi Mehra, a Mumbai resident, maintains that the passage can serve as an accent area of the house. “I have a glamorous wooden trolley in the foyer, against a red wall. In the passage, I have a displayed pieces from our travel, like vintage sketches from London, plates from Greece, small porcelain teapots from China, painting from Jaipur and so on. These little memories add warmth to the house,” Mehra explains.

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