Best curtain colours for different types of walls

[] Give a new look to your home interiors with curtains. We share the best curtain colour ideas that go with different types of walls.

From softening backdrop walls to dividing sections between rooms, the right curtain colour combination can add a sense of luxury and flair to a space. Before you drive to the shop, look at these helpful guidelines and suggestions for choosing the right curtain colours.

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Best curtain colours for white walls

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Use blue curtain colour in your white living room to create an incredible sense of balance and excellent contrast. This palette is not only peaceful, but it also has a zen-like quality to it that will enhance the atmosphere in your house. Blue and white go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this brilliant curtain colour has a regal appearance. Opt for blue velvet curtains that look fantastic when paired with white walls. Matte velvet is a beautiful material that can lend radiance to any room. 


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Using black curtain colour will help to create a striking contrast. This shade can effortlessly be used to frame the window and make it stand out against the pristine white walls of the room. In bigger spaces, black curtains will help bring the design together, mainly if they are used in conjunction with other accents to create a coherent appearance.


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The use of multi-coloured floral curtains in both contemporary and classic settings may help to brighten up a plain, white living room and change it into something a little more special. The colours of floral curtains are endless, so you are not restricted in your choices. Fortunately, white works with almost every colour out there, so whether you choose vibrant floral curtain colours or solid colours, you will undoubtedly create a sense of harmony in your area.

Best curtain colours for cream walls


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If you have a large amount of natural light in your space, burgundy is one of the most attractive curtain colours for cream walls. The deep shade stands out against the light backdrop, making it an excellent choice for anybody looking to decorate with seasonal shades of colour. 


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Brown is a natural colour that creates feelings of power and dependability. Like the colour of the Earth, this colour is typically connected with feelings of safety, durability, and reliability. However, when putting brown curtain colours in a room, make sure that the rest of the room’s design is bright and cheerful to avoid the room being dull and uninviting.


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Purple is a deep, dramatic colour typically linked with monarchy, passion, elegance, sensuality, and emotion. It is also known as the colour of royalty. It also inspires creativity while also contributing to the creation of a pleasant working environment, making it an excellent choice for cream walls in homes and offices. While rich purple curtain colours provide a vivid appearance to rooms, lighter purples such as lilac and lavender offer a relaxing impact on bedrooms.

Best curtain colours for blue walls


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If you are searching for curtains to go with navy blue walls, white is a great curtain colour to choose from. Crisp white curtains contrast nicely with the navy blue walls in this room, lending a classy but contemporary vibe to the area.

Deep gold 

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Deep gold is a terrific choice if you are searching for curtain colours to go with navy blue walls since neutral tones usually look well with deep blues.


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Using orange curtain colours with your home’s dark blue walls is a great idea. Because orange is a complementary shade to blue, combining the two colours may help both colours shine out, resulting in a visually appealing design. These beautiful curtains also provide perfect blackout, making them suitable for use in both bedrooms and living areas.

Light curtain benefits 

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Light-coloured curtains are ideal for rooms that get a lot of direct sunshine since they are less likely to fade due to the sun’s rays.

  • Lighter curtain colours may make a room seem more significant than it is.
  • Light-coloured curtains are more likely to be constructed of lightweight curtain materials that fall and flow when opened and closed.
  • Those who like lighter curtain colours may dye them a different colour in the future if they need a simple method to switch things up.

Dark curtain benefits

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Dark-coloured curtains, especially in large spaces or rooms with high ceilings, have the effect of seemingly shrinking the area and creating a cosier atmosphere. Use these curtain colours to anchor the area without an overpowering environment. Replicate the colour of curtains in another part of the room, so they don’t seem out of place in the overall scheme of things.

  • Deeply coloured curtains may provide a feeling of drama, contrast and refinement to space and, when done correctly, can be appealing.
  • Given that dark curtain colours do not reveal filth and dust in the same way as light coloured curtains do, they are an excellent option for heavy traffic areas, provided the size is appropriate.

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