Red colour in house: Colour combinations for home interiors

[] We list some ideas for decorating a home with red colour in combination with other colours

A dash of red colour can brighten up any space. A powerful colour, red adds warmth and drama to a home. The red colour is the highest arc of the rainbow and it symbolises good fortune, prosperity and new beginnings. A red colour house décor theme is associated with energy, fertility and fortune. You can go for red colour combinations with other colours for a stunning impact.

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Red colour with light yellow for cosy corners at home

Red colour combinations for home

When choosing a perfect color combination for house, combine red and yellow to add sunshine and warmth to your home. Pair cherry tones with pale yellow, especially in your living room. Experiment with prints and patterns against a pale yellow wall for a bold statement. For a reading corner, place geometric lamps or a comfy chair with red floral print.

White and red colour combination for the living room and bathroom

Red colour combinations for home

The red colour combination with white for a room works wonders and can be used in many ways. The pristine beauty of elegant white walls can be enhanced with red wall paint combinations, especially a red accent textured wall in the living room. To keep things appealing, play with the two colours while choosing the furniture and wall art of the room. In the living room, go in for all white upholstery and add red accessories such as statement red couch or a red floor lamp. Let red and white mingle in kitchen cabinets, tiles or backsplash and make the kitchen stylish. Use matt finish for red cabinets and avoid a glitzy and glossy finish.

Red colour paired with grey for a luxurious touch

Red colour combinations for home

The red and grey colour scheme is cool, elegant and bright. This combination is ideal for home décor – from the living room to the bathrooms. This scheme can add to the theme of a home, be it modern, retro, minimalist or glam. Go in for grey as the overall colour. with accents of red colour throughout to keep the design interesting and well-balanced. Choose a red and grey design in geometric, floral or plain pattern and add to the visual appeal. Incorporate it in curtains, sofas, artwork or red tiles. A few shades of grey work beautifully and can transform a luxurious red bathroom. For a more dramatic bathroom design, opt for charcoal grey paired with rose red. Along with red and grey, use frosted glass for a classy appeal in the kitchen too.

Red colour and green for an evergreen décor

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Red colour combinations for home

The green colour is trending at the moment. Green signifies nature, calmness and also hope and is an ideal colour for homes, especially during the pandemic. Red and green colours can enhance the foyer, dining and living room or any interior space. Soothing green perfectly balances the fiery red colour. A relaxing colour, green comes in various shades, cool sage to bright and cheerful emerald and citrus green. Apart from refreshing live plants at home, one can also use prints of foliage and palms as they are in vogue. To balance the overall look with green and red colour, blend white or off-white. For an eclectic style, look beyond the walls and coordinate red and green fabrics with the décor and ensure that there is a seamless blend of styles.

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Red colour and black for a classy living room and bar

Red colour combinations for home

The red-and-black colour combination combines bold with the edgy. Go in for dual coloured sofas, carpets and curtains. Apart from plain colours, go in for red and black floral designs too. Pretty floral motifs can brighten up a room easily as they are being woven in various aspects of décor – soft furnishing, tiles, furniture, carpets, table linen, tableware, etc. While smaller floral motifs give an understated appeal, large prints with a coloured background look good. Here is another way to enhance this red colour combination with other colour schemes. One alternative on how to add this scheme is to use a hint of red and black along with other neutral colours.

Red colour and gold for a regal room décor

Red colour combinations for home

Nothing beats the red and gold scheme. It is as regal as it gets, but requires the right balance. Opt for copper and brass finishes, adding to that matt gold look. Choose either a gold-tinted wallpaper or combine gold with a texture colour that blends with the décor of the room. You can also go for an Indian motif-inspired stencil design in the majestic red colour theme. Make a grand statement with golden hues, but strike a balance and steer clear of excessive shine. Adding subtle touches of gleaming gold into home interiors is one of the latest décor trends. It is being used to dress up walls, chairs, temples, candle holders, cushions, bedcovers, etc. With red colour combination, the interiors look all the more appealing.

Red colour with white-blue combination for the living room and bedroom

Red colour combinations for home

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Deep blue with white and red is a combination that is in vogue. The key is to balance all three shades to create interesting hues. The result of the red-white-blue colour combination is a cool calming space that can be used for a refreshing bathroom, serene bedroom and sophisticated living room. These red combination colours can be used to do up a room in a nautical, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Victorian, vintage and even modern theme. When going for this red colour theme for house interiors, keep the furniture simple with all-white upholstery. Break the monotony of the white wall with a textured royal blue accent wall. Jazz up the living area with blue and white curtains. Add a dramatic touch with a vibrant red colour for bedroom or living room with rug and cushions.

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Red colour with white and violet for the bedroom and home office

Red colour combinations for home

Pair red, white and violet for bedroom and home office. White and violet have a serene calming effect. White, red and violet can help create an environment that enables thought processes and ideas. White is fantastic as a backdrop for red colour furniture, carpets and wall arts. A red lamp, vase, red headrest or a red couch paired with walls done up in white and violet colour can make the space cheerful. Create a focal point in the room with a subtle touch of red colour. For soothing ambience interplay various intensities of hues with a restrictive colour scheme.

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Complement red colour with wooden finish

Red colour combinations for home

Shades of red blend well with many wooden colours. Strategic touches of red exquisitely complement the earthy tones of wooden surfaces. You can also consider red colour combination for wall, especially an accent wall. Red wallpaper, red upholstery and red carpet and red wall paint combinations, all go well with oak, walnut or teak wood furniture. A wooden bookshelf on a Paprika-red wall or wooden framed family photos on a red backdrop look visually appealing. One can design a bar in wood and red colour. Use rustic red brick black splash and red pendant lights for an industrial design effect.

Red colour and Vastu

  • Red signifies everything sacred and divine. It is associated with joy, love and passion. Red is linked to the fire element, just like the south direction. So, the maximum red colour at home should be used in the south direction. Colour the south-facing entrance, doors or walls in shades of red for prosperity.
  • You can include red for the decor or sofa colour as per vastu guidelines when designing a living room.
  • For married couples, according to Vastu, a subtle touch of red in the master bedroom colour will help in bonding with your partner. As red is the colour of passion, one must avoid too much of it in the bedroom as it leads to aggression.
  • It is advised to keep cash and jewellery in a red-coloured purse, to attract positive vibrations and more wealth.
  • Add a touch of red in the temple area like a red cloth underneath the idols or red ‘chunni’ on the temple or red dari in the temple room.
  • Red helps in increasing appetite. So, add a dash of red color combination for the décor in the dining area.

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Red colour combinations for home: Dos and don’ts

  • Acquaint yourself with different shades of red such as tomato red, wine red, rust red, cherry red, ruby red, scarlet red, burgundy, etc., before combining it with other colours. Choose the right shade of red to match the style of your home décor.
  • It is advisable to use red colour for the wall paint, only if one is sure of the shade. Otherwise, opt for red soft furnishing and accessories.
  • For rooms meant for resting, use red colour sparingly. If you find red overwhelming, use muted shades of burgundy, wine and terracotta.
  • Mix shades of red colour when doing up the room and play with patterns and textures of red. Play with various colours to complement the décor of the space and create harmony. Add a subtle red colour to your living space, to create a happy ambience and harmony.
  • Besides including red colour in combination with other colours, use textures to add dimension. Do not keep red surfaces too plain.


Colour-wise, what sort of curtains and sofas go well with red walls?

These include white, yellow, black, mint green and blue.

What is the significance of the red colour in India?

Red colour stands for love, passion, abundance and fertility.

What should one be careful of when using red at home?

Never overdo the red colour. It could bring restlessness and irritation, if viewed for long durations.

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