Sun sign décor: Sagittarius and its influence on journeys in life

[] It is believed that the 12 houses of the zodiac govern 12 key areas of your life. Here’s a look at how home owners can leverage the influence of the Sagittarius sun sign, on the décor of their house, to bring about a positive impact in their lives

A large number of space energy readers/healers maintain that your home’s décor holds immense potential, to influence key areas of your life. The ninth house of the zodiac (Sagittarius) relates to your journey on planet Earth in the wider sense of the word. Apart from meaning physical travels to various destinations, it can include spiritual, mental, intellectual and emotional journeys. Broadening of the mind and higher studies may also fall in this realm. Positive vibrations in the ninth house, can ensure that your life’s journey has spiritual meaning, you travel purposefully and above all, enjoy the journey.

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Indications of energy imbalance in a house

An affirmative response to any of the following questions, could indicate a need for space healing in the area of journeys (The list of questions is representational and not exhaustive):

  • Do you get the urge, to take a break and look at issues needing resolutions from afar?
  • Do you long to broaden your perspectives/horizons in some way?
  • Do you have a yearning to discover the meaning of your life?
  • Do you frequently feel that you need to bring a sense and significance to your life’s journey and knowledge?
  • Are you seeking some spiritual meaning to things that you have learnt thus far?
  • Do you yearn to attend a class, course or workshop to develop a new interest or expand the skills you already have?
  • Are you looking for ways to transform your knowledge and experience into wisdom?
  • Are you plagued by a recurrent thought that there is little or no point in studying, unless you give spiritual meaning to the knowledge you gain?


Impact of the Sagittarius sign on areas of journey in your house

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Be particularly attentive to the flow of energy in the north-west direction of your house and/or each room. Keep the space here clutter-free, clean and adorned with appropriate colours, shapes and materials. Shades of silver, gold, white and black, wind chimes, images of your favourite deities, angels, spiritual gurus and conch shells, are widely upheld to be beneficial esoteric décor elements for this area.

[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Décor elements for healing vibrations

The imagery you have at home, is one of the most potent and powerful décor tools, to manipulate the energy of a space. If a positive image can heal energy imbalance and invite positive vibrations, then, the opposite is very likely, as well, with negative images. Always opt for imagery, such as pictures, paintings, sculptures or arrangements of objects that evoke positive thoughts and feelings in you. Some suggested images or symbols to invite positive vibrations, for your house life’s journey are:

The rising sun: Signifies infinite possibilities as you travel. It prompts you to expand your inner horizons, to explore new possibilities and fresh ideas.

The Galleon: Reminds one of transformation that follows as you move ahead, overcoming challenges of various kinds.

Travel bag: Symbolises collecting experiences in life and carrying them along to gain further insights. It also reminds you to travel light and abstain from carrying unnecessary burdens.

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The Zodiac sign of Sagittarius and planet Jupiter: Encourages you to explore new arenas to gain a deeper understanding of the universe.

The labyrinth: Represents your inner journey of discovery, as you move through life’s maze. Each person has to walk the path of enlightenment in his/her own way.

The compass: Urges you to be alert and aware of spiritual signposts, which shall be there to help you navigate your passage.


DIY tips, to heal or strengthen the area of journeys in your house

  • Ceramic mentor statue: A statue of Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Christ, or any spiritual leader you follow, in area of journeys in your house, can empower the mentor ‘life force’.
  • A glass or ceramic ornament: For example, a decorative glass vase in the north-west fosters earth energy.
  • Pictures of people you love, admire and find inspirational, can be framed in metal and placed here.
  • Artistic calendars or diaries displayed here can receive favorable vibrations for positive movements in life.
  • Metal accessories like silver or gold showpieces or metal vase, can maintain a positive flow of energy in this area.
  • Avoid placing files concerning failed projects or bad clients, torn address/contact books and list of old contacts whom you are no longer in touch with, in this zone.

Believe it or not

Aliya Khalid, a spoken English teacher by profession and space healer by passion narrates: “One of my students’ mother once confided to me her problems. I visited her home and advised her to declutter and clean the north-west areas of all her rooms. Then, I suggested a cleansing ritual with charged water. You can chant a mantra, ayaat or psalms as per your belief system, to charge the water. She cleansed the areas of her house and her life began to take a turn for the better, soon thereafter. Today, she not only travels for work and leisure but has also transformed from being a helpless and dependent woman to an empowered being.”

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