Home décor tips for Virgo sun sign

[] Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your sun sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Virgo zodiac sign (August 22-September 22)

Virgo is the sign of purity and perfection. People born under this sun sign, tend to dream of owning a home in a virgin field, or a pristine forest. However, Virgo is also one of the practical and health-conscious signs of the Zodiac. Consequently, you make peace with ground realities and opt for appropriate choices from those available. Here are some home décor tips that align with your innate sun-sign’s traits.

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Overall home décor for Virgo home owners

You believe that impurities are the beginning of disorder, unhappiness and uneasiness and it is your job to eliminate all impurities, keeping only that which is good for the body, mind and soul in your home and life.

While designing your home, try to keep a healthy balance of natural elements. The need of your earthy sign, to keep everything orderly and in its proper place, is legendary. So, go ahead and create ample storage facilities, to keep the place tidy and clutter-free. For home décor, opt for wood and glass materials. Use practical tools, appliances and books as home accessories.

Colour code for Virgo home owners

Empowering hues: The vibrations of earthy tones, ochre, orange and yellow, are beneficial for people belonging to the Virgo sign. Hence, use these in your living space, to empower your personal energy field.

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Hues of harmony: You are a perfectionist in all areas of your life, making you skeptical, fussy and overly critical at times. For a healthy and happy life at home, it is imperative to calm both, the positive and the negative electromagnetic fields, around your body. The hues of aqua blue, are recommended. Use these colours in your personal corner at home.

Colours impacting earning power: Jade green is said to enhance your earning power. Absorb the vibrations of this colour, by having a prominent display of this shade in your personal corner or work station at home.

[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Furniture for Virgo home owners

By the virtue of your sun sign you will find yourself comfortable with furniture and fixtures, particularly in the kitchen and bedroom that support your core belief that healthy flow of energy at home is vital for healthy life. In the kitchen, organise sufficient storage space to keep all your equipment and food, so that your work surfaces are clear, clutter-free and clean.

In the bedroom, wood is the ideal material for the bed frame, as it does not distort the local magnetic field. Wood is also softer than metal and allows more calm energy.

Fabrics for Virgo home owners

While designing your kitchen, avoid fabrics and soft furnishings as they absorb dampness and odour and increase the risk of stagnation. These materials make it harder to keep the kitchen clean.

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Synthetic materials can block the flow of energy and should, therefore, be avoided. Use soft materials, such as carpets and rugs, in your bedroom. Opt for curtains instead of blinds. Choose mattresses made from natural materials. Cotton or wool are better aligned to your sun sign, rather than foam or other artificial materials.

Fragrance for Virgo home owners

You are the practical sign of the Zodiac. Highly-charged emotional scenes at home, make you feel out of sorts. Similarly, strong fragrances at home tend to make you uncomfortable and at times, even ill, with headache and nausea. Aromatic candles, incense sticks, essential oils and room sprays, with subtle and understated herbal sweet smells, are apt for you.

Nature in the house

You strongly believe that plants are one of the best ways, to clean the air. You love to decorate your home, by keeping a variety of healthy plants throughout the house, to improve its air quality.

Keep the house clutter-free

People belonging to the Virgo sun sign can get so engrossed in clearing and cleaning activity that it can seem like a meditation, with everything else simply fading away. Exploring eco-friendly cleaning options, will give you immense satisfaction. While you can work non-stop, be mindful of the fact that you have family members to help you. Hence, pause and take occasional breaks.


It is believed that in your past life, you lived a very spiritual life, retiring from the world and yet, offering to help others in their time of need, perhaps as a priest, monk, nun or healer. Consequently, you now end up being who you are but still striving to bring about purity, orderliness and neatness in your home and life.

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