Tips to choose the right furnishings for your window

[] Home owners can accentuate their home’s décor by dressing up the windows in style. Read on, for tips on how you can choose curtains and fixtures of various colours and designs, to enhance the visual appeal

Windows are the primary source of natural light, in any space and hence, also contribute significantly to the décor of the room. Consequently, various fabrics, colours, textures and patterns of window furnishings can be used, to create a unique style and also improve functionality.

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“Windows connect the exterior with the interior. So, it is important to dress-up the windows properly, from a design perspective,” says Sapna Khakaria, director of design, ANJ Turnkey Projects Pvt Ltd.

Home owners have ample options, vis-à-vis window furnishings  – window dressings made of bamboo or vinyl, fancy fabrics, sheers, venetian blinds in wood, fabric or leather, screens in wood or metal (with laser cut designs/patterns) and different kinds of beads. Fabrics like cotton, chenille and velvet add warmth to the space, while synthetic silk and sheer add brightness and transparency. Silk is delicate and not easy to maintain, as compared to cotton and linen.

Furnishing options for windows

Home owners can also choose various styles for curtains, including stationery side panels, draped, pleated, layered, etc. To hang curtains, one can opt for fabric loops on the top, metal eyelets, or even curtain rings.

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“It’s all about ensuring that the curtains match the existing space. It is imperative to allow maximum natural light into the space, while dressing up windows. The overall theme/design, must be in sync with the window drapes,” adds Khakaria.

If you prefer natural light, without foregoing privacy, opt for multiple layers of window curtains, with sheer fabric at the top and heavy fabric below. Blinds are popular in the minimal styled homes.

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“Today, people want curtains that reflect their style. Vibrant colours, like mauve, red, royal blue, teal and aubergine are now increasingly used in home furnishings,” points out Lavinia Hansraj, a furnishing designer from Mumbai.

“If it’s a plain curtain, a touch of embroidery, patchwork at the border, or an intricately designed broad tie up, can brightens it up,” says Hansraj.

Making the right choice for each room

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For the living room’s curtains, opt for a luxurious fabric, as this is a place where one entertains visitors. One can also make swags or valances, to dress up the window for a cosy backdrop. If privacy and sunlight are issues, then, opt for black-out curtains in the bedroom, to cut out harsh light during the daytime.

During summers, you can use breezy sheers in pastel shades or cotton curtains with delicate floral prints. During winters, opt for heavy weaves. Curtains in children’s rooms, can have cartoon characters, animal prints or floral motifs. One can hang trinkets, chimes, or bells for a playful appearance.

Today one gets rods in wood, metal and fancy finials studded with crystals. Curtain rods and finials, should go well with the fabric. The rods should be sturdy enough to bear the strength of heavier drapes with linings. Decorative, light-weight rods are apt for light silks and sheers. Avoid any complicated fixtures or window dressings that are difficult to use, as functionality should be of prime importance.

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Tips, for choosing window dressings

  • Select the furnishings, only after deciding the main colour of the walls.
  • Make sure the curtain rod extends beyond the width of the window.
  • Position the curtain rods closer to the ceiling and let the curtain fall all the way down, to give an illusion of a full-length/bigger window.
  • Avoid dressing the window in heavy fabrics, as this will block natural light.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with your window dressings and personalise it, as much as possible.
  • Use floral patterns, only small proportions in a room. Combine solid colours with florals, to create an eclectic interior.

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