A peek inside comedian Johnny Lever’s home

[] The Lever family has not only built the house but also painstakingly decorated it with pieces bought from various markets and auction houses

Johnny Lever is one of the most well-known comedians in the Indian film industry. Johnny Lever house address is in Andheri west, in Mumbai, where he lives in a luxurious 3 BHK apartment. Lever, who made his way to stardom from humble beginnings, has stated that he saved every penny, to build the house he owns today where he lives with his family.

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Even Lever’s daughter, who has spoken about the family’s love for their abode, says that she is extremely possessive and touchy about it. The house looks extremely neat and clean. The Lever family has not only built the house but also painstakingly collected the numerous pieces that adorn the house, from various markets and auction houses. These are priceless to the family, due to the intrinsic value they carry.

All about Johnny Lever house Mumbai

The living room of Johnny Lever’s house has nice sofas in grey hues. One of the sofas is the master seat where one can watch the TV better than one can from other positions.

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A tall lamp set and a shiny dazzling mirror piece set is mounted on one of the walls. The rest of the wall is kept absolutely blank to make the mirror pieces stand out. There is a huge television set in the house, as both, Johnny Lever and Jamie Lever (the daughter of Johnny Lever), are stage performers and they love to watch performances on TV.

A little framed photograph of Johnny Lever and his wife on their wedding anniversary, is placed on the shelf of the dressing mirror. The kitchen is strikingly spic and span. The reason being it is never used. The family cooks and dines on a different floor in a different apartment. Nevertheless, the family takes immense pride in making a happy exhibition of the kitchen.

The bedrooms are predominantly in shades of grey, blue and white. A large window overlooks the streets below. Jamie Lever’s room has an all-white dressing table, a wardrobe and a white stool fixed beside the dresser. An entire cupboard is filled to capacity with all the shoes and other footwear that Jamie wears. All have been kept in a nice and peppy condition. There are caps hung on the wall right outside the cupboard that contains jewellery and garments. She is fond of wearing caps and says she looks cool wearing them.

Interesting facts about Johny Lever

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Johnny Lever was born in Andhra Pradesh, in a Telugu Christian family. His father worked for Hindustan Lever Ltd. During his struggling years, he lived in Mumbai’s Dharavi that is known as Asia’s biggest slum. His rise from there to the heights of stardom has truly been a rags to riches story. Johnny Lever is the eldest among his siblings. He studied in Andhra Education Society. He could not study beyond standard 7 due to financial hardship in the family.

Lever began doing odd jobs after dropping out of school. Mimicry was his forte. He had a natural talent for mimicking famous cine stars of the Mumbai film industry. This way, he began drawing the attention of many people. Among them was the famous film star, Sunil Dutt. It is said that it was Dutt who gave Johnny his first major break. He learnt comedy acting in his hometown and used his talent to mimic the senior management personnel at Hindustan Lever, where he used to work for some time. Following this, he began to be referred to as ‘Johnny Lever’, which ultimately also became his screen name.

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Who is Johnny Lever?

Johnny Lever is a comedian and actor in the Indian film industry.

Where is Johnny Lever now?

Actor Johnny Lever lives in his 3BHK luxurious apartment in Andheri west, Mumbai.

How many movies has Johnny Lever been in?

Johnny Lever has played roles in over 300 Bollywood movies.

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