Turn your bathroom into a spa sanctuary

[] A bathroom need not just be a functional area in a house. We suggest ways in which you can transform this private space into a comfort zone, where you can relax and pamper yourself

“A bathroom should be like a spa, so as to de-stress the mind, the body and most importantly, the soul. ‘Relax, refresh and renew’ should be the mantra that one follows, when doing up the bathroom,” insists Manita Bajaj, founder and CEO of the store Sattva Life.

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Space, no bar

The key, to creating a spa-like ambience in the bathroom, lies in its visual appeal. “You can easily transform the bathroom into a space for rejuvenation, irrespective of the size of your home,” assures Anirudh Rewatkar, CEO and founder of Nth Dimension, an interior designing firm. “Nature-inspired colors, such as brown, gray and green, can give your bathroom an organic feel along with a calming effect,” suggests Rewatkar.

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“For a small bathroom, it is better to opt for a light and neutral colour scheme, which can lend a soothing sense, as well as a spacious feel to the room. Use minimal plumbing fixtures, a simple unframed mirror and focus on natural materials, to create a soothing atmosphere,” he adds.

Small changes, big impact

Small changes can make a big difference, agrees Bajaj. “Soft healing music, candles and fragrant oils, can revitalise the mind and body. To add positive vibes, hang motivational quotes on the walls. Keep a Buddha idol on a corner, which will instil peace and tranquillity,” says Bajaj.

Even though it may be a luxury for most people, a bathtub helps to reduce stress. However, if you cannot add a Jacuzzi, sauna, or even a bathtub, don’t fret. Instead, one can use colour therapy showers or massage showers, and dedicate a small area for placing oil burners and candles, to create a spa-like experience. Most importantly, one needs a clutter free and relaxing space. “Smell is the most potent of all our senses. Burning aroma oils is perfect, for providing a healing effect. Nowadays, electric oil burners are available which are easy to use,” points out Bajaj.

Use the right accessories

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A bathroom is not merely a space to take a shower; it’s my health sanctuary, says Sarika Karnik, a marketing professional from Delhi. “I soak my feet in hot water, in a pedicure tub, sit on a comfortable stool and enjoy music on my headphones, whenever time permits. I am particular about keeping my bathroom linen fresh and clean and I always colour coordinate them. I use jasmine oil as I like its lingering aroma,” Karnik elaborates.

[] Add a quirky touch to your home décor

Bathroom accessories come in endless options, to suit various styles and budgets. “Whether it’s modern glass or rustic tones, what makes a spa relaxing is not fancy features, but the soothing appeal, smell and sound. The philosophy of ‘less is more’ and a minimalist style, can turn a bathroom into a serene and restful space,” concludes Rewatkar.


  • Refresh the bathroom with candles, aromatic oils and dispensers.
  • Use shower curtains, to create a barrier between the shower area and the open space.
  • Fresh flowers add an element of nature in the bathroom. You can also fill a glass bowl with water, keep tiny pebbles in it and float flower petals and floating candles.
  • Instead of tube lights or bulbs, one can switch to cove lighting, to make the bathroom look spacious.
  • Use matching linen and accessories, add rugs and place rolled soft towels and creams on a wooden tray, to create a luxurious feel.
  • Ensure that your favourite bath products are always neatly stacked.
  • Use different oils – for example, rose oil for a refreshing feel and sandalwood oil for a calming effect.
  • Portable speakers can be placed in a dry corner, to enjoy soft music while you indulge yourself.

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