Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

[] Here is all you need to know about Jacuzzi, also known as hot tub and how to get one installed at your home

After a long, stressful day, relaxing in a Jacuzzi at home, could be the perfect way to de-stress. Here is all you need to know about Jacuzzi, also known as hot tub and how to get one installed at your home.

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What is a Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is a synonym for a hot tub and also the name of a firm that makes hot tubs and whirlpool tubs. Hot tubs are also known as spas or by the trade name Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi bath material

A Jacuzzi bath can be made from stainless steel, cement, acrylic, fiberglass, PVC (inflatable), marble or wood. Acrylic is one of the most common materials from which a hot tub is made of.

Jacuzzi bathtub size

When buying a Jacuzzi bathtub, consider the space available. There are a variety of Jacuzzi tub sizes to choose from, from small two-person spas to larger ones. The usual sizes for Jacuzzi are 3.5 ft in length by 4 ft in width, 4.5 by 4.5 ft, 5 by 5 ft, 6 by 3 ft, among others.

Jacuzzi price

Hot tub prices vary from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,50,000, depending on the size, material, shape (round, oval, rectangular, etc.) and features. Apart from the length, width and height, the depth of the water should also be considered, when buying a Jacuzzi.

[] Turn your bathroom into a spa sanctuary

Bathroom designs for Jacuzzi

The key to creating a spa-like ambiance in the bathroom, lies in its design. Here are some trending Jacuzzi designs for the bathroom, to transform it into a comfort zone, where you can relax and pamper yourself.

Simply white Jacuzzi bathroom

Jacuzzi design

White Jacuzzi set in the bathroom with white marble walls, white ceilings, white towel and white sheer curtains, can exude elegance. Classic white tiles paired with white fixtures will make even a small bathroom appear spacious and luxurious. One can add subtle textures and patterns with gold, a small vase, colourful candles, a green plant, or wooden cabinetry.  Avoid harsh overhead lighting and instead, opt for soft glowing lamps.

Traditional round-shaped Jacuzzi


Round whirlpool tubs can create a stylish impact and are increasingly popular. One can design the bathroom with mosaic tiles, glass tiles, or digitally printed ones. A gorgeous pattern can go on the flooring, too. A large frameless mirror can be added to magnify the space, if your bathroom is of a smaller size.

Wooden themed bathroom with Jacuzzi

Hot tub

A polished free-standing wooden Jacuzzi in a bathroom clad with wooden planks, gives the bathroom a minimalist, yet luxurious warm appeal. The Jacuzzi tub becomes a focal point in the bathroom design. Also, Japanese-style wooden tubs and stone tiles can be used in bathroom Jacuzzi designs. Opt for tiles or laminates which resemble a block of wood and are waterproof. Pair the wood with textured tiles on the wall and keep other accessories neutral. Japanese-themed Jacuzzi bathrooms exude simplicity and incorporate tranquil, natural elements.

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Corner Jacuzzi bathroom design

Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

A corner Jacuzzi is a functional, space-saving idea that can be used in any bathroom style – contemporary, traditional, or sophisticated. The shower and the bathtub area can be combined, with clear glass partitions. Depending on the space, you can opt for a Jacuzzi that is oval, triangular, or round. For corner tubs, try and add benches, footrests, or armrests built into them, for comfort.

Big Jacuzzi bathroom design

Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

If you have a spacious bathroom, not only your family but even your friends can enjoy a spacious indoor Jacuzzi hot tub. Enhance the spa experience with scented bath salts and lotions. Opt for a TV in the bathroom or add Bluetooth speakers for entertainment. Design the Jacuzzi bathroom with a bath tray that provides a convenient place books, or a glass of refreshment for a spa-like experience.

Jacuzzi bathroom in Hammam (Turkish) style

Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

Hammam, also referred to as Turkish bath, is a Middle-Eastern alternative to a steam bath. One can use vibrant blue, teal, deep purple, fresh yellow and rich terracotta colours for the walls, ceilings and accessories to give the bathroom an eastern feel. Choose gilded mirror frames, ornate lanterns, copper soapboxes and Turkish towels, to create a perfect oasis to relax.

Jacuzzi bathroom with a colourful design

Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

If you love bright, cheerful colours, let the bathroom with Jacuzzi reflect it. Sunny yellow, cobalt blue, or a bright red backsplash, combined with white, can be added to the bathroom. Add colours with an accent wall or tiled floor with geometric motifs. Ensure that the colour scheme is well balanced. You can also add a cluster of colourful candles on the window ledge.

Jacuzzi in the master bedroom

Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

Nothing is more romantic than a Jacuzzi in the bedroom. Pick a space to build a Jacuzzi hot tub and build it on a raised floor platform (with proper concealed drainage) so that you do not risk slipping and falling into it. The spacious master bedroom should have proper segregation of spaces –the sleeping area, walk-in closet, Jacuzzi, and a seating area. Split a large bedroom and place the hot tub with a glass partition. The Jacuzzi can also be well concealed with a leather lid to resemble a bed. Use music, lighting and aromatic oils to create a calming mood.

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Natured inspired Jacuzzi bathroom design

Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

Green elements add to the Zen-like calming ambiance and create a feeling of serenity. The biggest trend this year is to be creative with plants in home décor. Try and create a vertical garden wall or a wall waterfall in the bathroom. Bring in a few plants that are easy to care for, to make the area more vibrant. Nature-inspired colours, such as brown and green, can give the Jacuzzi bathroom an organic feel. Opt for bamboo-designed walls, cabinets, lamps and stone pebbles, for the touch of nature.

Jacuzzi bathroom design with a view

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Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

If one has enough privacy, take full advantage of the view and place the Jacuzzi tub raised on a platform to view the scenic beauty. Be it a beach, or a garden view, it is wonderful to stimulate one’s bathing experience. With a glass wall, such bathrooms are transparent and have a natural outlook. It also has the benefit of the ample amount of natural light making it a glorious experience

Victorian themed Jacuzzi bathroom design

Jacuzzi designs to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space

Victorian-themed Jacuzzi bathroom is for those who are fond of old-world luxury. To recreate the old vintage charm, use metallic colours or light colours in bathrooms. The white-and-black pattern is the most common, but you can opt for peach or light pink or black. Choose wood or white mosaic tiles for the floor. Select chandeliers, long mirrors and a freestanding bathtub and brass or nickel fittings. Add chaise or winged chairs and artwork in ornate gold frames to lend a vintage look.

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Tips to consider when designing Jacuzzi bathroom

Plan the space

A Jacuzzi-designed bathroom should be clutter-free, so that it is a restful space. Outline the space plan and placement of the Jacuzzi tub, cabinetry, furniture and decorative elements, to ensure there is comfortable space to move.

Choose a theme

It is not just the shape and size of the Jacuzzi that matters; consider the overall theme of the bathroom décor and then, select colours, tiles, lights, accessories, sanitary fittings, cabinets, showers, cubicles, etc.

Jacuzzi lighting ideas

Use a combination of different lights for a soothing spa-like effect. Instead of tube lights or bulbs, one can switch to pendant or cove lighting, or colour-changing lights. Always have dimmers in the bathroom to create the perfect mood. The vanity area should be well lit. Floor lights and recessed lights are some options that you can explore.

Candles and oils

Refresh the bathroom with candles and aromatic oils. Use different oils. For example, rose, sandalwood or lavender oil for a refreshing feel and a calming effect.

Wall designs

The interior walls of the bathroom should have tiles, marble, granite, or moisture-resistant paint. Set the tone for your home spa by choosing soothing colours. Neutral colour walls, such as white, beige, or soft greys and browns, work well in defining a space to relax.

Storage for towels and accessories

Keep the bathroom well organised. Closed floor cabinets, floating shelves and corner cabinet mirrors with hidden storage are great options for bathroom storage. Wicker baskets and trays placed on the vanity counter add elegance and provide space for towels, soaps and lotions.


Jacuzzi bathroom flooring can be designed in various colours and materials such as stone, granite, marble and tiles, with plain, floral, or geometric motifs. One can also choose waterproof materials such as vinyl, laminate or engineered hardwood. Pebble tiles are one of the safest materials to be installed for bathroom floors.

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Safety tips for Jacuzzi bathroom

  • Maintain the Jacuzzi hot tub temperature at 100°F to 102°F and do not exceed 104°F.
  • Ensure that children do not have access to the hot tub while unattended.
  • Use a skid-resistant area near the hot tub. To prevent falls, consider installing anti-slip floors.
  • Dividing the bathroom area into sections, will prevent water from spreading everywhere.
  • Install grab bars for safety, especially in areas where the bathroom floor remains wet.
  • Keep candles away from the curtains and also children’s reach.
  • Besides a venting system (to prevent condensation), install a ceiling fan in the bathroom to distribute moisture so that it does not collect in any areas where mould could form.


Why is a Jacuzzi good for you?

The Jacuzzi’s whirling hot water helps to ease muscle spasms, stiffness and stress.

How long should you stay in the Jacuzzi?

Adults can use the Jacuzzi for 15 to 30 minutes at a time, whereas children can use it for five to 10 minutes at a time.

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