Inside John Abraham’s Mumbai house: Where class and sophistication meet

[] Bollywood actor John Abraham’s 4,000 sq ft house, with a single bedroom and bathroom, a massive dining-living-kitchen zone, a balcony, terrace and media room, reflects the cosmopolitan vibe of Mumbai

John Abraham is a lot more than your regular Bollywood star. The actor resides in a spectacular house, ‘Villa In The Sky’ in Mumbai’s Bandra, which has been designed by his brother Alan Abraham and father Abraham John, along with Anahita Shivdasani and Anca Florescu, who are part of the team at Abraham John Architects, the family’s design and architectural firm. The house was built in 2011 and covers 4,000 sq ft in all, with a single bedroom, single bathroom, a massive dining-living-kitchen zone, a balcony, a terrace and a media room.

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The home is characterised by sweeping and absolutely uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea on one side while looking onto the lovely Mount Mary hill in Bandra on the other side. The duplex home was born as a passion project after the Bollywood superstar approached Alan Abraham for constructing his dream home that would fuse together his own personality, hobbies and passions into one huge and flowing space. Alan Abraham has stated that the project involved remodeling the entire space, while fusing two separate apartments and the terrace on the top floors of an otherwise ordinary and plain building, into a contemporary and sophisticated home which would maximise the space on offer, while keeping functionality intact. He has also confirmed that John Abraham asked for a space which would be more suitable for living amidst the tropical seaside climate while keeping the cosmopolitan vibe of Mumbai in mind, as well.

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John Abraham’s Mumbai house design

There are several interesting facts that characterise John Abraham’s Villa In The Sky. This penthouse apartment, spanning 4,000 sq ft is situated on the seventh and eighth floors of a Bandra west residential complex. Some of them are:

  • All the internal walls were removed for combining the apartments, while a new staircase was built, cantilevered right off the interior columns, for linking the two floors.
  • The sweeping views of the Arabian Sea are the biggest attraction in the house and the new design maximises the view.

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  • This was achieved by installing floor-to-ceiling windows including in the huge master bedroom.
  • Every room of the house comes with a lovely sea view and the design is minimalistic.
  • The open plan concept relied on integration of outdoor and indoor spaces, thereby maximising the benefits of the resultant climate and location of the site.
  • There is a cutting-edge glass-walled media room on the upper level, which offers lovely sea views along with a wooden deck, garden terrace and skylight.
  • The kitchen is situated in the south-eastern corner, which is Vastu-compliant, while ensuring ample natural light for the house in the morning.
  • The kitchen island is crafted from stark stainless steel with a contemporary look.

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  • The dining, living and kitchen sections make up the central meeting zone of the house.
  • Natural materials were majorly used for building the house.
  • A hand-hewn dining table with seating is a key focal point and teak is extensively used while green construction methodologies and local woods have been tapped for this purpose.
  • Villa In The Sky received the Best Home Award from the Indian Institute of Architectural Design in 2016.
  • The design principles are based on energy efficiency, technology that minimizes consumption, usage of recycled materials such as reclaimed wood for the garden pergolas and garden screens, along with steel countertops, organic fabrics and recycled tiles.
  • There has been an attempt towards fusing the natural elements, namely wind, sun and water.

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Villa in the Sky: Interesting facts

Tall plants used in the home provide a natural surroundings. The kitchen has been subdivided into wet and dry zones. The dry kitchen outdoors comes with a brushed stainless-steel island along with storage shelves in darker tones. The wet kitchen is where the cooking happens and this is glass-enclosed. The idea behind this dual kitchen, is that the outdoor platform may be used for serving people while the closed section keeps all the cooking fumes cordoned from the main zone for entertaining guests. Existing pipelines were rerouted for simpler access between these two kitchen zones. An old teak tree was used for the customised dining table and for crafting the stools and tables. Automated blinds cover the entire double-height of the space.

The master bedroom suite has darker tones on the eighth floor, thereby, creating an intimate connection with the world outside. There is a luxurious walk-in wardrobe along with a private sea-facing balcony in tandem with a spa bathroom and double-glazed sliding door, enabling better ventilation and natural light. The house essentially has three bedrooms being remade into a single bedroom space. Uniformity between all the zones within the bedroom is ensured through the dark wooden flooring in all places. There is a half-height boundary wall made of glass while there are large plants illuminated neatly along with relaxing seating spaces. The skylight and pergola offer protection for the terrace from the seasonal monsoon rains and tropical sun. The bedroom does not have any partition and neither does the storage zone or bathroom, except for glass doors. The master bathroom is equipped with several amenities, including an automated shower, Jacuzzi, mood lighting and the television can be viewed from the bathtub, as well, along with the sea. Soft lighting and the landscape design give this space a casual and relaxed vibe.

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The music, air conditioning, lights and venetian blinds are all remote-controlled while the shower panel has customised fabrication work. The shower trays match the wooden flooring finish in the bathroom. The media room has a huge projector screen, an audio-visual system and concealed AC.

For his dream home, John Abraham relied heavily on a book named Japan Architecture, present in his father’s office while he was growing up. Abraham’s desire for greater transparency is reflected in the design of his lovely and plush Mumbai house.


What is John Abraham’s Mumbai house called?

John Abraham’s house is named Villa In The Sky.

Where is John Abraham’s Mumbai house located?

The house is located within a residential complex in Bandra west, Mumbai.

Which floor is John Abraham’s Mumbai house situated at?

John Abraham’s Mumbai house occupies the seventh and eighth floors of the residential complex.

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