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[] Bungalows are independent houses that can be designed in varying styles. Bungalow houses have a unique architectural history and are popular even today among home buyers. We list popular Indian bungalow design ideas for your house.

What is a bungalow house?

A bungalow house is usually a single-storey house. But, a second story, or a half-storey, may be built on top of its sloping roof. The word bungalow comes from the Hindi word, bangla, and means ‘a house in the Bengal style.’ Inspired by elements of bungalow houses in Bengal, the English brought these design concepts to England in the 19th century. With modern bungalow design elements, bungalows have gained popularity around the globe. The bungalow design may vary in indigenous features of the home in a particular country.

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Design features of a bungalow

The exterior of bungalow designs consists of sloped roofs, open floor plans and large front windows. In India, one of the most distinctive features of the bungalow design is the veranda which is typically covered by a steeply-pitched roof. A front-facing porch or veranda is proportionate to the size of the rest of the home. A bungalow design is balanced and well-proportioned, but not symmetrical. It has tapered columns and shed dormers.

The interiors of the bungalows have high ceilings and decorative mouldings as part of the bungalow design. The bedrooms are on the ground floor with the living room at the centre of the layout. Bungalows are common in Indian small cities among joint families, in hill stations, and on the outskirts of the city as weekend homes.

Small bungalow design

Post pandemic, small bungalow designs with access to outdoor space is being preferred by many homebuyers. The open concept design and comfortable aesthetic make small bungalow design houses one of the most popular styles in today’s housing market. With more focus on wellness, homeowners prefer a small bungalow design with two bedrooms, a terrace and a garden. In India, the small bungalow design trends show a preference for environment-friendly homes. Small bungalow design houses are made with renewable materials and allow ample natural light and ventilation, space for a kitchen garden, rainwater harvesting, and other eco-friendly features.

Small bungalow design

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Colonial bungalow design

Colonial bungalow design have their charm. Most colonial bungalow design have high ceilings to keep the interiors cool during summers. Colonial bungalow designs have arched floor-to-ceiling windows or doors that bring in ample natural light and ensure cross-ventilation. The other design characteristics of these bungalows are the pathway leading to the front porch, intricate grillwork, stunning pillars, decorative parapets, and detailed floral-patterned flooring. The central bungalow plan consists of a porch, veranda, and drawing and dining rooms with service areas in the rear portion. The colonial bungalow design with garden has a high compound wall and a landscaped garden on both sides of the bungalow.

Colonial bungalow design

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[] What is a condominium?

Chalet bungalow design

A chalet bungalow is a type of bungalow design that has a small living space on the second floor. The sloping roof and gables are also common in the chalet bungalow. Chalet-style houses have pitched roofs and overhanging eaves, and are usually covered in wooden shingles. The loft area in chalet bungalow design is used as storage space or a guest bedroom. The Chalet-style bungalow design ideas are such that they are not too spacious as they are typically used for vacation homes.

Chalet style design

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Haveli-inspired bungalow design

The traditional style of Rajasthan has inspired bungalow designs that are apt for climatic conditions of the place and use local material. In a Haveli bungalow design courtyards function as multi-purpose adaptive spaces that allow greater amounts of light and ventilation within the home. Haveli bungalow design are known for their decorative jaali designs. The decorative jharokha also protects residents from harsh sunlight. Carved ornamental pillars, patterned floors, and ornate furniture and chandeliers are integral parts of the haveli bungalow design.


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Modern bungalow design

The modern bungalow designs are distinguished by clean lines, geometric shapes, and wide floor plans. The modern bungalow terrace design use materials such as glass, steel, aluminium, titanium, zinc, concrete, and exposed brick. They utilise natural light through large windows and skylights. Modern designs are characterised by intelligent use of spaces for storage and dual-functionality rooms. Modern bungalows can also have sustainable design features or turn into smart homes with hi-tech features. Luxury modern bungalow design can be multi-storey with vertically integrated porches, bedrooms on the upper floors, and larger square footage without sacrificing the quaint charm of the original style. Many modern bungalows have the kitchen as the social hub of the home.

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Modern bungalow design

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Bungalow design with garden and terrace

A well-designed garden in a bungalow house can make a home look picturesque. Bungalows are built around open spaces, courtyards, balconies, and terraces. This affords a versatile canvas of greenery, water bodies, and seating. A bungalow design on a spacious plot usually has a landscaped garden with children play zone and outdoor seating making for a nice bungalow house design with garden. Clean-lined steps, neat hedges, and shaped boundaries along with a water feature create a cohesive garden design. In a limited space, a vertical garden can be designed. With floor-to-ceiling windows that visually connect spaces, in a bungalow design, the living room can be transformed into a sunny garden room. Home gardens and the incorporation of plants within living spaces are in trend in when it comes to bungalow design with garden and terrace.

Bungalow with terrace and garden

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Luxury bungalow design

Luxury bungalows designs are sprawling and spectacular. Comfort, style, functionality, and security are integrated with grandeur and richness of material and palette. The luxurious bungalow designs boast all the modern amenities including a hi-tech kitchen, entertainment and exercise room, pool with massage jets, and manicured gardens. Technology and innovative materials are key to the luxurious bungalow design scheme. Home automation for comfort, safety, and security is integrated into an awe-inspiring design. Luxurious bungalows reflect modern-day opulence.

luxury bungalow

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Duplex bungalow design

In a duplex bungalow design, there is a common wall and has two floors. What’s interesting is a duplex bungalow design will have two separate main entrances as it will have two units sharing the same wall. A staircase connects the two floors in a duplex bungalow design. Also, as the name suggests, a duplex has two floors and not more than that.

Duplex bungalow house

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Three floors bungalow design

Three floors bungalow

This bungalow design has three floors and is very spacious.

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Technology is transforming bungalow architecture and interior design. Three-dimensional printing is impacting bungalow design.

3D Design Bungalow design

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3D house design enables owners to preview bungalow designs, both structurally and thematically, before construction.

Demand for sustainability is one of the biggest trends driving bungalow design. Glass in place of concrete walls minimise artificial lighting needs. Sustainability concerns are also encouraging the use of reclaimed wood, particleboard, and bamboo in Bungalow design.

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Bungalow designs are also becoming self-sufficient with the use of solar energy, skylights, and LED lights to support passive heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, light fixtures and appliances are integrated into bungalow designs. Water conservation is reshaping kitchen and bathroom designs with water-saver faucets and showerheads when it comes to bungalow design. Smart home security, sensor lights, temperature-controlled pools are of modern bungalow designs.

A neutral palette with sleek designs is the trend when it comes to bungalow design. Crisp whites, pebble greys, and concrete shades of textured surfaces are used in both exterior facades and inside a bungalow to bring cohesiveness across the bungalow.

A bungalow can be designed in various shapes and architectural styles. Here are some popular styles from around the world.

Craftsman bungalow design

Originating in India, the Craftsman bungalow design gained popularity in the US in the early 19th century. The architectural style of this bungalow has handcrafted woodwork in the exterior and the interior, providing the name ‘Craftsman Bungalow’. Exposed rafters, low-pitched roofs, extended roofs, covered front porch, wide hanging eaves, and decorative beams define this bungalow design style.

Craftsman style bungalow

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Tudor-style bungalow house design

Tudor-style bungalow design is an amalgamation of medieval architecture and the layout of a standard modern bungalow. Tall and narrow windows with multiple rectangular or diamond-shaped panes, and ornamental woodwork on the façade are its features. Other bungalow design elements include steep-pitched roofs, elaborate design on doorways, decorative chimneys, and wall claddings.

Tudor style bungalow

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California bungalow design

The single-story California bungalow design has a sloping roof, a large porch, and an open floor plan. The gabled roofs have overlapping layers of wood, slate, or tiling. California bungalow home exteriors are designed with stucco, wood – especially redwood – shingle, and horizontal siding. The interiors of the bungalow consist of a simple living room, a stylish front door that opens directly into the living area, a separate dining room, and a small kitchen. The focal point of California bungalow design is the living room fireplace.

California Bungalow

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Chicago bungalow house design

Chicago bungalows are designed with brick, built with a one-and-a-half storey above a basement, with stairs leading up to the porch from the street level. Chicago bungalow design feature low-pitched, hipped roofs with large overhangs that are rectangular with a full-size basement. The Chicago-style bungalows are mainly built with limestone and concrete. In the Chicago bungalow design, the basement is used for storage and as a laundry room. A Chicago bungalow design has a large front-facing window, a wide staircase, and yard space in the front and back.

Chicago bungalow

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Cape Cod-style bungalow

Cape Cod bungalow design is an asymmetrical, single-story building with a low-pitched gabled roof. The traditional Cape Cod bungalow design has symmetrical windows on side of the brightly-painted front door. Gabled roofs are popular owing to their simple style that is weather-friendly. Many modern Cape Cods bungalow design ideas include a garage, front walkway, back patio or porch, double-hung windows, a centre-hall floor plan and hardwood floors.

Cape cod Bungalow

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What is Lutyens bungalow zone?

Lutyens Bungalow Zone is 28 sq. km, the approximate area of Lutyens’ Delhi with 3000 bungalows for government ministers, officials, and their administrative offices. This was built by British architect, Edwin Lutyens, between 1912 and 1930.

What type of roof does a bungalow have?

A bungalow design usually has a broad, gently sloping hip or gable roof, with rafter tails at the eave that is exposed and decorated. In India, bungalow roofs are usually made of terracotta tiles, concrete tiles or asphalt, or fibreglass roofing shingles.

How can a bungalow exterior be made beautiful?

The exterior bungalow facade ideas include designing with stone, paint, bricks, tiles, wood concrete and plaster wall, or glass.

What is the Spanish colonial style of the bungalow?

Spanish colonial bungalows are designed with thick white stucco walls over stone or brick. These types of bungalows have tiny windows with functional wooden shutters. The typical Spanish colonial bungalows are L-shaped with a central courtyard, and low-pitched red, barrel roof tiles.

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