House roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors


A beautifully constructed house needs a roof design that enhances both the aesthetics and durability. One has to carefully select the right roof design for the house as it can be designed in various shapes, styles, and colours, and with different materials.

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Functions of a house roof

A roof is the topmost part of the house, which protects it from sun, wind, rain, and snow. The design of a roof completes the look and enhances the style of a house. The roof plays a prominent role in making a home more durable, weatherproof, and energy-efficient, and can also provide additional living space. The selection of a roof design depends upon the shape and theme of the house, climatic conditions of the area, and the type of construction materials used.

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Material for house roof design

The design dictates the materials to be used to make a house roof. It can be designed with materials such as asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tiles, solar tiles, metal roofing, slate, ceramic, rubber slate, stone-coated steel, bamboo, terracotta, wood glass PVC, and others. To avoid roof damage, choose a weather-resistant material. Terracotta, concrete, and slate tiles are ideal for hot climates. For colder regions materials like slate, metal, and asphalt shingles are better as they trap heat. If the home has a low slope, consider metal panels and asphalt shingles. Opt for slate, clay, and wooden materials for steeper roofs.

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The roof shelters a building’s interiors and helps to define the exterior’s aesthetics. The design of a house roof depends on the climate of the place, the architectural style, and the overall aesthetic appeal. Here are some popular house roof design ideas to help you choose the perfect house roof design.

Sloping house roof design

Sloping roofs are firm, and effective against heavy rain and snowfall. This roof design aids water to flow down without accumulation and minimises the chances of waterlogging. Traditionally, sloped roofs have belonged to regions like Kerala and Goa where rainwater can accumulate on the roof, and the angle of the roof is important to evade stagnation of moisture and structural damage to the roofing. With a sloping roof, one can collect and harvest rainwater. The sloping roofs can be embellished with decorative elements like cornices, or be designed with fluted or carved bottom edges. A sloped roof can be converted into an extra living or storage space as well.

House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

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Butterfly house roof design

A butterfly roof is V-shaped, resembling a butterfly’s wings. The design is made up of two areas that slope downwards and join near the middle of the structure. The butterfly roof is attractive and popular in many countries. It allows the higher walls to have windows for additional sunlight and can be designed to collect water in the centre of the home in a specially designed tank. Due to their sleek structure, butterfly roofs can avoid damage during heavy storms and winds.

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House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

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Gable house roof design

Gable refers to the triangle-shaped spot formed when two pitched areas of the roof join. This is one of the most popular roof types in India as it’s easy to build, drains the water, enables ventilation, and suits most house designs Roofs of traditional Indian houses are designed in the gable style to provide ventilation, shade and protection from the tropical climate. Extended frames with ornaments on the edges of the roofs are quite common. Gable roofs are apt for creating more living space in the home in the form of attic space. Today there are variations of gable roof designs such as boxed gable roof, cross, front gable roof, and side gable.

House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

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Mansard house roof design

Mansard, a French-style, is a four-sided roof with a double slope on each side. The lower slope is steeper and more vertical than the upper slope. The mansard is one of the most used roof types around the world. The top of a mansard roof is usually flat. But it can have a shallow pitch where the lower slope is quite steep with multiple dormer windows. Such a roof adds another floor to the house, providing a spacious attic area.

House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

Hip house roof design

The hip roof is designed with four sloping sides of equal length. Hip roofs are usually rectangular but can be designed in other shapes. The roof slopes upward from all the sides of the structure and does not have any vertical ends. The external angle at which the adjacent sloping sides of the roof join is referred to as the hip. These roofs can withstand high winds, and due to the extra eaves on all sides, the hip roof provides more shade during summers.

House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

Flat house roof design

Flat roofs are also known as terrace roofs. They are easy to install and have a small slope to drain water. These roofs can easily be turned into green roofs, solar panelled roofs, or garden patios. Flat roofs provide the much-needed open space in urban homes. They also add a stunning impact with plants, glass, lights, and pergola design. Flat roof house construction is not recommended in areas with heavy rainfall and snowfall. They are also ideal for the construction of more floors or rooms.

House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

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Parapet house roof design

A parapet roof is an extension of a wall that’s at the edge of a roof, terrace, or structure. Some parapets are angled to give the roof a flat appearance or are just high enough to hide the roof. The parapet roof design goes back to medieval castle architecture where it was made of marble. Today, parapet roofs are designed with reinforced cement concrete (RCC), steel, aluminium, glass, and other materials. A modern parapet roof adds to both safety and style. The extended walls created by parapet roof designs withstand the force of wind, rain, hail, and snow.

House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

Curved house roof design

A curved roof resembles an arch and adds to the visual interest. It has a single gable with a sloped side and a flat side with little slope. In some cases, a curved roof can have sloped ends on both sides of the single gable with an elevated centre. Curved roofs help in wind resistance, and add to the exquisite look of a house. Various materials can be used for curved roofs including wood, stainless steel, aluminium, and copper.

House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

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Green roof house design

Green roofs are becoming popular in metro cities as they are environmentally friendly. Also known as rooftop gardens or living roofs, green roofs are covered with vegetation, and have supplementary layers such as a root barrier, and drainage and irrigation systems. These roofs require waterproofing. In a warm country like India, a green roof absorbs heat and sunlight, reducing the inner temperature of the house, and making it cooler during the summer season.

House Roof design ideas to beautify home exteriors

Combination house roof design

A combination roof mixes the design of two or more roof types on the same house. Various parts of the home can have different roofing designs, making it attractive. A roof design can combine flat, gable, and curved designs, creating an alluring impact. It can be decorated with lights and a combination of colours. Since every roof type is meant for a certain climate, people who live in a mixed climate benefit from combining two or more roofing designs.

House roof colours

Ensure that the roof colours blend with the architectural design and exterior wall colour of the house. When choosing the colour of the roof, it is essential to consider the roofing materials. Dark roof colours absorb heat while light colours reflect it. Houses painted in red, green or yellow complement dark roofs. A white house can have a blue, red, green or brown roof. Homes with beige, cream or brown walls go well with a brown roof. Charcoal and light grey colours look trendy for roofs.

  • A roof design must focus on aesthetics and eco-friendly features.
  • Homes with unique architectural roofing designs are becoming popular.
  • Post lockdown, people crave outdoor spaces. Gable style, decks, and balconies are built into the roofline to provide some outdoor space.
  • Flat roofs provide open space for recreation.
  • There is a rise in cool roof materials like solar reflective paints, tiles, shingles, and sheet coverings. A cool roof transfers less heat to the house and uses less energy for air conditioning.
  • Skylight roofs are popular for natural lighting, reducing the thermal load inside the building.
  • The usage of sustainable materials is on the rise. The focus is shifting towards recyclable materials like wood and clay as opposed to their petroleum-based counterparts.
  • Terracotta roofing has a timeless appeal.
  • Metal roofing is being favoured as they possess low thermal mass, reflecting heat rather than absorbing it, resulting in a cooler home.
  • The smart roof design is the latest technology. It is an automated louvred roofing system that allows natural sunlight and ventilation while protecting the house from rain.

Tips to select the right house roof design

  • Opt for design software to select the roof type.
  • The roofing design should match the exterior of the house, and blend with the home’s architectural style.
  • As the roof shelters the home in extreme weather, always consider the climate of the area. Certain roof types are better at sustaining heat, while others are good at shedding rainwater.
  • Know the pros and cons of various roof designs.
  • Always keep the budget in mind.


What is a transparent house roof design?

Transparent roofing, especially skylights, is the latest trend. The design, made of glass, polycarbonate, or other clear materials, allows sunlight into the interiors.

What is a skillion roof design?

A skillion roof has a single slope without any ridges in the roofline. The roof is supported at one end by a wall raised higher than the others, enabling the roof to be pitched at a steeper angle to allow water drainage during heavy rain or snowfall.

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