Shetty Tower: All about filmmaker Rohit Shetty’s house, the massive 10-storey tower in Mumbai

[] Filmmaker Rohit Shetty owns a 10-storeyed building in Mumbai’s upmarket Juhu area, where he resides with his family on the top two floors while four other floors will be allocated for his collection of luxury cars

While most celebrities choose to purchase luxurious apartments or bungalows once they are successful, acclaimed Bollywood director-producer Rohit Shetty has gone one step further, by purchasing a whole building. Rohit Shetty house in Mumbai is a 10-storeyed building located in Juhu, one of the posh localities in Mumbai. The Juhu building was initially named Ishaan Rohit Shetty after the director’s son and is now adorned by a board which reads Shetty Tower at its entrance. Although the house is massive and opulent, only a few Rohit Shetty house images are available, with some of them having been shared by the filmmaker himself.

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Rohit Shetty house: About the 10-storeyed building in Juhu

Rohit Shetty lives with his family in Juhu in Mumbai in a 10-storeyed building, known as the Shetty Tower.

As per reports, Rohit Shetty has already shifted into the top two floors of this 10-storeyed apartment building. The first four floors of the tall structure will be allotted for housing the director’s fascinating collection of luxurious cars, while the top two floors of Shetty Tower in Juhu will have him living with his family.

The remaining floors will be given out on rent, according to reports. The house is just next to the nine-storeyed bungalow built by Shatrughan Sinha in Juhu, called Ramayan, which is also the home of Sonakshi Sinha, who resides on the top floor. It is difficult to estimate the actual price of Shetty Tower, Rohit Shetty’s house in Juhu, although it will definitely be a mind-boggling amount, considering that property rates here hover between Rs 45,000 per sq ft and Rs 80,000 per sq ft.

Rohit Shetty’s house in Mumbai: Key facts

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Sources have confirmed that Rohit Shetty already has a fully-functional office space with terrace-based seating and his own production house at Andheri. He will not be shifting his workspace into this new Juhu building. This will be his new home and he is already living here with his son Ishaan, wife Maya and mother Ratna. Not much is known about the home interior till now although it is certain to be lavish, considering that the property is located in one of the poshest locations of Mumbai.

Mahek, Rohit Shetty’s sister, married designer Navin Shetty in 2012. The couple was recently blessed with twins. There was growing buzz that the Shetty family would be residing together under a single roof. However, sources have confirmed that the couple stays in Kandivali and are regular visitors at Rohit Shetty’s house, although they are unlikely to shift there.

The Shetty Tower was constructed over the last year. It also has a big garden and a security cabin. The locality already has addresses of several famous Bollywood celebrities, including the bungalow of Anil Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalows, Jalsa and Prateeksha and apartments of Shraddha Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s house.

Rohit Shetty had been planning to build a prime real estate property in Mumbai for more than a decade, according to people close to him. His hard work and success ultimately helped him to acquire his dream property in Juhu. Shetty has seen his fair share of struggles in life. He often recalls his early days of residing in a small apartment in Dahisar in suburban Mumbai, earning as little as Rs 35 per day and traveling by the Mumbai local train network.

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Shetty is now one of India’s highest-paid filmmakers. He started working at the age of 17 as an assistant director to Kuku Kohli for the film Phool Aur Kaante starring Ajay Devgn. Rohit Shetty is known for his stellar Golmaal and Singham franchises, along with other blockbusters like Bol Bachchan and Chennai Express.

Rohit Shetty latest updates

Rohit Shetty has been in the news lately, for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. The show was initially hosted by superstar Akshay Kumar before Rohit Shetty took over the baton and has since made a name for himself with his unique approach to hosting. There are several fan clubs of the contestants and one of these clubs shared a video of a funny banter between Rohit Shetty and Rahul Vaidya. The latter told Shetty, in the video that he will sing for absolutely free, in any movie made by him. However, Shetty replied that he was not going to pay him anything anyway!

What has Rohit Shetty been up to these days? He has already been hosting Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 and the show was merged with the equally popular Dance Deewane for the ‘Mahasangam’ episode. Madhuri Dixit hosted the quiz patented by Shetty who became the contestant. Shetty also turned emotional upon witnessing two participants paying tributes to stuntmen in the film industry. Rohit’s father, MB Shetty, was a professional stuntman who worked in several movies. Shetty could not hold back his tears and talked of how this work did not get much respect earlier.


Where is Rohit Shetty’s house located?

Rohit Shetty’s house is located in Juhu, Mumbai.

How many floors does Rohit Shetty’s house have?

Rohit Shetty’s house has 10 floors in all.

Who is Rohit Shetty’s neighbour in Mumbai?

Shatrughan Sinha is Rohit Shetty’s neighbour in Mumbai.

(Images sourced from Rohit Shetty’s Instagram account)

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