Sun sign décor: Libra and its influence on partnerships in a house

[] It is believed that the 12 houses of the zodiac govern 12 key areas of your life. Here’s a look at how home owners can leverage the influence of the Libra sun sign, on the décor of their house, to bring about a positive impact in their lives

A large number of space energy readers/healers maintain that your home’s décor holds immense potential, to influence key areas of your life. The seventh house of the zodiac (Libra) relates to your partnerships, relationships, contracts, unions and marriage. Issues and concerns related to this realm are said to be resolved by healing the disturbance in the energy field in this space.

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Indications of energy imbalance in a house

An affirmative response to any of the following questions, could indicate a need for space healing in the area of relationships, partnerships and marriage (The list of questions is representational and not exhaustive):

  • Are you having difficulty accepting yourself?
  • Are you unable to see the beauty that is already in your life?
  • Has your social life plummeted recently, with friends with whom you were once sociable rarely speaking to you?
  • Do you feel something is not quite right at the moment in your partnership or some other relationship?
  • Is your former friend or some old colleague or relative calling you up but being critical and affecting your morale?
  • Has your house help/staff suddenly stopped being as supportive as before?
  • Has your number of friends/well-wishers reduced?


Impact of the Libra sign on your house

The south-west of your home or of each room, is your area of partnerships and relationships. At a deeper level, the vibrations of this area are said to impact the karmic implications of your relationships in this birth.

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Ideal accessories for the south-west part of the house/room:

  • Ceramic bowls and ornaments.
  • Accessories that symbolise partnerships of various kinds.
  • Spotlights or uplighters in the south-west corner of the room.
  • A nine-rod ceramic wind chime.
  • Symbolic pictures of future lover or happy relationships of the desired kind.
  • Rose quartz display.
  • Pink tulips or other flowers.

[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Décor elements for healing vibrations

The imagery you have at home, is one of the most potent and powerful décor tools, to manipulate the energy of a space. If a positive image can heal energy imbalance and invite positive vibrations, then, the opposite is very likely, as well, with negative images. Always opt for imagery, such as pictures, paintings, sculptures or arrangements of objects that evoke positive thoughts and feelings in you. Some suggested images or symbols to invite positive vibrations, vis-à-vis relationships, into your home are:

The wedding ring: It represents a witnessed union between two people who came together, making a permanent commitment to share their lives.

Depiction of a handshake: Symbolises a contract or deal agreed upon and a pledge of honor to work within a partnership.

Ears of corn: Represents rewards like creativity and fruitfulness that can be reaped from positive unions.

The everlasting knot: Symbolises eternity, continuity and infinity, within the intricacy of relationships.

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Threads of unity: Signifies unified strength where one supports the other.

The zodiac sign of Libra: Symbolises cooperation and balance and reminds one to work in harmony and balance with others.


DIY tips, to heal or strengthen the area of relationships and partnerships in your house

Flowers are believed to improve and heal relationships, with their delicate, yet, powerful vibrations in mystical ways. The following DIY cures are used by many who believe in Feng Shui, to heal or strengthen the area of partnerships:

  • Use strong, sunny colours like yellow or purple, while choosing flowers, if you wish to generate passion in your relationships. Use clay containers for the flowers.
  • Opt for a glass vase with cream flowers, to feel affectionate and access deeper feelings.
  • Choose red or pink flowers in pairs and place them in a silver vase in your bedroom, to empower the vibrations of romance in your relationship.


Believe it or not

Anecdotal evidence abounds that by using appropriate décor elements at home, one can heal or empower the vibrations of partnerships and unions in the house. Madhukar Mehta of Zaveri Bazaar area in Mumbai states, “My wife moonlights as a space energy healer and I have witnessed a case, where a friend of ours had many pictures of men in his flat and in the relationship areas. The images were very beautiful but the men looked unhappy and the message he was giving out strongly, was that he was not happy with his life and wanted to stay single. My wife motivated him to change the images. She also encouraged him to cleanse the area or partnership and spruce it up with the aroma of ylang-ylang and geranium. She asked him to add a few room accessories, like red candles, etc. It has been three years since and he is in a steady relationship now. He believes that his other crucial relationships too have turned for the better, after making those essential decor changes.”

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