Sun sign décor: Scorpio and its influence on mystical issues of life

[] It is believed that the 12 houses of the zodiac govern 12 key areas of your life. Here’s a look at how home owners can leverage the influence of the Scorpio sun sign, on the décor of their house, to bring about a positive impact in their lives

A large number of space energy readers/healers maintain that your home’s décor holds immense potential, to influence key areas of your life. The eighth house of the zodiac (Scorpio) relates to every deep fundamental mystical issue of life, such as birth, death, rebirth, hidden fears, sexuality and other mysteries. Issues and concerns related to this realm are said to be resolved by healing the disturbance in the energy field in this space.

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Indications of energy imbalance in a house

An affirmative response to any of the following questions, could indicate a need for space healing in the area of mysticism (The list of questions is representational and not exhaustive):

  • Are you willing to accept the role that karma may play in your life?
  • Are you responsible for the birth of an idea or an invention and now feel unsure of carrying the burden of responsibility?
  • Are you unable to comprehend that each action of yours has a reaction and affects all other beings within the universe?
  • Do you feel that it is time to reflect on what the meaning of life is, for you?
  • Do you feel a need to review your beliefs concerning any issue related undisclosed or addressed fears, matters of legacies, etc.?


Impact of the Scorpio sign on mysticism in your house

The appropriate energy in your home can help you reach your inner spiritual force. By accessing this energy and projecting it into your home, you can fill it with vibrations that positively influence the eighth house in your astrological chart. Setting up your own personal prayer centre/altar/temple at home, is one way to do so. Choose a room in your home, or a space within a room that you can dedicate to the temple/altar. Bring into this space all the things that mean a lot to you, to create your special spiritual zone. Arrange the space so that you face north-west for wisdom or north for spirituality, when you meditate or pray.

[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Décor elements for healing vibrations

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The imagery you have at home, is one of the most potent and powerful décor tools, to manipulate the energy of a space. If a positive image can heal energy imbalance and invite positive vibrations, then, the opposite is very likely, as well, with negative images. Always opt for imagery, such as pictures, paintings, sculptures or arrangements of objects that evoke positive thoughts and feelings in you. Some suggested images or symbols to invite positive vibrations, for your house of mysticism are:

Mystic star: This ancient mystics’ symbol of prophecy and blessing, is said to inspire people.

Kabbalah: This map of deep rooted wisdom is said to guide those who yearn to learn the mysteries of life.

Alchemist’s rose: It symbolises the heart of the mysteries of life. Divine alchemy happens when ego is vanquished, transforming dense matter into subtle energy.

Will and testament: It represents inheritance – the passing on of guidance and possessions and a willingness to contribute a legacy to both, individuals and the world.

The zodiac sign of Scorpio and symbol of planet Pluto: It is believed that the combined energies of the intense and passionate Scorpio symbol and regenerative powers of Pluto, empower your own rebirth to take place.


DIY tips, to heal or strengthen the area of mysticism in your house

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Candles: Candles are wonderful energisers that provide your home with an uplifting glow. Choose a colour that achieves the effect you desire. Purple is a soothing, intuitive and psychic colour. White is a colour of purity – it gives protection and comfort. Gold signifies abundance and understanding and is believed to be an antidote to a lack of interest in life. Silver is said to encourage change and learning.

Aroma: Use fragrances in your home that invite positive energy, or heal or balance existing energy. Lavender cleanses deeply and returns energy to a neutral state. Sandalwood reduces stress, soothes anxiety and releases fear. Sage holds special purifying properties and orange enlivens the home.

Tall indoor plants: The vertical flow of energy created by tall indoor plants, it is believed, help you connect with ‘higher frequencies’.

Flower arrangements: Big, bold and colourful flower arrangements, can bring vibrancy to your home.

Sound: The sound emanating from your house has a powerful influence upon the energy of your space. Bells give out a wonderful clear sound, which, many believe, resonate far out into the universe. A decorative temple bell can also add to the décor of the home. Singing bowls are wonderful instruments to lift the atmosphere of a room and raise the energy. Drums are long held to be powerful sound instruments. Consistent drumming rhythms, are believed to alter brainwave patterns, putting one in an altered state of consciousness. The vibrations from the drums are so strong that they quickly shift a negative atmosphere and encourage free flow of energy.


Believe it or not

Nimmi (name changed on request), a corporate executive aged over 40, lost both her parents in an accident. “My life went into a tailspin. My best friend’s mother, who is very spiritual and into space healing, helped me put things into perspective over a period of time. After I made some décor changes at home and created my home temple, I began to experience significant positive changes, in various areas of my life. Today, the various percussion instruments in my house are not just room ornaments. Drumming heals the vibrations of my house and so does chanting. I chant ‘Om’ regularly. Chanting works wonders, vis-à-vis living in sync with the mysteries that unfold in one’s life,” she maintains.

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