How to use glass in your home décor

[] The use of glass in a home’s décor, is no longer limited to windows and panels. Read on, to know how you can use glass to make a stunning style statement at home

Glass is an aesthetic material that can make a home’s interiors look uncluttered and bright. From fancy glass furniture, glass shutters for wardrobes, ceilings and shelves, to stunning accessories, the available range is vast. The choice that a home owner makes, will depend on the area where one plans to use it and also on one’s budget.

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The trend, nowadays, is to use back-lit ceilings in the lounge area or in the washroom, to brighten up the home in an interesting way, says Munawwar Sharifi, founder of ‘The Design Company India’ and ‘Let’s Space it out’. “Glass basins, tiles, partitions and cubicles, are common now. Toughened glass as thick as 18mm, are used in residential flooring, by raising the floor and with lighting beneath it, for an impressive look. Moreover, glass can also be moulded to various shapes, to craft rounded glass walls, consoles and tables,” adds Sharifi.

What type of glass to use?

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Toughened or tempered glass, does not shatter like normal glass and is safer for homes. The transparent quality of glass, makes the room appear large and also allows more light into the room. Glass can be combined with wood and other metals to create doors, partition walls, chairs, dining tables, lamps, frames, shelves, knobs, names plates, etc.

Frosted glass with designs, can work in any type of décor, be it modern, contemporary, fusion, art deco or classic.

[] Mirror, mirror on the wall, for an elegant décor

The cost of using glass in home décor

“The price for frosting glass with acid, ranges from Rs 45-200 per sq ft, depending on the work. Alternatively, one can also use frosted films. Frosted glass is apt, for use as dividers between the wardrobe area and the bedroom, while engraved glass with intricate geometric designs, are used widely in art deco homes. The cost ranges from Rs 200-1,000 per sq ft, depending on the type of design,” informs Sharifi.

Ways to add glass to your home’s décor

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According to Saarus Nirhali, founder of Glasshopper stained glass studio, in Bengaluru, there are plenty of options for using glass in one’s home décor, such as mirrors and lampshades made with stained glass, glass mosaic work on furniture pieces and table tops and wall partitions using textured/semi-transparent or opaque glass. “Use of glass bevels and original stained glass, for entrances, corridors or kitchen cabinet doors, lends a dramatic touch,” Nirhali suggests.

Other options include back-painted glass, which can be used for wall panelling, wardrobe shutters, ceilings, etc. Digitally printed glass and mirrors of various shades, can pep up a home’s interiors. Glass dividers can be put up between rooms, replacing the standard walls. Dividers with two layers of glass, allow lights to be fixed in between and the gap and this also helps in sound proofing, adds Sharifi.

Mumbai resident Neeta Dutta used glass extensively in her home décor. “In my living room, the last four tiles spaces before the balcony, have glass tiles with a bubble effect. I also have a glass partition, between the living room and kitchen and glass pillars with LED lights in the living room, which create a wonderful ambiance, especially at night,” she says.

Points to consider, while adding glass items to your home

  • Use toughened glass, wherever possible, as safety is a key factor when it comes to home décor.
  • Companies generally put their stamp on toughened glass. So, if you do not want it, insist that the company does not put its stamp, while placing the order.
  • While buying a glass item, ensure that it does not have scratches.
  • Keep glass lamps and artefacts out of reach of children and pets.
  • Use glass in areas where it is accessible to clean it and use the right cleaning materials that are meant for cleaning glass.
  • Do not keep heavy things on glass furniture.
  • Use table mats, when you place hot food on a glass dining table.

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