Abdul Kalam’s House in Rameshwaram – Home of the Missile Man

[] Mentioned are details about India’s former president and missile man APJ Abdul Kalam

Many things strike people’s minds first when they think of Abdul Kalam.Some say he’s India’s greatest president; some say he’s the scientist who brought the country into a new era. No matter what the first thought is, one thing is for sure, A.P.J Abdul Kalam was a man loved and respected by every Indian citizen. 

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He was a humble man who treated an ordinary citizen with the same respect as the Prime Minister of India. The sudden death of the great man shocked everyone in the country. However, his legacy lives on in different ways. His brainchild, ISRO, has become one of the world’s leading space agencies, and various schemes implemented during his presidency have brought development to different sectors of the country’s economy. 

The former president’s house in Rameshwaram has been made into a museum that the general public can visit.

Let’s take a look at Abdul Kalam house in Rameswaram

About Abdul Kalam house

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This humble abode in Rameswaram’s Mosque street is the place where one of India’s greatest presidents spent his early days. He lived with his parents, Jainulabdeen and Ashiamma and his brother. Abdul Kalam’s childhood house was converted into a Museum in 2011. 

Abdul Kalam house

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Inside Abdul Kalam house 

The house features photographs depicting Abdul Kalam’s childhood and younger years. There’s a lot of information on the former president, and the home also features awards, medals, and other mementos awarded to him throughout his lifetime. The house’s ground floor features a gift shop where people can buy souvenirs. The museum is situated on the first floor, and the second floor is an art gallery. In this house, Abdul Kalam’s elder brother APJM. Maraikayar  stays with his family. 

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Abdul Kalam house: Entry, timings and contact details

  • Timings – The Kalam House is open to visitors from 10 AM-6 PM on weekdays and is closed at the weekends.
  • Entry fee – Visitors at the Kalam House have to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 5 to enter the museum. 
  • Address – 12/7, Mosque Street, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu 623526.
  • Phone number – 04573 221 100

Abdul Kalam house: Map

Abdul Kalam house

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