6 POP designs for small rooms that will have you mesmerised with your ceilings

[] Plaster of Paris is an excellent material for creating stunning wall and ceiling designs for home interiors. Check these POP designs for a small room.

Ceilings are the underdogs of home interior design. A good ceiling design can make any boring room turn into a design marvel with lots of thought behind it. Recently, it seems like people have finally realised the benefits of ceiling design, and hence, the false ceiling became popular. False ceiling POP designs for small rooms can be given myriad shapes.

You are reading: 6 POP designs for small rooms that will have you mesmerised with your ceilings

Plaster of Paris or POP is a powder that is quick setting. It can be moulded to create amazing false ceiling designs. POP is durable and heat/fire resistant and can be used on any type of surface after mixing with water, and many shapes and designs can be made with it.

Stunning POP designs for the bedroom in 2022

Let’s take a look at six stunning POP designs for the bedroom in 2022 that will have you calling a contractor right now.

Sleek line design 

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False ceilings and lights are used together in this design to create a contemporary look. Use this POP design for a small room or a big living room according to your needs. The design avoids any direct light over the bed. The lights are distributed all over for uniform brightness. This modern ceiling goes well with the chic grey and white walls of the bedroom.

Kids bedroom design

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Kids are imaginative beings whose creativity we have to nurture. This POP cloud design makes a 3d effect. The ceiling background of the sky helps in setting the scene for the cloud. A child can look up at their ceiling and make up any stories about the sky, clouds, and what lies beyond. The rest of the room can be designed by following this same theme, or you can ideate other POP designs for the small room.

Glass POP ceiling

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For a luxurious POP design for a small room, install a glass POP ceiling. This design is a pattern made on frosted glass to create a royal look. This POP design over the bed can help in distinguishing it from the rest of the room and highlighting it. The side led lights are perfect for brightening the design.

Wood and POP ceiling design

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One of the best POP designs for bedrooms in 2022 that you can try is this design. The wood in the false ceiling adds visual interest to the bed. Soft muted side LEDs help in creating a lethargic mood perfect for the bedroom. Wood also provides extra warmth and cosiness to the design.

 Round POP design

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Source: Pinterest

A minimalist round POP design for a small room like this one is a great backdrop for a chandelier, fan, or other decorations. The interior lights can be changed into any colour for added drama. With this design and a centrepiece, no other decoration elements are needed in the bedroom.

Transitional POP design

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Source: Pinterest

Transitional ceilings are a popular POP design for bedrooms in 2022. This modern design makes the bed the centre of attention. The design is continued from the ceiling to the wall for continuity. Neutral colours and wooden furniture make this bedroom look very voguish.

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