Trendy interior wall designs to get inspired from

[] Mentioned below are trendy interior wall designs that will keep everyone’s eyes locked on your walls

Let’s be real; walls are boring. You never look at your walls and go, “That’s an interesting wall”. We’re here to change that. As important as they are structurally and architecturally, house wall designs work well as design elements, maybe even as good as furniture. One way to do that is by incorporating accent walls as an integral part of the wall designing.

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Accent walls are walls that contain design elements, making them distinct from surrounding wall designs. They are basically designer walls. Accent walls serve many purposes. They may be incorporated to fill up a room, to bring out a sense of originality, serve religious or cultural purposes, or to incorporate a new wall design. Accent walls especially work on a budget, because filling up one wall is more cost-effective than painting all four. Wall design is an integral part of bringing personality to a space and must not be taken lightly.

We have curated a list of interior wall design ideas to help you perfect your dream home. But before that, let’s look at different types of accent walls and how they work in different settings for wall designing.

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Types of accent wall designs

1. Tried and trusted wall design- Paint

Accent walls don’t need to be expensive. Looking for wall designs under a budget? Paint, plain or textured, will do just fine. When using plain paint for wall design for home, use bold colours on one wall.

Wall paint

2. Wall moulding design

Looking for intricate wall designs? Moulding is the way to go for you. Use an array of materials to change up the wall and bring out the pattern or design you desire. Plaster of Paris (POP) will be the best material to use. However, there are other materials if you wish to go another route for your wall design for home.

white wall

Source: Pinterest

3. Tiles for that amazing textured home wall design

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If you’re looking to spice things up and have a bit of cash to burn, wall tiles are an amazing choice. As part of an accent wall, they offer the right amount of texture and take up the right amount of space, without looking too ugly for your wall interior design. Tiled designer walls are available in a range of materials, from brick all the way to marble.

Tiles for designer walls

4. Wallpapers for designer walls

We don’t find that many walls with wallpapers anymore. It is a shame because wallpapers embody the essence of accent walls. They are the most affordable and adjustable interior wall design ideas. In our opinion, some of the very best wall designs employ wallpapers as either the main star or a background character.

Wall papers

5. Wall panelling interior design

Use panelling if you plan to redecorate frequently. Wall panelled accent walls are made up of fibreboard and overlaid with another material. The process of creating an original designer wall is made so much easier when panelling is employed.


7 home wall design tips that will transform your room into a work of art

1. Yellow for a bright glow-up

This is an example of how a different coat of paint can completely change your interior wall design. The yellow accent wall is a refreshing sight to look at after seeing white walls everywhere. Simple, low-cost, but effective wall interior design idea.

Yellow decor

2. Stone cladding for a rustic atmosphere

This kind of interior wall design blends in but stands out. While using too much stone cladding can ruin a room, using it on only one wall accentuates it. This wall has a built-in fireplace, making it a functional element as well as a great wall design element.

Stone cladding

3. Make your walls POP with this hexagonal moulding pattern

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This designer wall showcases how moulding can be incorporated in designing an accent wall that stands out. Using POP to create a honeycomb pattern and adding various shades of red to it creates a well-designed wall that is pleasant to look at.

Red panel on walls

4. Brick against white for a brilliant contrast

Tiles on interior walls are a hit or miss. However, bricks are an exception. Some of the best wall designs incorporate brick tiles for a primal and rustic vibe. Bricks should be used against brightly coloured walls, like white, for maximum effect.

red and white brick

5. Stencilled wall that stands out

If you’re looking for subtle but intricately planned-out interior wall design ideas, stencilling might be the perfect fit for you. This accent wall uses floral patterns to make itself more appealing. The white stencilling on the grey wall is not loud and subtly grabs your attention.

Stenciled wall

6. Scandinavian accents

Wall panelling can completely change how a space looks. Wooden panelling can help bring a fresh, natural atmosphere to a space. This accent wall, contrasted with the marble, brings a classy and minimal Scandinavian vibe to your wall design.

wooden panel

7. Textured Paints – Spice up your accent walls

When coming up with interior wall design ideas, we almost always forget to add a bit of jazz to our paints. Using textured paint can bring out the accent wall and make it more appealing over regular paint. This dark grey accent wall brings much-needed character to the room and is a good backdrop when the dining table is in use.

Cozy decor

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