Purple wall colour combination for bedroom: 18 ideas to get inspired from

[] Mentioned in this article are tips to use purple wall colour combinations for bedroom to spruce up the décor, instead of using the normal bedroom colours

Bored with your normal bedroom colour and looking for something that will pep the room up? Why not go for a purple bedroom! It may not be a colour that is often used for the bedroom but there are various shades available in purple wall paint – right from the royal, rich, dark shade to the softer lilac ones, which when teamed with other colours or used independently, will add magic to the look of your bedroom. Here are 18 ideas that will inspire and guide you to use purple paint colours for your bedroom the right way.

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Mostly we do not give importance to the ceiling unless we have a false ceiling. You can break from this practice and use purple for the ceiling.

Purple bedroom ceiling # 1

Purple bedroom ceiling

Source: Pinterest

You can use a purple wall paint design on your ceiling and let it stand out like a purple bedroom by using normal bedroom colours like white for the walls.

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Purple bedroom ceiling #2

Purple bedroom

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Use dark purple paint for the wall and ceiling and contrast it with silverfish grey wall panels, a silver headboard and rich cushions and bed sheets.

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Purple bedroom ceiling #3

Purple colour combination for bedroom

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Use a very light purple wall paint as the ceiling colour and mount a purple false ceiling in a darker shade. Use the same dark purple wall paint for accent walls to make the décor stand out. It is also a good idea to use stencils on the white walls or a floral purple wallpaper that will complement the entire look.

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Purple colour room #4

Purple wall colour combination for bedroom

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Unsure of having an entire purple bedroom? Then opt for minimal usage of purple with light purple wall paint for an accent wall with the remaining walls painted in a neutral shade. You can take the look forward by using matching décor items.

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Purple colour room #5

Purple colour room

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If you do not want too much of a purple bedroom, choose one purple paint wall and the rest in white. You need not use shades of purple to do the bedroom. For example, a wine-red carpet and sheer wine-red curtains go brilliantly in a purple bedroom.

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  • Purple colour room #6

purple 1

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Purple is one of the coolest variety blends with lime green. This lime green variety mix works since purple is an integral constrasting shade of lime green. Use them in brilliant, vivacious insides or mellow things with lighter forms that make a room serene and unwinding. This variety mix can take on a wide range of temperaments relying upon the profundity of purple and green you decide to utilize.

  • Purple colour room #7

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A black and purple bedroom is sure to be appealing. Splashes of purple complement black beautifully. The soft purple on the coverlet is a good contrast to the bottom of the bedframe and is a nice, welcome change from all of the black in the room. Clean cut lines of the white hue give this bedroom an edgy sophistication which you can feel great about adding to your home.

  • Purple colour room #8


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Burning orange and royal purple is a good combination. These two colours look amazing when used in a bedroom. If you are interested in using theses in your bedroom, then you may want to consider doing it this way: first cover your walls with purple paint and then splash them with burnt orange paint. This can make an ordinary master bedroom look like a fairyland!

Purple wall paint design #9


Source: Pinterest

A purple wall paint design like the above picture makes a classy statement.

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Purple wall paint design #10


Source: Pinterest

A purple wall paint design in the children’s bedroom will be loved by the kids.


Purple wall paint design #11


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A purple paint wall design that runs through colours like blue and pink looks lovely when teamed with neutral shades on the other three walls and the ceiling. When going for such a décor, keep the colour of the room décor, including bed sheets, curtains and throw pillows, neutral, preferably in shades of white, beige or cream, so that the room does not look overpowering.

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Purple wall paint design #12


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A vertical purple wall paint design, with alternate dark and light purple, is an evergreen choice for a purple bedroom.


Purple wall colour combinations #13


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Teaming dark purple with light purple wall paint looks classy and rich. Instead of a plain dark purple wall colour, you may use a textured purple wall paint design.


Purple wall colour combinations #14


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You can also choose a purple colour room with a two-colour combination – dark purple and a textured greyish lilac.


Purple paint colours for bedroom #15


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If you are apprehensive about purple wall paint, then opt for a purple door, which will be a single element in the room and will surely make heads turn. To match the door, use a similar colour of carpets or opt for wooden flooring. Ensure that the wall colour complements the purple door.


Purple wall colour combinations #16


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You can opt for half-and-half purple bedroom décor. A room done this way, with a half-and-half purple wall paint scheme on all the walls, gives a very subtle yet sophisticated look.


Purple wall colour combinations #17


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In this half-and-half purple bedroom, the two colours used are completely different. Experimenting with similar styles by teaming purple wall paint with your preferred colour will look grand as purple looks good with most colours.

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Purple wall colour combinations for bedroom #18


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You can choose a vintage bedroom style by teaming purple with gold or copper. Opting for vintage lampshades, nicely carved headboards and console tables designed as treasure chests, will complete the royal look. Opting for a wooden floor will uplift the entire look of the bedroom.

Purple bricks on the wall


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You can never go wrong with textures for room décor. These brick style wall décor improves the vibes and environment of the room. It can uplift your plain room to make a bold statement. Not only can they greatly improve the aesthetics of a room, but they can establish and create an environment through their theme or style of artwork. These textures come in varying styles, colors and price points – which means you’re sure to find something that you love to freshen up your space with!

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