Top home automation companies in India

[] Check out the top home automation companies and brands in India

With home owners becoming more aware about and sensitive towards energy consumption, the trend of home automation has gained pace in India. Consequently, many home automation companies have come up with products that suit the requirements of Indian homes. From smart lighting to thermostat sensors, the Indian market is currently flooded with some great products that can be retrofitted, without much hassle. Here are some of the brands that you can consider while planning to make your home ‘smarter’.

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Top home automation companies in India

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Schneider Electronics

Schneider is a global brand that has become popular in India, for its sustainable and energy-conserving products. The company has a number of products in the home automation category, including home security devices. Other home controlling devices offered by Schneider include lighting controls and dimmers, along with other devices that can be controlled through mobile applications.

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In fact, home owners can buy a complete package as per their requirement and get it installed by Schneider’s engineers.

Where to buy: Schneider Electric Shop


A household name in India, Philips entered into home automation space some time back and gained popularity, because of its reach and brand value. From app-controlled devices to complete home lighting solutions including smart LED bulbs, Philips has launched a range of products in the lighting and home appliances categories, which are most used in Indian homes.

Where to buy: Philips Hue

TIS Control

Known for providing affordable home automation solutions, TIS Control has over 100 wired and wireless products in this category. From dimmers, curtains, shades and projector lift motors and lighting, to air conditioning control, the brand has mainly gained its prominence due to its DIY programming and simple settings.

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Where to buy: TIS Control

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This is one of the top companies in the home automation category across the world, owing to the vast range of brands it acquired to expand its product catalogue. It is also counted among the oldest electrical companies, which has now switched to creating sustainable electric infrastructure. Some of the most famous Legrand products are smart plugs and sockets, video-door phones and motion sensors, UPS, etc.

Where to buy: Legrand Products


This is another veteran brand in the home automation category. The brand received the ‘Human Interface Product of the Year’ award in 2020, for its Wireless Horizon Keypads. Most of Crestron’s products are used in high-residential complexes. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg’s smart home is based on smart home technology crafted by Crestron. The brand has also automated homes of other billionaires, including Richard Branson, as well as former US president Donald Trump.

Where to buy: Creston India showroom


How much does home automation cost in India?

It can range between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 4 lakhs, depending upon the size of your home.

Which is the best home automation system?

It depends upon your requirement and budget. Google Nest Hub and Amazon are frontrunners in this category.

Why is Crestron so expensive?

Crestron can control more brands and more simultaneous devices without issues and its user interface can be customised, for unusual and very specific needs.

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