7 types of kitchen cabinet finishes you must know

[] Here is a guide on the types of laminates for kitchen and various cabinet finishes.

As the kitchen is your favourite location, it should be clean, roomy, and convenient to use, as well as being simple to keep up with. There are several kinds of outside coatings for a more luxurious appearance, including laminate design for kitchen and hardware available on the market today, which you may select depending on your budget and maintenance requirements.

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In this piece, we will go over the many kinds of laminates for kitchen, cabinet finishes, procedures used to apply them, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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A painted finish conceals all of the defects seen in wood grain. It is possible to paint a flat surface to conceal the grain, but some paint colours may enhance the appearance of the grain, bringing it into prominence and attracting the viewer’s attention.

The most significant advantage of painting cabinets is the amount of control it gives you over every other choice you make in your kitchen as a result. You may design the rest of your kitchen around your kitchen cabinets. Things like renovating or purchasing new appliances become considerably simpler as a result of this.

However, painted cabinets are more prone to chipping and showing indications of wear, particularly in areas where they are often used, which is a disadvantage. Consequently, you may find yourself repainting or replacing cabinets more often than you would desire.


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The natural appearance keeps things simple and does not hamper the beauty of the wood.

Instead, a transparent protective coating is put over, allowing the wood’s natural appearance to shine through. This allows the inherent beauty of the wood to be shown while also enabling it to be safeguarded. While natural finishes are generally considered to be long-lasting, it is crucial to realise that certain woods are more durable than others. Keep this in mind when selecting the materials for your project.

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a natural kitchen cabinet finish is that it can bring out all uhe hues that naturally appear in the wood you have chosen for your cabinets. Kitchen cabinet hardware, backsplash design, and lighting choices are just a few examples of the various decorating possibilities available to enhance your kitchen’s appearance. However, depending on the colour selections, this may be a good or a bad aspect of the situation. Those who lack the necessary design skills will find it challenging to coordinate a unified design plan with natural wood because of its homogeneity.


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Laminates for the kitchen is a cost-effective, rugged, and durable option.  If you have a limited budget but want to make a long-term investment in durable material, laminate is an excellent choice.  The laminate is hot-pressed in a machine to remove air and bubbles from the shutters to prevent sharp corners in a modular kitchen. Then edge banding is applied to the cabinets’ corners with the same colour laminate to eliminate the possibility of chipping off edges in the long term. 

Laminates for the kitchen have two finishes to choose from: one is a high gloss finish, and the other is a matte finish.  Also, mica for kitchen laminate sheets is very effective in concealing dents and defects and the evidence of wear and tear that may be seen on other types of cabinet finishes.


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Veneers are highly similar to laminates, except they are constructed from thin slices of natural wood rather than paper. Teak veneer, for example, refers to a thinly sliced layer of teak wood, white oak veneer refers to a thinly sliced layer of oak wood. Because veneers are made of wood, they will always have wood grain patterns and a wood-look because they are made of wood. When compared to a woodgrain laminate, veneer finishes have a more natural wood appearance, but they also need more care when handling them.


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When the lacquer layer has dried, the cabinets will have a firm, non-porous surface, making them impervious to stains and grease. Cleaning your cabinets is made simpler as a result of this resistance. On the surface aesthetic front, the lacquer finish offers your cabinets a long-lasting gloss visible on all of its surfaces. The most significant advantage of employing a lacquer coat is that they are really simple to clean.

The surfaces are simple to clean and retain their lustre for an extended period. The disadvantage is that the lacquering process must be completed offsite, which increases the time and expense of your cabinetry project. Over time, it may also begin to become yellow.

Acrylic kitchen cabinets 

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Acrylic is a form of finish comparable to lacquer in that it is non-toxic, shiny, and high gloss in appearance. It may give an acrylic modular kitchen a smooth look. It is available in various colours and will give your kitchen cabinets a mirror-like impression when installed. Acrylic kitchen cabinets are a high-gloss alternative chosen for high-end kitchens because of their premium appearance. Scratch-resistant acrylic coatings’ smooth and glossy look does not tarnish, delaminate, or fade away with time; instead, they retain their original soft and polished appearance. However, this implies that fingerprints, grime, and stains are more evident in acrylic laminate, necessitating more frequent cleaning.


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With glazing, the profile edges of cabinets and any exposed surfaces of the cabinetry may be brought to attention. Cabinets that have been glazed will have an antique aspect, which will add depth and complexity to the overall look of the cabinetry. This kind of finish is most appropriate when the designer attempts to achieve a rustic impression.

The most significant advantage of a glazed finish is the additional depth and intrigue. It is attractive due to its complexity, but not so much that it detracts from the rest of the cabinets. On the other hand, the cost of glazing is a significant disadvantage. Glazing necessitates more labour, which boosts the overall cost for everyone engaged in the project.

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