How to remove negative energy from home: Simple ways and tips to follow

[] Here are some simple tips on how to remove negative energy from home, to make it a comfortable and rejuvenating space

How to remove negative energy from home

One’s home should be a sanctuary – a place to recharge, reconnect and relax. In this article, we share some simple ways to remove negative energy from the home and make it full of joy and pleasant vibes.

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How to get rid of negative energy at home during Shravan month?

For Indians, especially Hindus, the month of Shravana is the fifth month of the Hindu solar calendar and dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and observing a fast. So, following some auspicious and purifying rituals is believed to lead a person towards purity and abundance, and help one get rid of negative energies within oneself and in the environment. Thus, it is important to keep the house and surroundings clean. In Indian tradition, it is also believed that Goddess Lakshmi prefers to stay in a house that is neat and clean.

Burning natural incense helps purify the surroundings. It is one of the puja rituals followed during Shravan month and other auspicious days. Also, as per Vastu Shastra, one should activate the east corner in the house by keeping water symbols such as water fountain. It helps attract good luck and positive energies.

How to identify negative energy at home?

Remove the negativity from your home and create a positive environment. This can be achieved by applying simple techniques as explained below.

Negative energies exist and are present around us. Sometimes, in spite of trying to stay positive in our lives, bad energy can be present in the house. Negative energy can result in ill-health, arguments and quarrels in the family. It makes people lazy, depressed and bitter. Negative energy drains out positivity from the mind and body and makes you feel low and tired. If your house space feels stagnant, it may be time to clear the negative and bad energies from the house.

So, here’s how to get rid of negative energy at home. Try these simple ways to clear out negative vibes and bring in new, healthy energy into the home.

[] Vastu tips for positive energy in home

Open the windows for sunlight and fresh air

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Take advantage of the positive power of sunlight. Open the curtains to let natural light into the room. One of the easiest ways to clear toxins and remove negative energy from your home is to simply open the windows. Anger and stress are some symptoms of negative energy at home. Cleanse the home by allowing fresh air in and bad energy out. Plenty of natural sunlight can improve depressive symptoms and uplift one’s mood.


Declutter and tidy up the home to remove negative energy

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Clutter generates irritability and negativity. It is one of the signs or symptoms of negative energy present at home. It also causes stress and suppresses positive energy. So, how to get rid of negative energy in your home due to clutter? Decluttering an area helps the space feel calmer and more open. Donate or give away things that are no longer in use. Moreover, tidying makes it easier to find things. Learn to keep books files neatly and clothes in the cupboard folded. Use wardrobe organisers and boxes to keep small things neatly stacked.


Cleanse negative energy of the house with salt as per Vastu

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

According to Vastu Shastra, salt has the quality of absorbing negative energy from the house. When mopping the house floor, add sea salt to the water. However, this remedy should be avoided on Thursdays. Keeping sea salt in a glass bowl will keep negativity away from home. If your bathroom has Vastu defects, then, the salt will help you to mitigate the negative results. Dabbing the entrance with rock salt-infused water obstructs negativity.

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Keep house plants that absorb negative energy

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Plants absorb toxins from the air, help filter negative energy and foster positive energy, serenity and good fortune. According to Vastu Shastra, keep Tulsi plant in the north or north-east as it can drive away all the negative energies and create good vibes. The lucky bamboo plant brings luck in health, as well as a love life. Aloe vera, the succulent plant, resists bad luck and negative energy and is known to clean the air. Jasmine attracts progressive energy and helps nourish relationships. Money plant, peace lily and spider plant bring good feelings and luck and banish adverse vibes.

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Burn sage or camphor to remove negative energy

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

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Simple ways to remove negative energy from home


Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Sage is an aromatic plant that is used for both, medicine and food. Burn sage leaves and let the smoke purify the air in your home. Open a window before you start burning the sage, to let the smoke exit. As per Feng Shui, sage helps in removing negative energies from home. Lighting scented candles and aroma oils, also work wonderfully to remove negative energy. Use camphor lamps or diffusers as they are effective for clearing the place of negative forces. Lighting camphor, especially during the evening time at home, is a great way to improve positive energy. Sandalwood and lavender have amazing healing powers to neutralise bad frequencies.


Secure the house entrance

The house entrance is the point from where positive energies enter the house. The door and windows of the house serve as entrance for these energies. Thus, it is important to keep these places purified and ensure negative energy removal by designing the space in the right way.

How to remove negative energy from home

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Design a home altar

Set up a home altar that is an effective way to get rid of bad energy and attract positivity. The altar should have auspicious items that will attract good luck, prosperity, and protection. So, you can keep items such as incense, candles, statues or pictures, crystals, books, flowers, etc.

How to remove negative energy from home

Use sound (wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowls) to clear the negative energy

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Sound moves energy around and has the power of turning negative energy into positive energy. The music of the tinkling chimes helps in breaking the pattern of negative energy and promotes the flow of healthy energy. Tibetan singing bowls are another way to balance the energy in your home. A simple remedy to clear any stagnant or negative energy in your home is to ring a handheld bell throughout your house. The best way to dispel the negative energy in the house is to chant or listen to mantras.


Water fountain for Zen home

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Water fountains in the house create good energy with the gentle sound of falling water, creating a calm and relaxed environment. The right placement of a water fountain is important, as it channels the energies of the home. The ideal water fountain for home Vastu direction, is the north as it invites positive energies in the house. Install the water fountain in the living room, near the main entrance, to prevent negative energy from entering your home. The fountain should be placed in such a way that its water flows in the direction of your house and not towards the exit of the house.

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Rearrange furniture to get rid of negative energy

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

A happy home is where energy flows freely and serves as a place to rest and nurture yourself and the family. At times, when heavy furniture is not moved for long, it collects a lot of dust underneath and around it. Rearranging the furniture will help move energy. Clean and reorganise the furniture and refresh the home décor. Rearrange even the furniture in the corners as that’s where stagnant energy can gather. Arrange furniture in a way that does not hinder movement.


Healing crystals for removing negative energy

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Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

The use of healing crystals can encourage the flow of fruitful energies and remove negative, toxic energies. Crystals can transform the energy of your body, mind, as well as environment. Hang a few crystals at windows and doors, or place them in the corners and near the entrances, to ward off negative energies. One of the best crystals for cleansing the energy of your space is black tourmaline. You can also use selenite crystal, rose quartz, jade stone and amethyst for purifying effects. Use crystals creatively as part of your décor or keep loose stones in a bowl for powerful healing properties.


Use mirrors to eliminate negative energy

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Mirrors, if used correctly, can double the positive energy of an area by absorbing the negative energies. Placing a convex mirror on the front wall, facing the exterior, can help remove the negative energy. Never place two mirrors opposite to each other, since they can create negative energy. In the bedroom, ensure that no person is reflected in a mirror while sleeping.

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Select apt colours to avoid negative energy at home

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Colours used in home décor not only impact the mood but also have therapeutic powers and can attract positive energy. Avoid excessive use of red, black or grey colours at home. Adding yellow can neutralise bad energy. The balancing and restful qualities of green make it apt for the living room and the bedroom as it reduces stress and has healing qualities. Pink brings strong positive energies into your environment. Use beige, cream, white and light blue at home for a soothing ambience. Always keep the colour light and neutral. Avoid painting the ceilings in dark colours, such as blue, black or grey, as they can bring negativity.

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Peacock feathers keep negative energies away

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

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The peacock is considered to be auspicious. Peacock feathers are believed to absorb negative energies. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping peacock feathers in the house removes all kinds of Vastu defects and stops evil power from entering the house.


Never keep objects that spread negative energy in your home

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home


  • Thorny plants, like cactus, are believed to invite disputes and conflict. So, avoid keeping them indoors.
  • Sharp-cornered furniture can not only hurt but also boost negative energy. Ensure that the furniture has round and smooth edges.
  • Broken or chipped crockery attracts negativity and sadness. Discard it.
  • Remove all art that depicts pain, sadness or sorrow. Do not hang pictures of war scenes, crying children, shipwrecks, dried trees, hunting scenes, captured animals, or anything similar.
  • Withered plants and dried flowers lead to bad energy in the house. Keep your indoor plants in healthy conditions.
  • What attracts clutter is the presence of broken or unused items in the house. Avoid keeping broken or stopped clocks as they bring negative energy.

Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

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Simple ways to remove negative energy from home

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Can ringing bells or blowing conch help in getting rid of negative energy?

Ringing a bell creates sound waves that drive out negative energy. When you light a lamp and pray in the temple at home, try and ring a bell. Also, the vibrations emitted from blowing a conch have the power to eliminate negative energies. The sound of soothing music attracts prosperity and positive energies into the home. Listen to shlokas, mantras and soothing instrumental music to drive away negative energy.

How can one decorate the main door to keep negative energy away?

Keep the main door area clean and well illuminated to attract positivity. Hang toran with auspicious symbols of Om and Swastik. On the floor, draw rangoli to attract positive energy and bring prosperity to the family. Adding turmeric to your rangoli also helps in removing the ill effect of the negative vibes.

How is lemon beneficial to remove negative energy?

Use lemon aromas at home to eliminate bad odours and keep negative energy at bay. Hang lemons and green chillies at the entrance of your house to keep away evil and negative energy.

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