Singer-composer Darshan Raval’s home reflects his artistic personality

[] The young, talented singer has an excellently designed home in Andheri (west), Mumbai

Young Indian singer and composer Darshan Raval, started his journey from the reality show India’s Raw Star. With success following the artist, it is not surprising that Darshan Raval house address is in a highly coveted location. The singer, actor, model, guitarist, songwriter, composer and performer has a great home with excellent interiors in Andheri (west), Mumbai. The recording room especially has a beautiful interior. This is the first place that Raval visits every morning after waking up. In one of his interviews, he spoke about composing new music (whether good or bad), every morning. Raval has said that he loves to keep himself indulged in music.

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This love for music is visible in Darshan Raval house Mumbai, while Darshan Raval hometown is the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. While the exact Darshan Raval house cost is unknown, the singer has reportedly spent a hefty amount on his swanky abode in Mumbai. You can get to see a few glimpses of the Darshan Raval house on Facebook or Instagram posts that he shares periodically.

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The recording room in Darshan Raval’s home

  • The room is well-lit with a variety of lighting options.
  • The room has several electronic devices that are required for recording. Raval has confessed that he keeps changing his recording system frequently, as he keeps on making music.
  • The room is decorated with guitars and instruments that he plays.
  • The wall décor elements in the room fit perfectly with the wall colours.
  • The furniture in the room seems to be carefully selected after great thought, much like the time he spends time on thinking before making musical pieces.

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Darshan Raval’s Andheri home: Key features

  • While entering the house, one will first notice his YouTube Gold and Silver buttons.
  • A beautiful shelf showcases all the awards that he has received.
  • Several photo frames are skillfully placed on the wall so that it does not look overcrowded.

  • The flooring is of white marble which spans the entire house, with a diamond shape in the centre. The flooring reflects ample light inside every room and makes it feel mesmerising.
  • The wall colours match perfectly with the white marble floor and every piece of furniture in the rooms.
  • The artist has selected a unique collection of lights, to give the rooms a glowing look and to let in positive energies. The lights in the recording room can change colours and are controlled through Alexa.
  • The dining room, living room and bedroom furniture are all selectively purchased. These fit properly with the interior colour of the house.

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  • There is a hanging seat at one corner of the living room. This is made out of jute and is a perfect place to sit on and refresh your mind.
  • The sofas are perfectly placed so that the rooms do not feel cramped. There is ample space for people to move around the house.

The exterior of the house has also been maintained well. Raval’s multi-talented artistic personality is reflected in his home décor, which has a calm and melodious feel. The house location is highly strategic with Andheri being a favorite location for Bollywood celebrities, musicians and people associated with the film industry. The plush home interiors are visible through home tours given by the celebrity singer-musician on his social media handles.

Darshan Raval latest updates

Apart from the buzz surrounding Darshan Raval house address Mumbai, the singer has also been in the news for various reasons. He recently opened up about raising funds for helping people affected during the COVID-19 pandemic through a closet sale, along with Raftaar and other celebrities. They took part in MTV No Fever Sale, a closet fundraiser by celebrities, designed to help the needy during the ongoing pandemic. Dolce Vee conducted the sale, the proceeds from which will go to leading non-profit entity SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society). This organisation specialises in building resilience against disasters across communities, while responding actively to the Coronavirus pandemic in various ways.

Raval talked about how grateful he was, for being able to contribute in his own way towards helping the needy during the pandemic. At the same time, Raval also spoke about a chance to advocate sustainable fashion through this pioneering initiative.

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Darshan Raval has also come out with a new monsoon special track in 2021, titled ‘Jannat Ve’. The singer composed this exclusive track and has stated that it was a soothing and highly passionate offering. He talked of how Jannat Ve was a track that he worked on throughout the lockdown. Raval stated that he was hoping to bring a smile on the faces of his fans, while pointing out that it was the sixth year in succession that he had released a song during the monsoons. The song, written by Nirmaan, was released on July 27, 2021, on the official YouTube channel of Indie Music Label.

Darshan Raval and Tulsi Kumar have tasted success with their popular tracks Is Qadar and Tere Naal which have already topped the charts not just in India but also worldwide.

Darshan Raval has also started making waves with his growing shoe collection at home! The singer reportedly owns some of the swankiest pairs of shoes which he keeps neatly organised at his luxurious apartment.


Where was Darshan Raval born?

Darshan Raval was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and stayed there in the initial stages of his career.

What is Darshan’s favourite part of the house?

The recording room is Darshan’s independent space and is carefully crafted, with beautiful interiors.

Where is Darshan Raval house?

Darshan Raval lives in a plush and excellently furnished home in Andheri (west).

What car does Darshan Raval have?

Darshan Raval reportedly owns two swanky cars – an Audi Q3 and an Audi Q7.

What is the net worth of Darshan Raval?

Darshan Raval has a reported net worth of Rs 4.8 crores. He earns from his events/shows, playback singing and collaborations with reputed music labels.

(Images sourced from Darshan Raval’s Instagram account)

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