This year, cleanse your new home’s predecessor energy with these tips

[] Are you aware of the predecessor energy of the house you intend to move into during the new year or the one you are living in at the moment? Read on, to know what it is, as it could have a significant impact on your life

A few years ago, a large joint family from Ghatkopar in Mumbai, had run into financial and family problems. They chose to resolve the issues, by selling the ancestral home they were living in and setting up nuclear families, in their respective new homes. Subsequently, the senior-most couple of the said family moved into their new house. “Soon thereafter, we began to feel a miraculous shift in our life. Relationships improved, business picked up and my husband’s health improved rapidly,” states the matriarch of the family, requesting anonymity. Meanwhile, another young and upwardly mobile couple from the same joint family, had also set up their dream home in their own new space. However, within two months of moving into their new house, their life began to take a turn for the worse. For this couple, space energy clearing techniques helped them to clear the negativity from their home and life.

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What is predecessor energy?

Rune and space energy reader, Smita Madhukar Mehta from Andheri, Mumbai, is convinced that predecessor energy played a crucial role in the twist of fate of the two families after they moved into their new homes.

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“Predecessor energy is the energy that has been circulating in the house/space, before one acquires it. It is the energy of the prior inhabitants stored in the space, walls, floors, furniture, etc., and these vibrations can positively or negatively impact the new occupants of the space,” Mehta explains.

Nevertheless, not everyone is convinced with this explanation. Aaron Martin D’abreo, a property developer from Bandra, Mumbai, says: “Apart from the physical parameters like location, infrastructure, size and price, the ‘feel’ that a prospective buyer gets from the particular property, does plays a vital part in him/her deciding to buy or reject it. However, I do not know if that ‘feel’ has anything to do with the predecessor energy of that space.” D’abreo admits that over the years, he has observed some people do very well in life, after moving into new homes while others face setbacks and tragedy. “That is life. I do not think or cannot say it could be due to predecessor energy,” he reasons.

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Tips to ascertain, if the predecessor energy is positive or negative

“In order to know whether the predecessor energy is positive for the next or current inhabitants, one needs to know the prime reason for selling the property and the kind of life-impacting events that had occurred in the house,” suggests Mehta. “If the previous inhabitants had improved their life in meaningful ways during their stay there (for example, if they received promotions or made more money, if there was a marriage or birth in the family, etc.) and are selling the house to move into a bigger better house or for any other happy reason, then, in all likelihood, they will leave behind positive predecessor energy. On the other hand, if the prior owner had experienced grief, challenges and various difficulties (unexpected death in the family, serious illness, injury, divorce, financial loss, etc.) during his/her stay there, then, the predecessor energy will be unhealthy,” she elaborates.

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However, this may be easier said than done. As D’abreo states, “There may be exceptions but by and large, no one will reveal the negative reason for selling a property.” It may be impossible to determine whether the predecessor energy is positive or negative, before moving into a new place. Hence, it is advisable to clean up all predecessor energy.

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Clearing predecessor energy

Space energy counselors like Mehta strongly advocate that you opt for a ‘house blessing’ ceremony as per your religion and beliefs, to banish any residual energy lingering there and invite positive new vibrations before moving in. Even if you have already moved in and suspect that the upheavals caused in your life are due to negative predecessor energy, you can still clear the space using an appropriate space cleansing ceremony, according to your religion and customs or any other tradition you believe in.

Feng Shui practitioners suggest that since the front door is the most important gateway for all energy to enter into your space and one never knows how many times the prior occupants have used this same door, it is ideal to get a completely new front door or a new gate, along with new locks, new mats and other things. “It is a good idea to usher in the new year by clearing your home, even if it is not a new house, of negative predecessor energy with a strong prayer of intent, manual cleaning and festive decorations,” Mehta concludes.

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