How to choose curtain colour and drapes for your windows

[] Making the right choice can be tricky because of the variety of options available in the world of curtains.

Curtains or drapes can have a transformative effect on your room’s decoration, adding style and warmth to your living space. Right curtain colours or drapes can create an illusion that you have more space than you really do. Figuring out the right window treatment can be crucial and will help in setting the tone of the room curtain.

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Making the right choice can be tricky because of the variety of options available, like curtains or drapes, which seem like synonyms but are actually different. Both of them are used for window treatments, and each has distinct characteristics of its own. Also, deciding on fabric, curtain colour, textile, prints, etc., can be a daunting task.

Wondering how to choose curtains for living room? Here are certain tips that will help you decide which window treatment will add aesthetics to your living space.

What are room curtains and drapes?

First, you must know the difference between curtains and drapes. Room curtains are fabric panels that are sold in pairs and come in a wide range of lengths, curtain colours, patterns and fabrics. Curtains are a popular choice for rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchen curtains are mostly short and sheer, which are matched with the valance across the window’s top and are called café curtains. Curtains for bedroom are mostly blinds or shades because the curtains are lightweight and are sheer fabric used to filter out some light. There are colourful curtains for drawing room available with interesting fabric patterns and prints which add softness and femininity to a room.

Drapes are fabric panels that are also sold in pairs and are lined with heavy fabric to block the outside light. Heavy and stiff fabrics are ideal for drapes, which also include luxury materials like silk or velvet. Drapes are mostly available in solids rather than patterns and have a very formal appearance. Drapes are a good option if you like your room dark enough for deep sleep or have a tendency to sleep during the day.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing curtain colours

Curtains are much more than a piece of subjective fabric that is used for protection and privacy. For home décor, curtain colours are the key to aesthetics. They give a vibe within the room and provide a feeling of warmth and consolation after a long and tiring day out. Therefore, you need to be smart while selecting the curtain colour, the fabric, and the accessories of the curtains.

The functionality of room curtains or drapes

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7 trendy colours for curtains in 2022

Curtains are casual and modern which are often used for light prevention and privacy. Curtain for bedrooms or any other room is a great option if you want some light in your room and maintain privacy at the same time. Curtain colours are easy to maintain and are machine-washable, but if you choose delicate fabric for your curtain, then you have to handwash them.

Drapes have a more formal and traditional appearance and are used mainly for decoration. It is also used to block out light, reduce noise, block drafts, and add insulation from cold or heat. Drapes are high-maintenance, and you can either get them dry cleaned or spot clean only.

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Choice of fabric

The choice of fabric plays a vital role in deciding curtains for bedroom, as it helps in setting a different mood and décor to the room. For example, you need sheer fabric for a bedroom curtain, but you don’t mind going for a heavy fabric for curtains of the drawing room, which has a more formal feel to it. You also need to decide the amount of sunlight you want streaming in from your room curtains. You need to keep in mind the fact that each fabric falls differently from a height and might look different when it’s pleated.


Choice of the colour

7 trendy colours for curtains in 2022

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You need to be sure that the colour of your room curtain syncs with the rest of the furniture. You need to choose curtains that contrast with the décor of the room and complement the shade of the wall. And if you want your curtain to be a highlighter in the room, then choose a curtain colour that can contrast with the entire look of the room and doesn’t look out of place.

Even if you are choosing drapes instead of curtain colours, don’t go for heavy fabric and dark colours at the same time. This combination will ruin the entire look of the room if the rest of the room is towards a lighter colour palate.

Solids or prints

Deciding whether to go for solid or prints for your room curtains can be extremely confusing. Well, for this decision, you need to look at the décor of the rest of the room. Choose patterns when the room is packed with solid colours.

Printed curtains add visual weight to the room and hence are mostly used as bedroom curtains which are paired with solid coloured furniture and are accessorized with printed rugs and cushions. Solid curtains are used as curtains for drawing rooms or curtains for drawing rooms to give a more formal and traditional look to these areas as these areas are already rich in décor.

Length of the curtain

7 trendy colours for curtains in 2022

A floor-length curtain gives the appearance of a high-ceiling room which is a more dramatic look when you are choosing curtains for drawing room. Also, if you have kids in the home, you choose comparatively smaller curtains that are a little above the floor.

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