Photographs, for a picture-perfect home décor

[] Took a nice selfie or have an interesting photograph from your childhood? We tell you how you can use photographs to make a simple, yet, dramatic change to your home’s décor

Photographs are the most common medium, to capture images of the time spent with loved ones. Moreover, they can be used in interesting ways, to add a personal touch to your home’s décor.

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An arrangement of photographs with your loved ones, not only brings back fond memories, but also helps to create a relaxing atmosphere, says Dhaval Dadia, director of HashtagDécor.

“Creating a gallery wall, is the best way to make a personal statement. Photo arrangements can either be in the form of a family tree, or can be placed in a creative layout on your gallery wall. One can even mix black-and-white photos with coloured ones of different sizes,” suggests Dadia.

Be creative

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Photographs can be displayed in various ways – by using different textures, materials, sizes and shapes, adds Dadia. You can add it to your home’s décor, by framing it and hanging it on a wall, or by placing it on a side table or study table. It can also be placed in nooks and corners of the house, to brighten up the space.

Home owners can also choose from a vast array of frames, to add a personal touch, points out architect Rajiv Khushalani, founder of Khushalani Associates. “Wood and metal are the most popular framing materials. Wooden frames provide a traditional and warm look, while metal frames are contemporary and bold. Acrylic and other eco-friendly frames are ideal for DIY enthusiasts and are best for casual and informal settings,” explains Khushalani.

[] Add art to your Décor

One can shop for frames online, or buy from photo studios and curio shops. The most common shapes are rectangle, square, oval and heart (single, as well as multiple). Prices start from Rs 200 and go as high as Rs 5,000 for ornate silver and gold-plated ones, depending on the size.

Five important components

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A picture frame should have the right balance of five components, maintains Khushalani.

“The first component is the frame. Second, is the board (the thick protective paper/canvas border between the frame and the picture), which is available in numerous colours. Then comes the backing, on which the photograph is fixed. The fourth component is the protective glass face on the picture and last and most important, is the photograph/painting itself,” he explains.

Photographs can also be displayed in creative ways – on mugs, cushions, calendars, ceramic plates, wallpapers, clocks and tiles. “In my daughter’s room, the wardrobe doors have huge, three-feet frames, on which are her photos. She loves it and it adds a personal touch to her room,” shares Meera Sharma, a resident of Noida. Many printers and photo studios, nowadays, also provide personalised services. In terms of creativity, the sky is the limit, for home owners.

Tips to use photographs in home décor

  • Do not put up photographs on a wall that is already cluttered with other objects.
  • Place the frames at eye level and ensure that reflected light does not hinder the view.
  • You can include photos of various sizes, by grouping smaller pictures around a larger photo.
  • The colour of the frame can alter the mood of the space, from soothing to exhilarating. So, select carefully.
  • The frames should be arranged in a logical pattern.
  • Hang photos in common areas, where people can see them, such as dining rooms and corridors. Collections of photos also look beautiful on mantles, low tables and the work desk.
  • Photographs can be displayed on wardrobe doors, soft boards and on refrigerators, with magnetic frames.
  • If you plan to use an entire wall, you can opt for large-sized prints of family portraits.
  • You can personalise a frame, by decorating it with beads, mirrors, brocade, crystals, jute work, gemstones, shells, pearls and ceramic work

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