L shaped house design explained

[] In this article, we talk about L shaped house design and how you can go about doing its décor

While looking at the various floor plans to design and build your own house, we suggest that you also look at the L shaped house design, a very simple style that will make your house stand out. One of the reasons why most people love this, is its shape – which is like the letter ‘L’.

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It offers the best of both worlds – great living space and privacy in a house. One of the most flexible home designs, the L-shaped house design can be used in both, big and small houses. The L shaped house design can also be used on any terrain – be it a slope or flat one. Read on to find more about the L-shaped house design.

Why choose an L shaped house design?

L shaped house design explained

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L shaped house design home décor

If you love to do the interiors of your home, then, an L shaped house design would suit you. One look at the L shaped house design and you will realise that a single house is divided into two compartments The L shaped house design can provide you with many options for placement of the rooms and you need not go as per the usual convention. Owing to its design, there will be many specific places that can be demarcated with different décor. Moreover, the home interiors and the décor will look spread out and not cluttered.

Exterior space in L shaped house design

With the L shaped house design, while you get space inside the house, you also get abundant space on the exterior – for example, a courtyard. You also have the unlimited options of personalising the outdoor area in an L shaped house design. A swimming pool can fit like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle in an L shaped house design. If you are into gardening or simply love nature, having a big courtyard may be as sought-after as having a spacious house. You can also add an outdoor kitchen to your garden.

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L shaped house design view

View is something we all look for while purchasing or building a house. Owing to the L shaped design house, you can have the best views from around the house. Also, such a house allows for ample ventilation.

L shaped house design resale value

An important aspect of any home, is that it should work to our advantage in the long run, as an investment. This is again where an L shaped house design scores, as the resale value of this property may be higher as compared to other properties in the same configuration and area, because of the availability of free movement space and placement of rooms.

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