Inside Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Sethi’s plush Madh Island bungalow

[] Actor Archana Puran Singh has a luxurious bungalow in Madh Island. Thanks to her Instagram account, we catch a quick glimpse of the household in all its class

Famous for her perfect-timing in comedy roles in her appearances in many of Bollywood’s A-list movies, actor Archana Puran Singh is a known name. Currently seen in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Singh lives in a lavish home in Madh Island, with her husband of 28 years, Parmeet Sethi. Thanks to her Instagram handle, she gives her fans a sneak peak of her plush residence.

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Archana Puran Singh’s house: Balcony view

Singh and Sethi can really boast about their balcony! Check out the greenery – such a blessing during hot, sunny summer days. Even though the sea is close to her property, Singh says that on hazy days the sea is not clearly visible and she prefers the green view. The celebrity also gives us a view of the vicinity.

Archana Puran Singh house

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The garden in Archana Puran Singh’s bungalow

Full view of Archana Puran Singh’s bungalow

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In this video, Singh shares a quick look of what she calls ‘an extra peaceful day’. Catch Singh’s mother waving and a look at the bungalow in this video.

Archana Puran Singh Madh Island bungalow

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Singh-Sethi house bedroom view

Singh’s bedroom is simple, clean and classy. While the limelight was on Singh’s domestic help, Bhagyashree, in this video, notice the classy side table, art work on the wall and the hanging lights.

Archana Puran Singh house décor

In the video below, she thanks all her fans for their love, support and positivity and how she takes being called old, very casually. Meanwhile, we look at her soft baby pink and grey curtains, the beautiful lamp shade by her side and the white vase with lovely pink flowers. The interiors are well done up, with a mix of subtle colours.

We get a glimpse of the nook and corners of her Madh Island property, every once in a while. For example, in this Diwali celebration video, she shares some cheer with actor-husband Parmeet Sethi, her 90-year-old mother and sons Ayushmaan and Aaryamann Sethi. The background has a big artwork, large windows and overall, a classy look.

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The pets in Archana Puran Singh’s luxury bungalow

Meet Patch and Drama, Singh’s pets who love lounging about the bungalow. Singh captioned this lovely picture saying, “For all dog lovers worrying that my dogs don’t have any place INSIDE our home Chill. Just like they are. Patch prefers his cozy rug. While Drama literally chills on the cold floor. (Which he licks and drools all over.🤦‍♀️)”

Note the white and golden coloured room, with all its pink-grey drapings and the modern furniture.

Of mirrored closets and an austere look

During a surprise mother’s day festivity in the Singh-Sethi household, Archana Puran Singh was caught unawares, as Bhagyashree and the kids entered with a cake. The lovely L-shaped sofa and the mirrored closets catch one’s attention. Watch it here:

The Singh-Sethi bungalow is a class apart! It is not easy to maintain a property with loads of white upholstery and furnishing but this household has aced it!


What is Archana Puran Singh’s net worth?

Archana Puran Singh’s net worth in 2020 was estimated to be approximately Rs 222.343 crores.

How old is Archana Puran Singh?

Archana Puran Singh is 58 years old.

Where does Archana Puran Singh live?

Archana Puran Singh lives in a spacious bungalow in Madh Island, near Mumbai.

(Images sourced from Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Sethi’s Instagram accounts)

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