Wallpapers: For quick and inexpensive makeovers

[] Want a textured look on your walls or a scenic backdrop, without having to spend too much money? We tell you ways in which you can use wallpapers, to create a décor statement and uplift the feel of a space

Smart use of wallpaper can add sparkle to a space and complement the overall design of the room. Wallpapers of vibrant colours, textures and materials can also be used as accent elements for the entire room.

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“With a wide range of wallpapers, from 3D stone walls to beautiful Hawaiian scenery and artistic patterns now available in the market, it can be used to immediately set the mood for a space,” states Prashant Chauhan, creative director of Zero 9 design firm.

Apart from the ones that are available, home owners can also opt for customised wallpapers – one can use print wallpapers with metallic patterns, to make the space more regal, or opt for contrasting colours of one’s choice, to brighten up a space.

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Beauty as well as utility

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Besides aesthetic appeal, wallpapers also have utility value. “For example, the ‘writable wallpaper’ makes perfect sense for homes with children, who may try to scribble on the walls, as these writings can be easily erased. Wallpapers with higher sound absorbing capacity can be used in home-offices or meditation spaces, which require lesser sound interference,” adds Chauhan.

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Wallpapers are a reliable and simple way to transform one’s home during festivals. Putting up wallpaper is not at all time consuming, maintains interior designer Anish Motwani, of Anish Motwani Associate. “However, if the wall has any leakage problem, then, the wallpaper will peel off. The leakage has to be stopped first and wall has to be treated. Small cracks, dampness, etc., should be repaired before the wallpaper is used,” advises Motwani.

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For every room

Light-coloured wallpapers, with patterns that add a little shine to the surface, are ideal for the living room. Radhika Shahane, a home maker from Pune, used the colour white extensively in her home’s walls. “White walls make the room appear spacious and sophisticated. To break the monotony, I used a red floral print wallpaper for the dining area. It had a dramatic effect and brightened up the entire room,” she shares. “To make the living room appear glamorous, one can also opt for red and gold or silver and blue wallpapers, as a highlight on one of the walls,” suggests Motwani.

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Textured wallpapers in a neutral colour, can be used on the wall where the television is mounted, behind the sofa set, behind the bed, or even on the entry foyer of the house. For the children’s room opt for writable/washable wallpapers, or even themed wallpapers of their favourite cartoons. For the master bedroom, it is advisable to choose cosy and darker tones.

How to choose the right wallpaper

  • Decide the theme of the room first and then select the wallpaper (floral or geometric patterns, vintage or Indian designs, scenic pictures, animated characters, or  wallpapers with silk, vinyl, jute, velvet or metallic effect).
  • The patterns should match and complement the curtains and other upholstery.
  • Use only one or two hues throughout the room, to avoid visual clutter.

One can choose wallpapers from various brands, such as Marshalls, India Circus (Krsna Mehta), Elementto, D’décor and Nilaya by Asian Paints. The biggest advantage of using wallpapers, is that it can be changed easily and is available in various budgets.


  • In small spaces, vibrant wallpapers should be used sparingly as a bright accent.
  • To add a luxurious feel, use wallpapers with a metallic gold effect.
  • Always ensure that good quality adhesive is used.
  • Avoid wallpapers with big patterns, if the room is small. Instead, opt for small motifs that make the room look spacious.
  • Good quality wallpapers will easily last for five years, if used in a proper way.

Photos courtesy: Nilaya Signature Series, Asian Paints

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