Indian or Italian marble: Which one should you choose?

[] Here’s the perfect detailed analysis differentiating between the Indian marble and the Italian marble to make your decision easier.

Marbles in India are a sign of luxury, and these gorgeous crystallised stones have remained a crowd favourite as the flooring material for decades – for a good reason. Throughout history, we’ve seen various instances of the smooth marble stones being used to accentuate interiors and exteriors, and bring about an air of regality – the Taj Mahal being one such monumental example. These days, marbles for home are extensively used for interior decoration. It can be used as table or kitchen tops, floorings or even walls, depending on your tastes and preferences.  

You are reading: Indian or Italian marble: Which one should you choose?

The marble industry is currently dominated by two types of house marbles – namely, white Italian marble and Indian marble for home. Additionally, each counterpart has its own variants in terms of colour, width, texture, marble flooring price, and more.

If you’re looking to renovate your home and want an Indian marble flooring design, here’s the perfect detailed analysis differentiating between the two to make your decision easier.

Marble flooring

Indian marble| Source: Pinterest

Italian marble

Italian market Source: Pinterest

What is Indian house marble? 

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Indian marble, mainly mined from the quarries of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, is famous for it’s natural grainy pattern, medium-high sheen and durability. Some of the best marble for flooring include the Indian green marble, Makrana and Ambaji marble from Gujarat and Banswara and Jaisalmer stone, also known as yellow marble. They are known for their durability and their elegant white and gold hues and are some of the best marble in India. The Indian green marble is one of the most exported Indian house marble worldwide.

High durability and sturdiness have made it a top choice for flooring, bathroom walls and tabletops.

What is Italian marble?

A delicate counterpart of its Indian variant, Italian marbles are famous worldwide for their luxurious, crystal-like appearance, lustrous sheen and gorgeous designs. Italian marble flooring is primarily quarried and sourced from Northern Italy, and are available for sale in the form of slabs. Some common Italian marbles include the Perlato Silica, Botticino, Rossa Verona, Statuario and Nero Marquina. They are characterised by their distinct hues and patterns.

Due to its delicacy, Italian marbles are usually polished on one side and unpolished on the other, with chemical treatments on the latter to increase their strength. 

Indian marble flooring vs Italian marble flooring – What is the difference?

Both of the house marbles have their own set of pros and cons. Since Italian marbles are on the softer side (about 18 mm – 20 mm), they become prone to hairline fractures and scratches and stains over time. Thus, make sure to keep them out of harm’s way, and use them diligently. While Indian house marbles have a thicker border of about 30 mm, they nonetheless require diligent care for their maintenance. 

Marble polishing is essential for both Indian and Italian marbles as they begin to lose their sheen over time. Therefore, a polishing session once every two years would help retain their original shine. You can even do this yourself with the help of a mild detergent or cleaners, which are specially formulated for the same. Make sure to never scrub them. Here’s a comprehensive list of their differences to make your decisions easier, including the marble price difference.

Botticino classico italian marble

Botticino classico Italian marble| Source: Pinterest

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Indian sawar market

Indian Sawar market | Source: Pinterest

Marble cost and maintenance

Due to the obvious import tag on Italian marbles, Italian marble flooring price can range anywhere from Rs. 50 to 400 marble flooring cost per sq ft in India, depending on the quality, colour and cut of the slabs, as compared to the much cheaper Rs 80 marble flooring cost per sq ft in India for Indian marble stone price. Italian marble price in India is high because Italian marbles also need a high level of craftsmanship for inlaying it on floors or tabletops. The maintenance is also kept in mind while formulating the Italian marble cost as it can develop minor hairline fractures if not maintained properly. 

On the other hand, Indian floor marble price are less because they are much easier to maintain thanks to their sturdiness. However, do keep in mind, proper maintenance is essential if you want a longer lifespan for your house marbles.

Indian marble flooring

Indian marble flooring| Source: Pinterest

Italian grey marble flooring

Italian grey marble flooring | Source: Pinterest

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