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All about the MCA portal

[] This article provides a comprehensive overview of the MCA portal as well as the services that may be accessed via it.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) official website,, is also known as the MCA portal. www mca gov makes it easier for businesses and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) to take advantage of a wide variety of services, beginning with the formation of a company or LLP and continuing to the dissolution of a company or LLP.

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Corporations, LLPs, regulatory agencies, directors, associates, professionals and the general public may all readily use this centralised location for discovering any information about companies and LLPs.This article provides a comprehensive overview of the MCA portal as well as the services that may be accessed via it.

MCA portal

MCA portal

One may get to the following areas by clicking the corresponding tabs on the home tab:

  • News and significant updates
  • Notices and newsletters
  • Proposals & Tenders
  • FAQs and newly released forms
  • Frequently used laws and regulations
  • Stakeholder’s Section
  • Links to several government websites

About MCA

About MCA

This page gives comprehensive information on MCA, including information about the organisation’s primary functions and other data. This tab includes:

  1. About MCA
  2. Image Gallery
  3. Video Gallery
  4. Result Framework Document
  5. Right To Information
  • Disclosure of information under Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act, 2005
  • Orders
  1. Newsletters
  2. Achievements
  3. MCA Offices
  4. Affiliated Offices
  • Competition Commission of India
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • Institute of Cost Accountants of India
  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Investor Education And Protection Fund Authority
  • Indian Institute Of Corporate Affairs
  • National Company Law Appellate Tribunal
  • National Company Law Tribunal
  • National Foundation for Corporate Governance
  • National Financial Reporting Authority
  • National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Serious Fraud Investigation Office

MCA: Acts & Rules

MCA: Acts & Rules

This area provides information on the numerous legislation, ordinances, accounting practices, circulars, etc. This tab includes: 


Companies Act – PDF

  • Companies Act, 2013
  • Companies Act, 1956

LLP Act, 2008 – PDF

MCA: My Workspace

To access “My Workspace” on the MCA portal, you need to use username and password after registering. 

In addition to the fundamental e-services that are accessible to registered users, a corporate user may access extra functions. To log in, people in this category must have a ‘DSC’. Members of ICAI, ICSI, and ICWAI, as well as those with business ties, may make use of these services.

MCA: My Workspace

After signing in, the following features are available to you:

  • Upload e-forms
  • Make payments
  • Annual e-filing

MCA: My Application 

In order to utilise the MCA portal services, an individual is required to register first on the portal. You must click on the My Application tab on the home page and the below page will appear on your computer screen. 

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MCA: My Application 

For a new registration, the individual must provide the subscriber and contact details, as well as the login credentials in the following format:

MCA: My Application 

After completing the registration process, you’ll be provided with a username and a password. 

MCA: Services

MCA: Services

This tab makes a wide variety of services accessible to users, although some of those services need the user to be logged in as a registered user on the MCA website.

DSC services

  • Acquire DSC
  • Associate DSC
  • Update DSC

DIN services

  • Acquire DSC
  • Associate DSC
  • Update DSC

Master data

  • View company or LLP master data
  • View index of charges
  • View signatory details
  • View companies/director under prosecution
  • Companies/LLPs registered in the last 30 days
  • View directors master data
  • View directors/designated partner’s details
  • Advanced search

LLP e-Filing

  • RUN-LLP (Reserve Unique Name)
  • Fillip Incorporation of LLP
  • Form 3 – Information for LLP agreement and changes
  • Form 4 – Notice for change in information of partners/designated partners
  • Form 5 – Notice for change of name
  • Form 8 – Statement of Account & Solvency
  • Form 11 – Annual Return of LLP
  • Form 12 – Form for intimating other address for service of documents
  • Form 15 – Notice for change of place of registered office
  • Form 22 – Notice of Intimation of Order to the Registrar
  • Form 23 – Application for direction to LLP to change its name to the Registrar
  • Form 24 – Application for striking off the name
  • Form 25 – Reservation/ renewal of name by an FLLP or Foreign Company
  • Form 27 – Registration of particulars by FLLP
  • Form 28 – Reporting of Alteration/closure
  • Form 31 – Application for compounding of an offence under the Act
  • Form 32 – Filing addendum for rectification of defects or incompleteness

FO services

  • Verify DIN PAN details of the director
  • Enquire DIN Status
  • Find LLPIN
  • Find CIN
  • Associate DSC
  • Track payment status at NTRP
  • Enquire fees

LLP services

  • Authorise / Suspend user
  • Find LLPIN/LLP name
  • Incorporation
  • Annual e-Filing of LLP
  • Change LLP information
  • Close LLP

Company e-filing

  • LLP Forms download
  • Company forms download
  • Upload eForms
  • Download submitted form for resubmission
  • Check annual filing status
  • Upload details of SEC/DEB Holders/ Depositors
  • Update subsidiary details

Company services

  • Check Company Name
  • Check CIN
  • SPICe+
  • RUN(Reserve Unique Name)
  • CSR-2
  • Incorporation
  • Compliance Filing
  • Approval Services
  • Change Company information
  • Change Management
  • Informational Services
  • Close Company


  • Create service related complaint
  • Track service related complaint
  • Create investor/serious complaint
  • Track investor/serious related complaint
  • Feedback / suggestions
  • Employee grievance

Document related services

  • Get certified copies
  • View public documents
  • Request for scanned documents

Fee and payment services

  • Enquire fees
  • Pay later
  • Link NEFT payment
  • Pay miscellaneous fees
  • Pay stamp duty
  • Track payment status
  • Generate SRN for offline payment

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Investor services

  • IEPF-5
  • Track IEPF-5 SRN

Independent director data bank services

  • Individual registration
  • Corporate registration
  1. Track SRN transaction Status
  2. Address For Sending Physical Copy of G.A.R 33
  3. Public Search of Trademark
  4. LLP Services For Business Users
  • Enter update partner details
  • Enter form-3 Form 3&4 details for LLP Filing
  • Verify partner details for filing annual return

MCA: Data and Reports

MCA: Data and Reports

This page includes the most up-to-date information about the MCA as well as the reports released by the Ministry including information on LLPs as well as data regarding companies.


  • Annual reports
  • Report on Nidhi companies
  • Monthly information Bulletin
  • Other reports
  • Library

Company/LLP information

  • Incorporated or closed during the month
  • Based on activity
  • Based on ownership
  • Companies under alert
  • Forms filed under FTE
  • LLPs who filed form 24

Company statistics

  • Indian Foreign Companies LLPs
  • Paid up capital reports-Companies Limited By Share
  • CSR Data and summary

RD/ROC information

  • List Of Companies Struck-Off By RoCs (STK-7) U/S 248(5) – CA,13
  • Notice Of Strike-Off By Registrar(STK-7) As Per Sec. 248(1)-CA,13
  • Public Notices (STK-5) U/S 248(1)-CA,13
  • Public Notices (STK-6) U/S 248(2)-CA, 2013
  • List Of Directors Associated With Struck Off Companies U/S 248
  • List Of Proclaimed Offenders U/S 82 Cr.PC.
  • List Of Disqualified Directors U/S 164 (2)(A)
  • ROC Adjudication Orders
  • Extension of AGM
  • Notice Of Strike-Off Under LLP Rule 37
  • RD Adjudication Orders

MCA: E-Consultation

E-Consultation is a web-based platform that enables stakeholders and users to provide feedback and recommendations in response to proposed modifications and draught laws that may be uploaded on the site.

MCA: Help and FAQs

MCA: Help and FAQs

One may use this area in order to get support and frequently asked questions about the MCA site and its services. This section includes Help and Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to:

  1. Help on using the MCA Portal
  2. Video Based Tutorial
  3. Viewing various File formats
  4. System Requirements
  5. XBRL
  6. User Registration
  7. e-Filing
  • e-Filing
  • Prerequisite Software for e-Filing
  • Annual e-Filing
  • Linked e-Filing


  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Associate DSC
  • DSC System Requirement
  1. Cancel SRN due to Unsuccessful Payment
  2. Central Registration Centre (CRC)
  3. Payment
  • Payment
  • Refund
  • Pay Later
  • NEFT
  • eStamp
  • Rates of Stamp Duty
  • List of Authorised Banks
  • Stamp Duty Payment for LLP

Limited Liability Partnership

  • LLP e-Filing
  • LLP Basic Concepts
  • Integration of LLP with MCA21 System
  • One Person Company

DIN Process

  • DIR-3 KYC
  1. Other Services
  2. List of CFCs
  3. SPICe+ Forms

MCA: Contact information

MCA: Contact information

This link provides access to important MCA contacts as well as information on how to get in touch with them. The following names and numbers are available for contact: 

  • Grievance Cell
  • Minister of Corporate Affairs
  • Minister of State for Corporate Affairs
  • Officials at HeadQuarters
  • DGCOA Officers
  • Regional Directors
  • Registrar of Companies
  • Official Liquidators
  • Cost Audit Branch (CAB)
  • Nodal Officers
  • Liaison Office for SC/ST/OBC
  • Web Information Manager

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