‘Tis the season for a smart Diwali

[] Mentioned are tips to follow for a smart green diwali

With Diwali on the horizon, there is the promise of lights, excitement, and happiness. But at the core of all that, it is also essential to care for the earth. With us still coping from the aftermath of a pandemic and sustainability and energy savings picking momentum as a way of life, it’s time to look at novel means of celebrations . But is there a way? Yes. Following are tips and tricks to herald in the victory of good over evil into our homes with lights!

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Ambient for the Diwali ambience

Doing up your home is no different than any art. A prerequisite for mood lighting is the ability to vary the light level as per your desires. You can install multiple dimmers to control various lighting fixtures. However, this can be very confusing and inconvenient, not to mention the  clutter created on your wall. Now you have the option to control multiple fixtures by installing a lighting control system with just one keypad on the wall or even just a tabletop remote control to keep your wall neat and tidy.

Here are some tips for choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home. Ambient lighting from lower or flush ceiling fixtures creates a nice glow. If you want to focus on a specific area, you can make use of the task lighting beams. Decorative wall sconces and other wall fixtures cast indirect light. If you are looking for an upward glow, what better than floor lamps or traditional shades that brighten corners and add extra light. Whether you want a traditional look or something contemporary, a smart lighting control system will help you create the perfect ambience for your home with ease.

Green is the new Diwali

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Geofencing technology allows the entrance and specific interior and exterior lights automatically turn on. This feature controls lights based on location. It can turn lights on when someone arrives home and notifies if the lights are left on when you leave.

Don’t forget to light up your garden. You can use lighting controls to highlight your garden. Play with the lights to dramatise architectural features and plantings. Wireless systems allow control from not just inside the home, but outside, as well. With this wireless control, you can dim your lights – and save energy in your garden.

Timeclock lighting control enables you to automatically turn on the lights outside at dusk and dim it once you are off to sleep. It can also be set to be turned off completely at sunrise. Thus, one can always stay in control of their home, from anywhere.

Colour it right

Putting a light fixture in a bright hue can add fun and interest in an otherwise simple space. Coloured shades work wonders, especially when the light is switched on. Choose translucent sheer curtains instead of heavy and dark drapery and allow light to spread throughout the room.

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It is important to think about where you’d like to place your lighting fixtures. Combine schemes by applying a single bright light source, such as a chandelier and complement it with other indirect lighting, such as recessed panels on the ceiling, so that the room doesn’t become blindingly bright yet looks cozy, warm and welcoming.

Go ahead and get the right lighting solutions for homes and brighten up your Diwali.

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