Glam up your space with subtle metallic accents

[] Metallic accents are the quickest way to add some glamour to your ‪décor‬ without it looking too over the top. Here are some ideas to inspire your next redesign!

If you’re unsure of using metal in your décor and furnishings, light fixtures are a good place to start.

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One metal piece in a room is enough to make a big enough statement.

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Brass and gold stand out especially well against a solid colour background of white or black.

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If you have a big room with lots of natural light, you can go bold and accents of gold to your wallpaper or paint.

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Ditch the traditional wooden railing, and go for chic and sleek metal.

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Big metallic pieces add a lot of drama to a room, so make sure to use it against a fairly plain backdrop.

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Metallic decor need not be limited to your living or bedrooms. Bring it into your bathrooms too, with special bathroom fittings.

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If minimalism isn’t your style, then go all out and cover an wall of small mirrors or pictures with bold metallic frames.

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Metallic embellishments can also be very elegant. Use incandescent lighting, especially with brass pieces.

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If you’re a fan of vintage pieces, but are not sure where to begin, a brushed brass floor lamp is a good place to start.

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Small accents like photo frames, cutlery, and table legs can speak volumes if the right metallic shade is used.

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You can make your bedroom appear glamorous without spending a lot of money on a makeover.

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