PVC false ceiling price, images, and latest PVC ceiling ideas

[] PVC false ceilings are gaining popularity, because of its durability and affordability. Take a look at these trending PVC ceiling designs and false ceiling price trends.

Ceilings are often thought of last in most interiors, yet a new ceiling can tie elements of the space together. It can also provide a stunning focal point.

You are reading: PVC false ceiling price, images, and latest PVC ceiling ideas

PVC False Ceiling Planks or also known as Polyvinyl Chloride Planks are decorative materials for interior spaces. PVC can be used for both domestic and commercial spaces. PVC Planks are used mainly for false ceiling and wall cladding material.

The planks can be installed horizontally, vertically, diagonally or across any adjacent planes at any angle to curvatures. PVC planks have a variety of patterns and colours such as Teak Wood, Pine Wood and White.

As an additional design element, false ceilings not only add an exquisite look to the room but also make the overall space energy-efficient. With growing demand, different types of false ceiling materials are available for property owners, who have restricted budget and limited requirements. While plaster of Paris (POP) and gypsum false ceilings require proper handling, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) false ceilings are comparatively easier to install and maintain. Here’s everything you need to know about PVC false ceilings, prices, and the latest trends.

When compared to plywood and laminate, PVC planks for the ceiling are very cost-effective and appear as good as plywood and laminate.

What is a PVC false ceiling?

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC a lightweight plastic material but very strong making it very versatile.

PVC panels are often used as a cladding material, in the ceilings of residential and commercial buildings. PVC is strong, yet lightweight and since it is factory-manufactured, the finish is seamless and can be built in various designs, colours, sizes and lengths. Each PVC panel has a hollow core with a shiny surface. Like gypsum false ceilings, PVC false ceilings are waterproof and are more effective and durable in high moisture areas, such as balconies, bathrooms and basements.

PVC false ceilings are commonly used in the kitchen, as it is highly durable and easy to maintain. The kitchen is the place where maximum heat is generated in the house. PVC false ceilings withstand this heat, making it a preferred product when it comes to false ceilings.

While PVC flooring trends are very popular, PVC false ceilings are growing in popularity.

PVC false ceiling: Pros and cons

Pros of PVC false ceiling Cons of PVC false ceiling
PVC ceilings are sturdy and durable. They can last for years, without major wear and tear. PVC ceiling panels lend a plastic look to the space.
PVC ceilings are not brittle and are less likely to get damaged while handling. The joints between the PVC ceiling panels are visible.
PVC ceilings are more affordable than other conventional materials. Since PVC is plastic, it gets damaged when subjected to heat. Only energy-efficient lights can be installed in PVC ceilings, as heat-emitting lights have to be avoided.
The installation of PVC ceiling design is easy and does not create a dusty environment during installation. PVC ceilings release toxic chlorine gas over a period of time. Also, this material is very harmful when burnt. This is one of the major disadvantages of PVC ceiling.
PVC ceilings are water-proof, termite-proof and do not allow the growth of mildew and mould.

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PVC false ceiling sheet price

Type of PVC PVC false ceiling price per sq ft
Coated Rs 45 onwards
Colour-coated Rs 38 onwards
Film-coated Rs 32 onwards
Galvanised Rs 60 onwards

Source: Indiamart

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If you are planning a home renovation project and looking to install a PVC ceiling design for your home, make sure you are aware of the latest pricing trends and PVC false ceiling rate per sq ft. This will help you plan your budget.

PVC false ceiling sheet prices may vary depending on the type of PVC. Check out the latest price trends as mentioned above.

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PVC ceiling design ideas

PVC can be designed in numerous patterns and motifs for the false ceiling. A PVC ceiling with circular holes cut out or lattice PVC false ceiling design, can uplift the dining area. Geometric and brick-shaped designs look good on the living room ceiling. For the children’s room, one can opt for a backlit PVC ceiling or one with a colourful floral or butterfly motif. Wood grain-finished PVC sheets can create an elegant ceiling in any room. PVC textured or leather effect panels are apt for the master bedroom ceiling, as well as accent walls. A contemporary 3D PVC false ceiling can enhance the visual appeal of one’s puja room. PVC ceiling tiles in various colours, designs and finishes, such as copper and silver, are the latest trend in interior décor. These tiles can be used to create beautiful patterns on the ceilings, as well as walls.

PVC false ceiling designs 2022

If you are renovating your home and looking for a unique false ceiling design, go for ceiling with unique shapes and sizes. As the coffered pattern is still in trend, you can install attractive lighting fixtures to complement the look of your PVC ceiling design.

PVC false ceilings work well to conceal a dull wall or ceiling and cover any defect while uplifting the overall beauty of the room. Opting for a PVC ceiling design has its advantages and disadvantages. However, it may be an affordable option with PVC ceiling cost per square feet being lower than those of other conventional false ceiling materials.

Panelled PVC false ceiling design

Panelled PVC false ceiling design can be an excellent option for a luxury bedroom or living room. Opt for bold colours to create a style statement. With PVC false ceiling price lower than other conventional ceiling designs, you get the best makeover for your home within your budget.

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

Source: Pinterest

PVC ceiling design with recessed lighting

The use of recessed lighting for ceiling with PVC design for hall is a perfect choice as it will illuminate the room, giving a stylish look. You can also go for backlit PVC ceiling design that will effectively work in enhancing the ambience of the living room or bedroom space. With such PVC ceiling design for your home, you can blend wooden tones for a more classic appeal.

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

Source: Pinterest

PVC false ceiling design for the bedroom

A stunning ceiling with PVC design for the bedroom roof can elevate the overall ambience. You can add a personal touch to the space by going for designs that reflect your unique style. A circle false ceiling design with a beautiful chandelier or a panelled design with LED lights, pick a choice based on the décor theme you have decided.

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

Source: Pinterest

Luxury PVC false ceiling for bathroom

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A luxury false PVC ceiling panel can completely change the look and ambience in your bathroom. Opt for a designer PVC ceiling material and match the look by using PVC for the flooring or walls. You can pick a colour scheme that creates a cohesive look for the space.

Luxury PVC false ceiling for bathroom

Source: Pinterest

PVC false ceiling design for a 3D effect

PVC panels are also available as 3D sheets. These panels lend a depth to the room.

The PVC sheets are available in various sizes. Depending on the space it will cover, ensure that the joint lines are minimum. Go in preferably for large sizes so that the ceiling PVC design for roof has a seamless look.

PVC cornices

Cornices on the ceilings are found in most Indian homes. PVC can be an excellent material instead of POP to design the cornices.

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

(Source: Pinterest)

Wooden look

Install a PVC ceiling with LED lights to illuminate the bedroom. Pick a design that replicates the wooden look for your interiors.

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

(Source: Pinterest)

Geometric shapes

Geometrical designs are in trend. A PVC ceiling designed in striking shapes can add elegance to any room.

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

(Source: Pinterest)


Instead of covering the entire ceiling, you can add a PVC false ceiling panel to a section and adorn it with decorative lights.

PVC false ceiling

(Source: Pinterest)

PVC ceiling vs POP false ceiling: Which is better?

PVC false ceiling POP false ceiling
Limited availability of PVC ceiling designs. Very versatile and visually appealing.
Extremely sturdy and durable. Completely fire-resistant and can be used in kitchens.
More affordable than any other type of false ceiling. POP ceilings are a great option for insulation against heat.
Easier to install and maintain. Installation requires skilled experts.
Completely water-resistant and can be used in bathrooms and balconies. Lightweight and durable. Cracks are not easily visible to the naked eye.

What are the sizes in which PVC ceiling panel is available?

You can get PVC panels in the following specifications:

Width: 100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,300mm. Thickness: 6mm,7mm,7.5mm,8mm,9mm,10mm,12mm.

The length is cut as per customer requirement.

Suspended PVC false ceiling panel

Make an aesthetic statement in your ceiling. Instead of covering the entire area of the ceiling with PVC, you can suspend a minimalistic panel. This panel can be used to fix a fan or a chandelier.

Quaint Bedroom with Wood Look Ceiling

Add a sense of warmth and coziness to your bedroom. A white or a lighter finish will make the bedroom appear larger. A darker finish will add a sense of grandeur and comfort.

PVC false ceiling design for bathrooms

To add some grandeur to the master bathroom, have a PVC false ceiling to it, combine it with PVC flooring or PVC walls in different colour schemes to give a uniform feel to the bathroom.

Geometrical PVC ceiling designs

PVC is easy to cut and hence geometrical shapes can be handled with ease. If you wish to replicate a design with shapes, get it done in PVC.

PVC false ceiling

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Source: TradeIndia

PVC ceiling

Source: Indiamart

False ceiling

Source: IndiaMart

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept


PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept


PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept


PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

Source: Pinterest

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

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Source: TradeIndia

PVC false ceilings: Understanding the concept

Source: Indiamart

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PVC false ceilings: Eco-friendly options

With people increasingly becoming environment-conscious, there are eco-friendly PVC false ceiling options that can be used in one’s residence. These PVC false ceilings are 100% recyclable. These eco-friendly sheets, although light in weight, are very strong and flexible, making it conducive for different environments.

PVC ceilings colour combinations

If you have been looking for some plush colour combinations for your PVC false ceiling, check out these trendy ideas that you could rely on:

  • Ceiling colour lighter than the walls: Choosing a cooler false ceiling paint colour makes the walls look higher and the space seem bigger.
  • Ceiling colour darker than the walls: Shades like navy blue, charcoal grey, brown and black are perfect options for the ceiling, if you prefer darker shades. However, this would make the room look smaller.
  • White ceiling: White false ceiling colour is best for rooms that do not get a lot of natural light. The white colour reflects more light into darker spaces.
  • Colour-coordinated walls and ceilings: Here, your colour selection will play a big role, since choosing a light colour will make the room appear bright and big while a dark colour can add cosiness to the space.

PVC ceiling illumination ideas

When installing a false ceiling with PVC design for roof, there are plenty of light fixtures you can consider based on your décor theme. As PVC ceiling panels are made of plastic, it may get damaged if exposed to heat. So, it is better to avoid heat-emitting bulbs for any ceiling-mounted lights. Instead, select energy-efficient, low-voltage LED lights. Choose apt lights to illuminate the home in style and ensure a balance between utility and aesthetics. Depending on the room and PVC design for roof, opt for recessed ceiling lighting within the PVC ceiling grooves for a soft glow. In a suspended T-bar ceiling design, you can hang decorative lamps. Cove lighting on the false ceiling can elevate the overall look of any room. In a PVC false ceiling design that has inward and outward recesses, opt for cove lighting for a relaxing ambiance. In a multi-layered PVC ceiling, play with lighting colours to add to the visual interest of the space.

PVC false ceilings design for roof: Tips for maintenance

PVC false ceilings are easy to maintain and do not require any paint or varnish for maintenance. PVC ceiling panels can be gently wiped with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Avoid using a harsh brush on it. One can also vacuum the ceiling. PVC is mildew and mold-proof.

In case my PVC ceiling is discoloured, what is the best way to clean it?

If you have installed a PVC ceiling design for your shop or home, the maintenance of the false ceiling is one aspect you cannot ignore.

If the ceiling is discoloured, follow this guide. Make the following mixture for cleaning.

  • Mix 1 cup vinegar in  4 cups hot water
  • Fill into a spray bottle and spray it on the PVC.
  • Let it remain for 10 minutes.
  • Use a clean dry cloth to wipe it.

Does PVC ceiling need insulation?

As these ceilings are made from a robust plastic material called PVC, they offer excellent insulation themselves and keep the space cool in summers and warm in winters. Moreover, the air-filled gap between the two layers of ceilings cools the room down. This air, being a bad conductor of heat, does not allow the heat to flow into the room. This, in turn, helps reduce electricity bills.

Types of PVC for ceilings

There are various types of PVC available in the market, which one can choose to design ceilings and walls. PVC foam board comes in various thickness and can be plain or printed in an array of colours. Then, there are wood and marble-textured PVC panels and vinyl laminated sheets. The latest trend includes PVC tiles 3D PVC wall panels, leather resembling PVC panels and embossed PVC ceiling panels.


Can PVC ceiling be painted?

PVC is a durable material and lasts long. Once installed PVC ceilings are maintenance –free and do not require painting.

Is PVC false ceiling good?

PVC ceilings are sturdy and durable but the designs could be very limited.

Which is better PVC or POP ceiling?

Depending upon where you live and how much the average temperature is, you could decide between either of them.

Can a PVC false ceiling be used in combination with wood or POP?

Yes, PVC can be used along with wood or POP, for the ceiling. One can also select a PVC material that has the colour and texture of wood.

Can I use a PVC ceiling for the balcony?

PVC can be used in open spaces. As it is a plastic polymer, it is sturdy and resistant to heat and moisture.

Can PVC be used for walls?

Yes, PVC panels in different colours, patterns, textures and 3D designs, can be used to decorate the walls for aesthetic appeal.

Is the installation procedure of PVC easy?

Yes. It is a quick and easy installation procedure. PVC Ceiling Planks have a standard length and are easily installed due to it interlocking slotted system. The planks do not require adhesives or heavy machinery during installation.

Where can I use PVC?

PVC Planks are decorative as well as highly water resistant so best for use in living rooms, kitchens, washrooms, foyer area, balconies etc.

Will PVC give a plastic look?

With a simple surface treatment to the PVC false ceiling panel, you can get the desired look and false ceiling colour for your PVC false ceiling design.

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