Which finish is better for your home: Matte finish or glossy?

[] In this article, we do a comparison between matte finish and glossy finish and try to find out what is better for your house.

Matte Finish

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You are reading: Which finish is better for your home: Matte finish or glossy?

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Matte finish surfaces typically have a roughened, dull and unpolished appearance, which reflects scattered light across the space when lit from behind. Imperfections can be hidden behind without noticing, but cleaning them is difficult. They have more pigment and can cover a wider area, allowing you to save a significant amount of money. It is easier to apply the next coat of paint to a matte finish than a glossy finish.

Glossy Finish

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On the other hand, glossy finish surfaces are smoother and have reflecting layers of acrylic or oil that make them shine and reflect light uniformly. In contrast, matte finish surfaces are rougher and lack reflective coatings. Even though they’re easy to clean, defects, rework, and touch-ups are tough to conceal on such characters. It is more challenging to apply the following layer of paint.

What is the difference between Matte finish and Glossy finish?

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Matte and glossy finishes can be employed in various ways depending on the interplay and importance of certain aspects. A few considerations are personal preferences, washability, room size and surface conditions, the texture of the walls, natural light and reflectivity, durability, and the utilisation frequency. Let’s take a closer look at it to acquire more clarity.

Wall Texture

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A flat or matte finish will work best if you have tiny cracks or patches on your walls.

Matt finishing adds depth and dimension to the rooms. Glossy finishes are ideal for surfaces that are smooth and free of defects, and they also enhance the beauty and vibrancy of a room’s appearance.

Space Utilisation

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Rooms that are regularly visited are more prone to typical wear and tear than other types of rooms. In such circumstances, a glossy finish is the only option available. A matte finish or a blend may be used in less frequently used areas of the house.

Reflection and Natural Lighting

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Take into consideration the size of the room and the amount of natural light that enters the space. Glossy finishes, which are generally used on accent walls to make the room appear larger, are ideal for creating a strong visual impact with depth in colour.

If you want to create the illusion of a receding wall, consider matt finishing because it reflects less light than a glossy one.


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When it comes to surfaces that are less susceptible to permanent stains and scratch marks, a glossy finish is the best choice because it is easy to clean and has low porosity.

Simply scrubbing the surface with a moist sponge will reveal that only the dirt will come off the surface, not the paint. Matte finishes suffer a significant disadvantage in this situation since some of the paint colours end up on the sponge. Because of the rough surface, it is more difficult to remove dirt. 

Why matte finish surfaces may not be right for you?

If you have a limited area and want to create the illusion that the room is more significant, matte finishing may not be the most significant choice. It has the effect of diffusing light and making your room appear smaller. When a matte surface is used to enhance the appearance of a dull colour such as black or yellow, the colour may seem even more dismal and subdued.

Although matte surfaces require less attention, they might be challenging to keep clean! Because a matte surface does not have a glossy, glass-like texture, pollutants, liquids, and muck can be challenging to remove from a matte surface due to the lack of a glossy, glass-like texture.

Why glossy surfaces may not be right for you?

Any scratches or scrapes on a glossy surface are pretty noticeable and can easily detract from the piece’s overall appearance. Glossy surfaces can also become monotonous and tiresome to look at; because there isn’t much to flip about and play with, you may find yourself locked with a single design for the area.

Fingerprints, grime, and stains are considerably more visible on a glossy finish than on a matte finish. They are one of the primary reasons glossy coatings are more difficult to keep clean. Don’t do it if you want a glossy finish in a bright colour. It makes the combination overwhelming and will make your space appear slightly displeasing on the eyeball count.

Matte finish vs. Glossy finish in a nutshell

Category  Finish Type  Characteristics 
Matte  Flat Matte
  • Makes flaws less visible 
  • Extremely Difficult to Maintain 
  • Absence of Sheen
  • Low to Medium Durability 
  • No Stain Resistant At All 
Eggshell Matte 
  • Makes flaws less visible 
  • Difficult to Maintain 
  • Low Sheen 
  • Medium Durability 
  • Less Stain Resistant 
Glossy  High-Gloss
  • Enhance Visibility of Imperfections
  • Extremely Easy to Maintain 
  • Superior h Sheen
  • Extremely Durable
  • Highly Stain-Resistant  
  • Enhance Visibility of Imperfections
  • Easy to Maintain 
  • Increased Sheen
  • Superior Durability
  • Stain Resistant

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