Nine romantic bedroom false ceiling designs

[] We take you through a pictorial, journey on ways to turn your bedroom into a romantic zone by incorporating false ceiling ideas

Your bedroom is an entirely personal space that puts you at liberty to turn it into a private territory that reflects your individual tastes and preferences. One way to personalise this space and turn it into a romantic den, would be making some tweaks in the ceiling. Home owners who have been contemplating sprucing up the décor of this room, can, in fact, opt for a false ceiling to jazz up the bedroom.

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Simple bedroom false ceiling

Beauty at its peak is best reflected in simplicity. For those who stand by this belief, not a lot of hard work or expense, is required to make that tweak. The simple application of iron beams in this bedroom, for example, changes the vibe of the area from just another bedroom to the magical space you have been looking for.

Romantic bedroom false ceiling

The same is true of this bedroom, where the false ceiling is done using the same wood as the flooring.

Bedroom false ceiling

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Dramatic bedroom ceilings

For those whose romantic imaginations are titled towards dramatic effects, this setting would seem more appealing. The false ceiling along with the dark and intense lightwork, sets your relaxation den apart from mundane bedrooms designs.

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Bedroom false ceiling design

Use of dark colours and metal, as false ceiling materials, are other methods to add drama to the region.

Bedroom ceiling

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Glass false ceilings for the bedroom

Glass is another way to go about it. Not only does it help the bedroom assume a grander look, it also sets it apart from other areas of the house.

Nine romantic bedroom false ceiling designs

For an even grander setting, the image below is the perfect way to proceed.

Nine romantic bedroom false ceiling designs

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Romantic bedroom ceiling lights

Another oft-used way to bring that romantic vibe in the bedroom, is to let the light work its magic through the false ceiling. The picture below stands as a testimony to this fact.

Nine romantic bedroom false ceiling designs

An elegant chandelier and simple POP false ceiling work, could be another sure way to add beauty and romance to your bedroom.

Nine romantic bedroom false ceiling designs

Suspended false ceiling for bedrooms

This suspended false ceiling, along with the light paint work, is also a great way to bring a romantic vibe to the room, without the drama. This also gives a much cleaner look to the bedroom.

Nine romantic bedroom false ceiling designs


How can I change the look of the bedroom ceiling easily?

The simplest way to change the appearance of the bedroom ceiling, is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. You can experiment with colours other than white too, for a distinct look.

What materials can be used for bedroom false ceilings?

False ceilings can be installed using materials such as gypsum, wood, glass, plaster of Paris (POP), PVC, thermocol, etc.

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