Dreamy walk-in wardrobe designs for every kind of space

[] A walk-in closet can be the perfect addition to any bedroom. Check out these stylish walk-in wardrobe designs for your home.

Have you ever dreamt of owning a walk-in wardrobe? It is a dream that most people share. Our idea of a luxurious home usually involves a walk-in closet that is filled with beautiful clothes, shoes, and bags. They are not only glamorous but also very useful in keeping things organised and providing privacy.

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Walk-in wardrobes are not such a distant reality in homes nowadays. Whether you want a separate room for your closet or want a closet inside your bedroom, there are a number of walk-in wardrobe designs available. This article will discuss six such walk-in wardrobe designs that we liked the best for every kind of space.

Top walk-in wardrobes design

The classic open style wardrobe

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Whenever you imagine a walk-in wardrobe design, this is probably the design that you imagine. Your wardrobe is created in an open airy space with lots of storage. The important pieces can be hung in the open for when you need it or just for display. A seat in the middle for extra comfort. Good lighting is a must for this walk-in wardrobe design.

Spare rooms into wardrobe

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If you have a spare room that is hardly ever used, you can transform it into a walk-in wardrobe design. This design is amazing for organising your clothes, shoes, and accessories because of the larger area. You can add a vanity station, a seat, and a large mirror too. This walk-in wardrobe design will make you the envy of your friends. Adorn the room with a carpet if you can.

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If you are working with a smaller room, the walk-in wardrobe designs can be customised with sliding closet doors, smaller vanity stations, and a  mirror behind the door.

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Change corners into wardrobe

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For smaller homes, unused corners can be transformed into a walk-in wardrobe. Custom closet design can be used for organisation, and a wall is perfect for privacy and to separate the wardrobe from the main area. If the corner is in your bedroom, use similar styles for the walk-in wardrobe design.

Ensuite wardrobe

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A walk-in wardrobe design can be added to a bedroom if there is enough space. A stud or glass wall can separate the bedroom area from the wardrobe. You can either use a door to close the wardrobe or leave it open for a smoother transition. 

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Using drawers and vertical space to create the maximum storage possible. Having light fixtures installed will be beneficial for luminescence. A glass door is a great idea for this walk-in wardrobe design because it divides the bedroom and the wardrobe and also creates an illusion of extra space.

Using drapes to create a walk-in wardrobe

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If you have a reach-in wardrobe, you can transform it into a walk-in wardrobe design by replacing the doors with drapes. If the space is properly demarcated, you can get a walk-in closet that is big enough for one person. For smaller homes, this walk-in wardrobe design is the perfect way to reorganise your space. The drapes can also decorate the room that you design this closet in. Use interior lights for an easier way to look inside the wardrobe. Drawers and units can be utilised to save wardrobe space.

Wardrobe in a bathroom 

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The most obvious place for a walk-in wardrobe will be near a bathroom. This walk-in wardrobe design puts the closet inside the bathroom. This design is extremely convenient for getting dressed as it reduces the hassle of moving through spaces while getting dressed. Privacy is also another major advantage of this walk-in wardrobe design. The steam and humid air from the bathroom can be a major drawback of this walk-in wardrobe design. However, there are ways to combat this by using an exhaust fan and silica gel pouches in the wardrobe.

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