Best bathroom wardrobe ideas

[] We’ve compiled a list of our top bathroom wardrobe recommendations to make things easier for you.

Whether you have a small or large space allotted for your house’s bathroom, choosing which wardrobes to use can be difficult. Everyone wants the wardrobe to blend in and give the perfect feel and beauty in the bathroom while also satisfying all kinds of storage needs for the must-haves.

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As a result, finding the ideal design can be difficult and time-consuming. We’ve compiled a list of our top bathroom wardrobe recommendations to make things easier for you. You have to pick the one that best meets your needs. 

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Bathroom wardrobe: Handleless cabinet designs

Are you concerned that you have a lot of things to keep and that your bathroom is too small to accommodate a large and bulky bathroom wardrobe

Handleless cabinets are one of the most stylish designs currently popular in bathroom wardrobe designs. This design is typically made of wood or plywood. Lighter shades, particularly weather wood, look best in this type of design with a darker tone on the borders and dividers.

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In this design, you can add as many compartments as you want to increase storage volume without sacrificing the beauty of your bathroom. This bathroom wardrobe can be installed beneath the vanity basin sinks or left as a standalone architecture.

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Bathroom wardrobe: Traditional wooden bathroom cabinets

We know that many of you are die-hard fans of traditional designs. This is the choice for you all. Select a traditional wooden bathroom wardrobe. Bead-board systems and raised-panel doors are standard features found in this type of conventional cabinet. 

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The material used is durable. The inset recessed doors, where the frame’s flush is set, are quite popular features of these cabinets. Mirrors are also installed in some traditional cabinets. So, if your bathroom lacks mirrors, you should opt for this to meet all of your needs. 

You can play with the knobs to create a rich and embellished look. The large bronze knobs can be beautiful decorative items in these wardrobe designs.

Bathroom wardrobe: Boho patterned wardrobe designs.

Sometimes a one-of-a-kind item is all that is required to spruce up your bathroom. A boho-style bathroom wardrobe can do wonders for your intimate bathroom space. If your bathroom has brightly coloured wallpaper, this wardrobe idea will look much better. 

It is made of wood usually and might feature intricate jali work on the front. These wardrobes are available in the form of vertical shelves, which are a better option for smaller bathrooms for storage options. You should go for this type of design without a second thought. 

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To give your bathroom a more bohemian feel, you can decorate the bathroom with flower vases in the corners and a brightly printed rug at the entrance. When you make these changes, your bathroom’s appearance will be drastically altered.

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Bathroom wardrobe: Cabinets with multiple drawers

This design is ideal for those concerned with cataloguing and organising their stuff. The upper part of the bathroom wardrobe usually uses panels in this design. It can have one, two, or even three panels. 

There are usually several drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe. All of these drawers are small and compact in appearance. Smaller pullout drawers will give you more space to separate and organise your must-haves. 

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These types of wardrobes are best suited to pastel grey or brown. This particular wardrobe design is worth trying as they are widely available in online and physical stores. It is suitable for use in all types of bathrooms.

Bathroom wardrobe: Victorian bathroom cabinet design

If you’re looking for something unique and completely stylish, we have a fantastic idea for you. Yes, we’re referring to the elaborate Victorian bathroom cabinets. These gorgeous and traditional cabinets can completely transform the look of your bathroom.

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It has enough space to store essentials and is ideal for the harsh conditions of the bathroom. The wooden cabinets are exceptionally durable and exude the highest level of elegance with their beautiful texture and design.

A washbasin is generally attached to the top part of this type of cabinet. Typically, white washbasins and copper faucets are the best options. The copper look of the tap will look exotic and rich, adding to the cabinet’s refined appearance.

Bathroom wardrobe: Double cabinets for master bathrooms

If you’ve stayed in any five-star hotels, you must have seen their stunning master bathroom. They have double sinks and a grand arrangement of wardrobes, making them the focal point of the entire room. The exact layout of the design is replicated on both adjacent sides in this wardrobe idea, covering nearly an entire bathroom wall.

 If you require a lot of storage space, this is the one to go for. However, keep in mind that this type of style is quite pricey.

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The bottom section of this bathroom wardrobe style is mainly made up of pullout drawers and squared cabinets. For the colour palette, opt for lighter monochrome shades that will complement both the ceiling and the flooring, as the design spans the entire height of the room. 

You can focus on the lighting of this area to help illuminate this bathroom wardrobe. Add some lighting around the mirror, typically located in the centre of the wardrobe. The addition of lights on either side of the mirror adds a lovely glow to the vertical cabinets.

Bathroom wardrobe: Corner bathroom wardrobe design

It is common to find that the corners of bathrooms are left unused, and as a result, they become a breeding ground for cobwebs and a lot of dust. So, the best way to use the corners is to choose a corner wardrobe design. 

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This type of bathroom wardrobe is more akin to one-story cabinets with a height of 3 to 4 feet. It can combine several patterns, such as pullout drawers or two panels of doors or sliders. As it will be used on a daily, request that the carpenter design it to your liking and convenience.

This type of wardrobe is typically found in completely white shades, allowing it to fit into any modern bathroom design. Add a black sink to the top of the bathroom wardrobe to give it a striking contrasting appearance. It will appear stylish and elegant.

Bathroom wardrobe: Multi layout designer cabinets

A designer bathroom cabinet can store supplies efficiently while also providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. For the material, use lighter shades of wood. Only use plywood if you have a limited budget.

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In this design, a light-colored wood with a sleek finish and a marble tabletop is all that is required. Installing faded glass doors on the upper area of the cabinet to elevate the face of the cabinets is one of the trending layout patterns. You can add some stylish and unique handles to the pullout drawers if you want.

Bathroom wardrobe: Single-coloured cabinet designs

If you want a bright and eye-catching element in your bathroom, go for coloured cabinets. The navy blue cabinet is one of the most eye-catching coloured cabinet designs. There’s something about a rich navy blue that instantly adds elegance and sophistication to any bathroom. In this type of bathroom wardrobe, golden hardware is a good choice. Gold hardware complements the classic blue cabinetry to create a hotel-like look and feel.

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Another popular colour is pitch black. The black cabinets stand out against the white marble flooring. Add a white marble tabletop and stylish faucets to the top, enhancing your bathroom’s sophisticated appearance.

From olive to hunter green, all shades of green are gaining vogue in cabinetry right now. Many people do not like subdued colors for their cabinets, especially in the bathroom. Green is much more than a fad; it signifies vitality, regeneration, and renewal. The dark green cabinetry contrasts nicely with the white tables and walls. It also conceals cabinet wear and tear, which is a typical occurrence.

Bathroom wardrobe: Teak wood bathroom wardrobe designs 

Teak is a beautiful golden yellow wood suitable for various furniture, notably cabinets. For a long time, this sort of wooden cabinet has been trending on the market.

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The teak bathroom cabinets complement the hardwood flooring in the area. These cabinets can withstand extreme cold or heat, common in restrooms. They are pretty durable and of excellent quality. If you prefer quality over appearance, this outfit style is the best option for you. With an oval-shaped wash basin, the storage cabinet compliments the white marble surface.

This article contains our top 10 bathroom wardrobe design ideas for your bathrooms. They are all excellent choices for both storage and aesthetics. You only need to choose while keeping your size requirements and, of course, your budget in mind.

Can you have a wardrobe in the bathroom?

The walk-in wardrobe has evolved as a new-age architectural and interior design wonder where you store your daily wearables. It is stylish and ensures maximum efficiency and storage space while being integrated with bedrooms.

Which direction should the bathroom wardrobe be built?

According to Vaastu principles, the bathroom should be constructed in the northwest part of the home. The bathroom wardrobe should be built likewise to induce the sound effects of Vaastu within the bathroom space.

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