House colour design ideas for living room and bedroom for 2022

[] Take inspiration from these wall colour designs and experiment with colours to add some life to your house.

Colour has a lot of power. It can inspire distinct feelings, convey a narrative or even impact the way someone feels in an environment. While the ideal paint colour design does not exist, your own preferences and feelings will have a significant impact on the final colour scheme of your living environment. Take inspiration from these home colour images and wall colour images, and experiment with colours to add some life to your house.

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soothing colour


Top 5 monochrome colour designs for halls 


Green symbolises peace and rejuvenation. It’s one of the excellent paint colour designs for halls since it mimics the colours of nature.

green living room 240x260 2


[] Best colour combination for house exterior


Living rooms with grey walls seem to be more spacious. Grey is a neutral colour design that works well with both contemporary and traditional design colour.

grey sofa



Why not go with the most popular colour paint for your space that draws people together? It’s easy to find a shade of blue that compliments neutral colours like brown or white and there are plenty to choose from. If you have hardwood flooring in your living room, blue is an excellent colour option. Blue living rooms provide the impression of cleanliness and order without compromising the colour.

blue walls



For interior house colour designs, beige is their go-to neutral. Invoking the rawness of natural fibres, this colour is undeniable. For a minimalist decorator, a beige colour design for hall is a must. Beige, mixed with tones of white, helps lend a gorgeous, sophisticated appearance to your living room and bedroom. 

beige living room



The fact that black home color design isn’t the most apparent choice for a living room adds to its appeal. Having black walls in a living room is a bold and unusual choice. The architectural characteristics in the space capture the viewer’s attention even more. It is possible to reduce the glare of natural light in a living room by painting the walls black when it is sunny.

black living room

Two design colour combination for the living room with wall colour image

Crimson and pink

This contrast provides a harmonious equilibrium, even more so when patterns and textures are included. The trick to this colour combination is to anchor the floor with a lighter shade to avoid the space from seeming overly crowded. Look at the wall color image below for inspiration.

Crimson living room


Vibrant blue and yellow     

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This electrifying duo makes a strong statement for colour design without being overpowering. When coupled with neutral tones such as black and white, this combo is exceptionally striking for hall color images.

blue and yellow

Rouge and cream

The use of lighter colours of white, beige, and cream in a living room is a popular choice since they make the area feel larger and more open. If you’re aiming for a creamy decor, add red touches to your living room to make it pop. Have a look at the room colour image below and experiment with more colour designs.

rouge colour


Mint green and brown

For a living room that exudes a sense of serenity and peace, colours such as mint green and brown are ideal. These pastel hues bring about freshness and warmth to any room colour image.

Mint green

Black and white 

Home color designs like black and white may create a stunning contrast that allows you to pick furniture you like. Keeping the walls white makes the room seem more spacious. Alternatively, if you like, you may go with black walls with a combination of black, white and grey furnishings to create a stronger impression, and provide the perfect backdrop for your home colors images.

black and white living room


Top 5 monochrome home color design for  bedrooms

Deep purple 

Historically associated with royalty, dark purple radiates elegance, refinement, drama and spark creativity. Take a look at the mesmerizing room colour image

deep purple



Whether it’s a bluey-green or a greeny-blue shade home design colour, aqua is the best of both worlds. It’s a calming and peaceful hue with just a hint of radiance. You can also take inspiration from this home paint colour image.




It’s a delicate home design colour that infuses bedrooms with vitality without being too delicate like pink or too bright like red/purple. With its gentle shade and calm undertones, lavender is an excellent choice for your bedroom’s decor. Take inspiration from the home paint colour image below.

lavender colour for bedroom



A splash of bright, cheery yellow can brighten up any environment and make it seem more welcoming. Yellow is a laid-back shade that complements every other hue and can be incorporated into any design scheme with relative ease. It will make your home color image pop.

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yellow colour for bedroom


Navy blue  

Navy blue like other dark design colour quickly makes a space seem more private and warm.

The colour of the night sky is ideal for relaxation. Despite being one of the darkest colours, blue is more calming than black and goes well with both modern and classic decor. It is also perfect for house colouring photos.

navy blue


Two colour combination home design colour for the bedroom

Yellow and grey

This colour combination for bedrooms makes it vibrant, dramatic, and outstanding. Snap a few house colouring photos for inspiration and set your imagination free.

yellow and grey bedroom colours


Also check out these two colour combination for bedroom walls

Forest green and white

When used in conjunction with a balance of white or beige, the earthy tone of green will freshen your home colour photos while making it active and charming.

forest green bedroom


Purple and beige

Redefining royalty, the tones of purple and beige are the ideal two-colour combination for a home color design if you’re seeking a magnificent illustrious environment.

beige and lavender


Blue and yellow

Dark and deep shades of blue have a distinguished house colour design history. When combined with elements such as gold, yellow paint, your bedroom will reflect a vintage haven of tranquility.

yellow and blue bedroom


Indigo and white

Indigo adds a dynamic accent to your bedroom walls, while a dab of white balances the colours. Additionally, the warm and comfortable tones allow for the addition of intriguing accessories, like in the home colour photo below.

Indigo and white bedroom


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