Zodiac signs: Home décor tips for the Sagittarius star sign

[] Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your star sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Sagittarius zodiac sign (November 23-December 20)

People belonging to the Sagittarius zodiac sign are born with an innate desire to develop and cultivate deep thoughts. Your inner yearnings can only be fulfilled, if you feel free of any kind of shackles. You strive, therefore, for your own freedom and guard it zealously. Little wonder then, if you have a choice, you will prefer to live in a large house in the countryside, with wide open spaces around. Ideally, you may dress up your dwelling space, to give it a feel of a sacred space or with apparent religious overtones.

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Overall home décor for Sagittarius zodiac sign

You are a travel, adventure and sports-loving fire sign. While designing your home or room, creatively use crafts and things from exclusive or distant places, thought-provoking and inspiring books, magazines of your taste and sports gear/tools/kits, as space accessories. Nature and or sacred symbolism around the house, will appeal to your senses.

Colour code

Empowering hues: Vibrations of blue and dark blue strengthen your strongest virtues of broadmindedness, honesty, generosity and vision. Use them creatively in your space.

Colours impacting earning power: The energy of black and indigo, when absorbed into your energy field, mystically empower your own earning prowess. Check it out by ornamenting your work station at home, with these hues.

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Hues of harmony: Brighten up your home life, especially during festivals or get-togethers, by incorporating the auspicious colour of the herb turmeric (yellow), in your décor. The vibes you will receive from this colour, will help you to have a more balanced perspective towards whatever unfolds during festival times. A spattering of orange, will further enliven the spirit and mood of your living space, enabling you to bond well with those in it.

The energy element for Sagittarius home owners

You are governed by the element of fire. You are considered dynamic, enthusiastic, creative and visionary. When doubts and fears assail you or you become short tempered, impulsive, impatient and easily bored, you may need to re-balance this element. Opt for some fire and smoke ritual in your day, such as smudging your home with herbs, lighting dhoop/incense sticks or candles. Accessorise your home with items that radiate the element of fire.

[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Furniture for Sagittarius home owners

Second-hand furniture with personality that appears warm and humble, works fine for you. The crafter in you may be enthused with ‘do-it-yourself’ ideas for furniture and fixtures for your abode.

Lighting for Sagittarius home owners

Lighting is a crucial aspect of your home and you will invest considerable time and energy in making appropriate choices. Mirrors can be used as simple accessories to brighten-up dark or narrow rooms. However, avoid placing two mirrors opposite to each other. Crystals refract sunlight into the colours of the rainbow. You can spread this energy around a room, by hanging a spherical multi-faceted crystal in a window. It is a quaint way to invite natural and active vibrations into your home.

Fragrance for Sagittarius home owners

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Your sun sign rules the outdoors, philosophy, religion and foreign lands. Fragrances at home that rejuvenate, revitalise, refresh, evoke a sporty sense or bring to mind the splendors of the outdoors, are ideal for your home. Jasmine, myrrh and carnation, are said to raise your level of consciousness.

Nature in the house

Being an ardent lover of the outdoors, you simply love nature in the house. You can bring nature into your house by adding indoor plants, balcony or terrace gardens, terrariums, fountains, vertical gardens, flower arrangements and bonsai plants.

Keep the house clutter-free

You are likely to be motivated to de-clutter and clean your abode with enthusiasm. The process itself satisfies you. Thus, while your family members or other helping hands do other cleaning chores, you will be more than happy to sort and pack away all the stuff that you no longer need.


It is believed that in your previous incarnations, you were a keen observer of life. You learnt significant lessons from your observations. You can astutely discern what is frivolous and that which is meaningful. You use the lessons of your past life in your present one, by celebrating the outdoors, nature and spirituality. Your home décor tends to reflect your yearnings to learn, explore, grow and evolve.

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