Tips to refurbish your home during COVID-19 at no cost

[] Here are some simple interior design ideas that can help you to refurbish your home, with minimal effort on your part during the Coronavirus lockdown

The ongoing Coronavirus lockdown has forced most of us to remain within our homes. However, one can also use this time, to upgrade one’s home and beat boredom, at the same time. News got in touch with architect and interior designer Rimpy Pillania, for tips on refurbishing the house at zero cost. Based on her responses, this is what you could do:

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Space adjustments

A couple of spacing adjustments can make a big difference. When rearranging, feel free to experiment with different layouts. Every room deserves a focal point. It can be an artwork, a TV unit, a window or a wall with photo frames. Arrange your furniture around this focal point. Arrange the furniture in a way that it fulfills the function of that particular area.

Swap and rearrange

You can merely swap a few things around, to give a makeover to your home. Do not randomly swap anything and everything. Instead, consider the interior style and colour theme/ palette and work towards that.

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Sometimes refreshing your home is as simple as rearranging some furniture. The bigger furniture pieces can be rearranged but the smaller pieces like the side table can be swapped. The side tables from the living room could be swapped with those from the bedroom but keep the theme and style of the room in mind. You can also mix the sides tables of different rooms. Asymmetrical, matching sets of furniture can make a room look clean and sharp. However, there is no rule that furniture needs to match and varying a few elements can add contrast and texture to a room.

Do not be afraid to use a blend of different finishes. You can combine metal and wood or different wood finishes also. For a cluster table, try teaming a small round side table with a long, rectangular coffee table or an oval coffee table with a square table.

Swapping accessories

The easiest way to refresh your home is by mixing and swapping throw cushions. Look for throw cushions from different rooms, in different colours and patterns that will coordinate with the palette of the specific room. Combine multiple textures and vary cushions sizes.

You can split up a pair of table lamps and use them in different spots in the room. You can even swap or rearrange your artwork. Swap your bedroom artwork with the living room or combine a few pieces and make an illusion of a bigger artwork. You can also rearrange photo frames on a wall, to refresh the look of the room.

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A rug can totally change the look of any room. If you are looking to pull a room together by only swapping out one item, then, the rug is an excellent place to start.

Clean and declutter

Narrow your space down to essentials. There are often accessories that really do not need to be in your house. Get rid of unwanted accessories, so that you have less items to organise. You can move around your home and enjoy the space, instead of moving around things that are in the way.

These simple decorating ideas and swaps can help you refresh and restyle your space with minimal effort on your part.

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